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Benefit Of Henna For Healty Hair ( Tips Henna Treatment )


Benefit Of Henna For Hair

Henna is an organic material which is used by most for coloring hair and also for a temporary tattoo.

These natural ingredients can give a reddish brown color with dark hair. In addition to henna also has many benefits such as for the treatment of hair loss and graying with a means of stimulating growth and make it stronger and healthier.

The trend is happening in terms of hair dyes are very common nowadays. Usually, people coloring their hair well to get a different look or to disguise hair that has grown gray hair.

However, the majority of the community for the moment don’t like chemicals used in hair dye industry. Therefore they are looking for alternative natural materials than synthetic materials and chemical opted for coloring hair.

One of the most famous as natural hair dyes is Henna. Henna hair dyes are pigments derived from plants and shrubs are usually found in dry and barren areas on the African continent.

Henna is a natural material that is capable of coloring the hair and used as hair care in Saudi and India. When you take care of your hair with henna, your hair will look more shiny and pretty. In addition, to embellish the look of the hair, it turns out the henna can also maintain the health of your hair. Here are the benefits of henna for hair health.

Benefits Of Henna For Hair Health

  1. Promote hair growth

The nature of natural henna can stimulate the growth of the hair. The henna powder you can use to make an essential oil that can maintain and promote hair growth. This is how to make the oil is very simple, namely:

Prepare sesame oil as much as 250 ml, then boil until evaporated.

Add 5 cups of the henna powder and boiled small again to boil along with sesame oil or last for about 5 to 6 minutes.

You can use essential oils for hair as much as 2 to 3 times a week.


  1. Prevent hair loss

Mix the henna powder and Mustard oil is the right combination to overcome hair loss.

Boil 250 ml Mustard oil, and then add a few leaves of henna and continue to boil until boiling.

Chill and use this oil to massage your scalp as much as 2 to 3 times a week.

To get maximum results, you can do this treatment for a month.

  1. As a conditioner

You can also use henna as a conditioner that can keep your hair to keep it pretty and soft. You can make natural conditioner from henna in ways such as the following,

boil the tea leaves or tea pouches, and let stand until cool.

Combine powdered henna or henna leaves that have been mashed together with tea, stir-stir until hardened and shaped pasta.

Add 3 tablespoons of lemon water and let stand for 30 minutes.

Then add two tablespoons of milk fermentation (curd).

Then you can use the conditioner to your hair.

Apply throughout hair use conditioner and leave it for an hour.

Lastly, you can rinse with water until clean.

  1. Prevent dandruff

Benefits of henna for hair health the next one is able to prevent dandruff. The use of henna are routinely and regularly can prevent and treat dandruff problems. To do this treatment, you can make treatment of henna by way of:

Soak the seeds of fenugreek for a full night, and puree in the morning.

Add henna powder and Mustard oil to taste.

Apply this paste all over the scalp and the hair and let sit for 30 minutes.

Rinse with water until completely clean.

  1. Address the itchy scalp

Henna has antimicrobial and antifungal properties which can be calming and soothing your scalp. It is capable of treating the scalp that itch, the trick is:

Puree the leaves of the henna leaves, Margosier, and tulsi leaves together with enough water.

Apply the mixture to the rest of the hair, then let sit for an hour

Lastly, you can rinse with water until clean

  1. Troubleshooting gray hair

If you do not want the hair dyes to contain chemicals to cover up gray hair, you can use the henna is a natural way of covering of white hair in the hair. The trick is:

Combine eggs, honey, and henna powder into a container.

Add enough water then heat until thick colored.

Wait until cool, then apply it on the hair and do not get on skin because You will be difficult to clean it up.

  1. Overcoming hair branching

Damaged and dry hair easier to branch off and make it isn’t pretty. In this case, henna can keep and maintain hair health. The trick is:

Combine henna with 2-3 powder teaspoon finely the avocado and egg.

Add a little water until thick enough.

Applied to the rest of your hair, and let stand for at least 2 hours.

Lastly, you can rinse with warm water.

  1. Maintain the cleanliness of the scalp

The use of henna are routinely not only prevents hair loss, but it is also able to stimulate hair growth, maintain the cleanliness of the scalp, and adds luster to the hair.

  1. Add to the luster of the hair and keep his gentleness

Nutrients contained in henna is excellent to prevent damaged hair, dry, and rough.

  1. natural Moisturiser

Benefits of henna for hair health the last is as moisturized naturally. Henna is able to beautify and protect the hair from scalp to keep it moist. This way is also very good for those of you who want to take care of the hair and always use a hijab. The use of henna on a regular basis can make your hair more lustrous, silky, and smooth. How to work with are:

The henna powder with Seduh yogurt to taste.

Apply it all over Your hair and scalp and let stand for one hour.

Rinse with water until completely clean.

You can replace the yogurt with lemon to gain similar benefits.

  1. Make healthy hair

Use henna twice a month on the hair to make it more healthy, thick and shiny. This will help restore the health of the hair and fix hair breakage.

Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of the hair. Henna dissolve in boiling water for two hours, allow to cool, then apply it on the hair, including the scalp so that the results are better.

Thus some of the benefits of henna for hair health could we inform you. The natural materials and the tremendous benefits, the very loss if you don’t try it. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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