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Coral Reefs and Beautiful Animals That Live Around the Reef

What is Coral Reef?

The definition coral reefs is a coral formed from calcium carbonate of coral colonies called polyps symbiotic with a microscopic organism called zooxanthellae.

There are thousands of species living in the reef area. Yet only partially yields calcium carbonate-forming reefs. The reef-forming organisms of the clay are coral animals.

A coral reef is the largest and oldest living structure in the world. To get to the present condition, coral reefs take millions of years. The growth of coral reefs depends on the type and condition of the waters. Coral reefs usually grow only a few millimeters per year.

Types of Coral Reef

Coral reefs have diverse forms. Generally, corals are grouped into two, namely hard coral reefs and soft coral reefs.

Hard CoralReefstypes of coral reef

Hard coral reefs such as brain corals and elkhorn corals are hard limestone corals that form coral reefs of coral reefs are hard corals caused by the presence of limestone produced by coral animals.

Through a very long process, small coral animals (polyps) form thick coral, which actually consists of thousands of individual polyps.

Coral rock is a major shaper of coral reef ecosystems. Although it looks very strong and sturdy, coral is actually very fragile easily destroyed and very vulnerable to environmental changes.

Coral Soft Reeftypes of coral reef soft

Soft corals like sea fingers and sea whips do not form corals. Soft corals are also called Alcyonaria (alcyonarian corals). Alcyonaria is a subclass classification of soft corals.

Alcyonaria is a polyp that is shaped like a small flower polyp. Unlike rock coral reefs, the Alcyonaria body is soft but is supported by a large number of small, sturdy thorny spines.

The thorns are arranged so well that the Alcyonaria body can be supple and not easily broken. These spikes contain calcium carbonate and are called spicules.

If you look at a glance, Alcyonaria looks like a plant because of its colonies that branch branches like trees and adheres to hard substrates.

Coral Reef Locations Live


coral reefs can be regarded as tropical forests in marine ecosystems. This ecosystem is found in the sea. This ecosystem is found in warm and clean shallow seas. Coral reefs are a very important ecosystem and have a very high biodiversity.

Based on the spreading area about 60% of the world’s coral reefs are found in the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, 25% of the coral reefs are found in the Pacific Ocean and the remaining 15% are in the Caribbean. from the spread of coral reef ecosystems, the world’s coral reef distribution areas are grouped into the following regions:
Indo Pacific

The Indopacific region extends from southeast Asia to Polynesia and Australia, from western to eastern Africa. This Pacific region is the largest and richest coral reef in terms of the number of species of coral, fish and its mollusks.

The combination of environmental phenomena and the number of stepping stones in the Indopacific region is thought to be a factor that strongly supports the fragmentation of coral reefs and the high biodiversity of coral reef biota in the region. It is estimated there are about 3000 species of reef fish in the Indopacific region.

Western Atlantic

The western terrain stretches from Florida to Brazil. including the Caribbean Bahamas Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico.

Red Sea

The red sea area is situated between Africa with Saudi Arabia. The spread of coral reefs is strongly influenced by the inter-land relationship across the ocean.

These coral reefs have a wealth of high diversity. Its warm and clear waters and its affordability from various facilities make this reef a very popular tourist destination, especially for scuba divers.

Coral Reef Animals

• Spongescoral reef animals

have become part of the coral reef ecosystem. Some of these porous animals are coral inhabitants. Sponges provide protection for shrimp crabs and other small animals in the spongy waters seen in various shapes and colors of interest.

coral reef animals

. Parrotfish

Is better known as the parrot fish. This fish is a seaweed-eating fish. seaweed is a marine biota whose life is competing with coral reefs. Many seaweed populations often interfere with the growth of coral reefs. With the parrotfish, the growth of seaweed is controlled and the corals can grow maximally.

• Lionfish.coral reef animals


An enchanting reef fish with a body that is adorned with luxurious lines, white maroon and lionfish chocolates often doing motion movement is a beautiful movement is a sign for the predator so as not to approach and attack him.

This fish is one of the most toxic animals in the ocean. The spines in the fish’s spine are full of poisoned wounds that it leaves very painful.


Starfishcoral reef animals


Although it has the name of a starfish of this animal very much related to this Starfish is an invertebrate animal belonging to the echinoderms phylum in the class of Asteroidea. The starfish is a radial symmetry animal and generally has five or more arms.

• Sea cucumbers, these animals are widespread in the waters in the waters of the sea. Sea cucumbers are slow-moving animals living on the bottom of the sandy sand substrate or the coral environment of sea cucumbers is an important component in the food chain on the coral reefs. In the coral reef ecosystem, sea cucumbers play an important role as a feeder deposit (deposit feeder) and suspension eaters.

• Shellfish, shellfish are bivalve animals with two hard shells and soft bodies. The largest shells are giant clams that can reach up to 4.8 feet long and weigh up to 550 pounds. Most shells are only a few inches in size. Shellfish is an animal that spends most of its time on the ocean floor.

• Clownfish,coral reef animals


this fish has the Latin name Amphiprion ocellaris. clownfish consists of more than 29 species. generally, clownfish measuring about 10 to 15 cm. clown fish brightly colored body wide scales relatively large, and have a small mouth. Clownfish have different color and line patterns.

• Oysters are soft-growing animals that have two hard protective shells. Oysters spend their entire lives on a single seabed shaped ground based on the number of oysters in a region. Sometimes pearls are found in oysters when the grains of sand or other irritants are trapped between oyster coats and shells. There is a process of coating the sand grains so that the pearls are beautiful.

Coral reefs are one of the marine ecosystems. in the ecosystem, there are various types of living things so that coral reefs are one of the ecosystems rich in biodiversity

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