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Accountant Job Description And A Character That Is Required To Become An Accountant


The Sense Of An Accountant

The accountant is an expert in the field of accounting in charge of compiling, guiding, supervising, inspecting, and fix the grammar books as well as the administration of the companies or Government agencies.

An accountant who works at a company she’s working on every type of problem child accounting within the company;

At this time the need for professional accountants ever increasing from year to year.

Role of accountants is very large in all sectors of the public, private, non-profit and other sectors. Why is this so? That is because there is no process of accumulation and distribution of economic resources, which does not require the intervention of the accountant.

The role of an accountant became an important and strategic in building a culture where an accountant had firm values and ethics focus on added value to the company or where he worked.

An accountant can help a company, an entrepreneur and other parties to be better and transparent so that cases can be anticipated financial early on.

With the role of the accountant in the company then lots of other functions in the company that could have helped. The things this is what is involved in a profession as an accountant.

If explored further, an awful lot of knowledge and skills that can be taken from an accountant.

An example is the initial automatic being helped to set up financial reporting, taxation, and others. A diversity of accountants, or who can provide clarification on what is contained in the financial statements.

It could be a company publishes a good financial report but and not familiar with the figures in the financial statements, just a subterfuge of consultants only.

To become an accountant you must have 8 basic characters, so you can be a good accountant

8 basic characters to become an accountant Best

accountant job descriptionGrowing businesses, more and more also must be administered and managed, one of them is financial.

To drive business success, companies need to keep their financial condition remains stable by means of managing their finances correctly, here the role of the accountant is required.

A good accountant is that could help manage business finances appropriately.

Here are some basic characteristics that you must have to become an accountant.


Numbers and money are the two most important things in accounting. Where an accountant should be able to use the money of the company accountable or can be accounted for.

To be a reliable accountant, try to instill in yourself that is not careful can lead to problems and failure.

That way, when you run a business activity, you can only recognize a transaction supported by proof of valid transactions. That is, the number should be exactly the same as stated in the evidence of the transaction.


To become an accountant who is thorough means you also have to look at in detail. In the matter of accounting, the nature of this detail is visible from how you recorded a transaction. A good accountant will not be recorded transactions in General. For example, a supplier comes with 1 500 trucks carrying cooking oil sized 2 liters at a price of $7.5 million. As an accountant, you should list it in detail with the smallest unit of measure is 1 size 2-litre oil = $15,000.


Although the accounting associated with numbers, accounting is not an exact science,

where it can still use the principles and assumptions.

This character is usually needed an accountant when he wanted to take the decision,

in which they have to think logically.

In terms of making a decision, an accountant will have to see how the financial condition of the company through its financial statements.

Therefore, in the activities of a business, usually, an accountant is the person most widely use logically and not easy to accept the things that don’t make sense.


The main task of an accountant in business is measuring the company’s performance in terms of finance. To implement this main task, an accountant is required to think, speak, behave, and act with measurable.

Misalanya, all actions taken must be based on facts and accounting data, at least with a logic that is measurable. That is, in accordance with the applicable accounting standards.

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