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Acne: Tips to Take Care of Facial Skin to Prevent Acne


Acne – The most disturbing skin problems are generally located around the face. Then continues to walk, around the abdomen (especially for women who have just given birth), and around the thighs called cellulite. But problems of the skin that are present in your body, certainly the most annoying problem is the skin on the face. the problem often afflicts you, who have oily skin. The disease called as “Acne” You certainly feel disturbed in their activities if your skin doesn’t look clean and healthy. In addition to acne skin disease that most often is Panu. Panu often appears in place of a place that is easily visible to the eye. For example, in the hands of the neck, even face. This is certainly very embarrassing. But don’t worry because each such skin problems has found the solution


Generally, the acne often afflicts people who have oily skin. The oily skin at the mark with a shiny and dull appearance. If this state of affairs lasted for many years, the pores in the skin on your face may be covered by the excessive oil and Acne can be problematic. Treatment options that can be used are to reduce the discharge of excessive oil with chemicals or harsh SOAP. but if this lasts is excessive and too much will be able to reduce the oil at some point and thus will make the skin becomes dry. Whereas, caring for oily skin properly is a difficult process because it requires a balance between reducing the discharge of oil without having to issue new issues and makes the skin becomes dry.

Tips on Caring For Oily Skin

a. Diet is the biggest factor in overcoming the problems of oily skin. Sometimes people will choose to directly resolve this issue by removing the oil completely, using hard SOAP has a high alkaline content. Unfortunately, this way quite often causes problems less healthy then and even cause skin more oily.
b. oil produced by the sebaceous glands are beneficial to help the skin and maintain humidity paves skin. If someone washes the face and removes excess sebum, the skin will turn into dry, scaly and will even cause itching. And eliminate this oil will cause the sebaceous glands will produce more and can cause a condition called reactive seborrhea. This will cause your glands to work is excessive and could cause the function to fail in the future.
c. If you want to find the face of a Soap that does not contain chemicals. Better avoid using soaps that contain alcohol. It would be nice to use a Soap that is made from natural ingredients such as olive oil, almonds, or avocado. Because they have the function of absorbing that will help turn your skin and helps keep the humidity.soap

d. Flush face with warm water instead of hot water. Indeed important stop excessive oil secretion but not eliminates oil altogether. Mempermidah hot water Soap removes oils from the face and also speed up the entire process. But it will cause the skin to dry and scaly. It is also important to note not to rub the face is excessive it also caused oil lost. Gentle movements and slowly while cleaning face enough to reduce your oily skin problems without having to cause the skin to become dry.
e. do not wash your face too often. This is probably the easiest way to remove the oil. However, this can also cause reactive seborrhoea once wash face with soap lather gently removes excessive oil is sufficient. While the humidity that serves to protect the skin stay awake.

f. Use Moisturiser is indeed important. But the type of Moisturiser you use is not as important to avoid issuing money down the drain because choosing the wrong note moisturizing ingredients contained in moisturizers that are in accordance with your skin. Chemical-based moisturizers or synthesis thus can cause problems, including allergic reactions, dehydration even acne.
If the balance is not appropriate and in fact will lead to excessive oil discharge which you want to avoid. After rubbing the face with soft abun should use moisturizers natural material such as almond oil, olive, or avocado. All natural moisturizer can help moisturize and protect the skin looks beautiful without giving such side effects caused by chemicals and synthesis.

When acne is already present and affects your appearance, here is a thing that can be done to treat acne.

1. take a 2-3 sheet of papaya leaves which are old. Under papaya leaves. mash the papaya leaves and water then squeezed and take it cider. Then apply the cider of papaya leaves on the acne.
2. Wash your horseradish to taste then grated radish and take one on the water. Add a little apple vinegar and mix to align apply on acne let sit until it dries. After a dry clean with water. Do routinely to Acne is resolved.
The unique conditions that exist when your face is unfamiliar do not have acne, but acne popping up even when pregnant, it is a normal condition. The presence of hormonal changes that cause the acne appears. To overcome this problem, we recommend that you do not an indiscriminate use of drugs containing antibiotic, BHA, AHA so that your content and also maintained his salvation.

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