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A Collection Of Very Simple Henna Designs

Super Simple Henna Designs

simple henna designs – Hello friends, do you guys know what is henna? commonly used female on her wrist. Usually, henna is made with motives that vary according to the desire that had a hand.

Henna has been very popular. Often we see in the hands of the bride using henna. As if not using henna is not yet perfect. In this article, we will try to discuss how to wear a henna and some sample pictures of simple henna designs. Starting from motifs henna hand and foot henna motifs.

pretty obvious isn’t it? So for those of you who want to make simple henna designs. myself but still confused with how to make it, then just read it this article until the finished Henna is a natural dye derived from plants that have a Latin name Lawsonia Innermis.

The henna plant is growing in an area that has high-temperature areas such as the Middle East and North Africa.

The dry henna leaves are then ground into powder. This powder would be a key ingredient in making pasta needed in henna.

Then the henna is used to in the hand, leg, or other body areas according to the tastes of each. When the henna is used will be attached to the skin.

Henna artist creates a motif on the skin. So henna more looks beautiful and gorgeous as well as add the elegance for those who use it

Henna is not a tattoo, because henna is not permanent nature. Henna is considered as one of the world’s oldest cosmetic and has been worn on the skin, nails, and hair for centuries ago.

Henna is not a henna tattoo, because it’s not permanent nature. Henna is considered one of the world’s oldest cosmetics and has been worn on the skin, nails, and hair for centuries ago.

Motif hand girlfriend

Henna Word is derived from the Latin name for the plant Lawsonia Inermis uttered by the Arab community as Hinna. Henna is an art that is already about 5 centuries.

Some historians say that Mogul who brought a boyfriend to India. However, some other historians disagree, if the origins of henna derive from India.

In India henna is one way to beautify themselves Besides using makeup or jewelry. Henna is typically used in important events such as at the time of the wedding.

Initially, before beginning the process of marriage, the bride will be attending a party organized by the family’s girlfriend.

Hands of the bride will be decorated with the girlfriend of the finger to the elbow and the male name will be written in a hidden motive on the sidelines of a girlfriend.

In the history of the use of henna, Henna is used to ward off evil and believed to bring good luck to those who use it.

Motifs Henna Hands

Basically making henna powder into the henna paste was not too difficult, but it is not easy as well. Meaning what? That is to say, when we make a henna paste, it takes patience and perseverance to get the fitting or the savory was perfect.


As for making henna paste no measure. its capital is only approximate science. Why can it be so? Powdered henna because each has different characteristics. It can be caused by several factors.


For example, the year of harvest, climate, rainfall, growing area and many more other factors. However, how to make it stay the same, only the rulers ‘ that may be a little different and can be customized.

The Ingredients Of The Ingredients To Make Henna


  1. Henna Powder

Henna powder should be in a State of fresh or fresh. Identical to the color green. Some henna powder was yellowish green, and the henna will still fresh-scented like spinach.


Because this henna powder, make sure the texture is smooth like a powder. How to test it by using a sieve or tea strainer anything that has a very small hole.


  1. Lime or Lemon


Used is simply water the juice from oranges only. The most important is the Green did not enter well mixed. Therefore, you must carefully filter it. If shipped with grants, will cause a cone you clogged.


If it can’t get a lemon or lime, you can replace it with water or coffee tea water.

  1. Essential Oil

Essential oil commonly used for making a henna paste is Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lavender, and Lemon. Why use essential oil?


Because of its essential oil contains terpinol that could help produce a dark color henna, henna can make the dough at once becomes softer.


  1. in a bowl or container

Use a medium-size Bowl. The actual size of the rest can be adjusted depending on the needs. If henna is to be made a little bit, then we recommend that you use a smaller Bowl.


  1. spoon

You can use a wooden spoon or stainless steel spoon

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