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Benefits Of Cloves For Health And Beauty



Cloves are the dried flower stalks from the tree of the Myrtaceae family flavorful.

Clove plants native to Indonesia is widely used as a spice in spicy cuisine of countries of Europe,

and as the main ingredient of typical Indonesian kretek cigarettes.

The cloves are grown mainly grown in Indonesia and Madagascar, also,

it is also cultivated in Zanzibar to India and Sri Lanka.

It is the identity of flora North Maluku province Indonesia country.

History Of Clove

In the 4th century, a leader of the Han dynasty of China ordered everyone who approached him for chewing the cloves are used to so sent from his breath.

Cloves, nutmeg, and pepper worth quite expensive when the Roman era, the cloves are the subject of Exchange by the Arabs in the middle ages.

At the end of the 15th century, the Portuguese took over the street Exchange at sea.

Along with it was taken over by the trade agreement with clove also Tordesillas with Spain, in addition to the agreement with the sultan of Ternate.

At that time the price of 1 kg clove price equal to 7 grams of gold. clove trade was ultimately dominated by the Dutch in the 17th century.

With difficulty, the French succeeded in cultivating a plant the cloves in Mauritius in the year 1770.

And finally, the cloves be cultivated in Guyana, Brazil, and Zanzibar.

In the 17th and 18th century in the United Kingdom,

the price of cloves is equal to the price of gold because of the high cost of imports.

Because in the UK when the cloves are made one of a highly nutritious food for the citizens who consume plant the cloves.

The clove tree is an annual plant that can be grown with a height of 10-20 m

oval-shaped leaves have a flowering on a peak in the.

Stalk fruit at first in green, and red if the flowers are already blooming.

Clove (Syzygium aromatic) include plants and shrubs that can have a big tree trunk and harsh Woody clove was able to survive for tens and even hundreds of years,

It will be 20 -30 meters and its branches are quite dense.

The branches of the plant the cloves are generally long and filled with small branches break easily.

Clove trees cone-shaped Crown. Clove leaf green spherical eggs lengthwise with the tip and an angled base.

Flowers and fruit and cloves will appear at the ends of twigs leave with short stalks.

By the time young clove purplish-colored, then turns into a yellow-green and changed again to become pink when it is old.

Dried clove flower are going Brown blackish and slightly spicy because it has essential oils.

Generally, clove first bears fruit at the age of 4-7 years from the botanists, plant the cloves are including family Myrtaceae and relatives with Syzygium Samarangense (Eugenia Jambos).

Classification Of Clove Plants

Division: Spermatophyta

Subdivision: Island

Class: Dicotyledonae

The Nation: Myrtales

People: Myrtaceae

Genus: Syzygium

Type: Syzygium aromaticum (L.)

Morphology Of Clove Plants

health benefits of clovesLeaf

Clove leaf is not included because it has a complete leaf stalk of the leaf (petioles). The leaves are oval-shaped and flowering at the end of it. Including compound leaves because in one mother stalk there is more than one leaf.


The trunk of the tree, clove is usually has a length of 10-15 m. Stems are globose (teres), the stem is rough surfaces typically have branches filled with many branches or thick twig can be said.

Direction to grow the stem is perpendicular (Erectus) and the way the branching of a twig can be called monopodial because it still can distinguish between staple and stem branches.

Then direction grows the branch was leaning over (patens). In addition, the clove tree can survive up to decades. The handle is approximately 1-2.5 cm.


System roots, the roots of this riding is the principal root (derived from the root of the institution) that is then divided into branches.

The form of the root including spear-shaped (fusiform) on the roots grow into small branches.

The roots of strong that could last for tens even hundreds of years. The roots are usually able to go in deep enough into the ground.

Clove trees rooting in relatively less developed, but the part that is near the surface of the land lot grew roots. The roots of the fleece is helpful to suck food


Clove trees capable of producing seeds after planting of 5 years. Seeds consist of skin (endodermis), umbilical cord (funiculus), core and seeds (seminis nucleus).

Although in term of 20 years can still produce seeds, the seeds can be already unprofitable.

This is because its quality has declined and cannot be used again for the industry, such as smoking.


clovesClove flowers appear at the ends of twigs (floss terminals) leaves with a short stalk (the handled real flowers sitting on a flower stalk).

Clove including compound interest is unbounded because the tip of the handle’s mother always closed flowers.

The flower consists of a stalk (pedicels), the mother of the stalk (pedunculus), and the base of the flowers (receptaculum).

Clove is a single flower (unisexual) so it can still be differentiated into male flowers (masculus floss) and females (floss femineus).

The base of the flower (receptaculum) became a supporter of the Stamen and pistil (andoginofor).


Cloves have sprigs of early fruit is green and when it’s been blooming red.  include pseudo because there is a part of the flower that took part in the formation of the fruit.

Fruit and cloves have a stalk fruit in the early days are green and when it’s been blooming red.

The fruit is generally composed of parts in General on the skin of the fruit, among others, epicardium, mesovarium, and endocardium.

Benefits of cloves as the plant pharmacies alive to the problems of a variety of ailments have no doubt the truth, already a public secret clove very powerful for a toothache.

As a type of plant that is abundant in Indonesia, clove spice becomes mandatory for a variety of specialties.

Properties of warm clove are often used for the manufacture of a wide range of drinks, but actually are the benefits of consuming a clove?

As a natural clove spice are also useful as well as the benefits of turmeric or any of the good benefits of Curcuma to health.

The following include:
  1. Help cure Toothache

Clove oil has been used for centuries to treat a toothache.

The trick quite easily by putting the clove oil/slathered on the hole place toothache.

The result is wonderful, the contents of the substances found in the clove are believed to have antibiotic properties that are very powerful in killing bacteria.

  1. Prevent Inflammation

The various active substances like flavonoid found in original oil of clove. flavonoid worked with anti-viral properties inflammation so that reduce inflammation in rheumatic diseases such as.

It feels like a warm can also be an expectorant to treat various conditions of the respiratory tract disorders.

  1. Address nausea and vomiting

Cloves have a variety of content that is very powerful to cope with nausea and vomiting,

in addition to clove, it’s too powerful to overcome complaints of nausea and vomiting.

  1. Improve the digestive system

Cloves help loosen those smooth layer of the digestive tract so that they help relieve vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal gas and abdominal pain.

However, the services must be considered because they have a strong so that substances can irritate the stomach.

  1. Overcoming colds

If you are a cold, it’s good you’re mixing clove oil with honey and then drank it one – twice a day to give a warm effect.

By applying clove oil on the nose can also help relieve colds.

  1. Keep the body warmer

Clove is one of the herbs that can keep the body to keep warm well if in chewing either directly or

by applying oil in cold parts of the body is also very effective at giving a sense of warmth.

  1. Overcoming Sinusitis

There is a wide research associate with the benefits of clove with sinusitis. The way it is used is by utilizing clove powder and put it on the inside of the nose.

  1. Healthy Heart

It’s been a long time ago of heart disease becomes the specter scary world population.

The content of Eugenol in clove serves to prevent clotting in blood that prevents the occurrence of heart disease and stroke.

  1. Relieving cough

Chewing clove can cure coughs caused by itchy what is contained in the throat.

The taste is bitter and there may be a little bitter, but the chemical content of cloves is a natural expectorant thins the phlegm.

  1. Ease respiratory tract infections

Cloves have a variety of content of antioxidants and various substances that can relieve pain and kill germs that cause respiratory tract infections.

Cloves For The Skin

The benefits of clove are also very good for skin beauty problems and help provide important effects for the long term.

  1. Cope with Acne

Clove oil is one of the herbs from various research that is very potent to drop acne.

It’s easy is to rub it on the acne areas. The possibility of acne in the face may be eliminated by killing the bacteria with the help of antimicrobial properties of clove oil.

  1. Remove stains and scars in the skin

Clove oil is one of the herbs that are essential to cut blemishes

and scars on the skin caused by injuries or other causes.

This oil can help make the skin more gently so as not to look ugly if exposed to strokes.

  1. Sources of antioxidants

The essential oil of clove is rich in minerals, such as potassium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamins A and c.

very rare herbs in the form of oil have antioxidant properties

that can have is good for maintaining healthy skin and face.

Cloves For Hair

  1. The conditioner

Clove oil can be used as a conditioner to fix various problems with hair like discolor, fixing dry hair and so on.

  1. To prevent hair loss

Clove oil can also help prevent the loss of hair can cause baldness, it’s easy is to put on the scalp in minutes then rinse 5-15 clean.

Clove As A Remedy Toothache

Already for a long time, the benefits of clove are taken for the use of pain medication, especially oil clove.

Oil of clove (Eugenia aromatic) can be produced from the distillation of dried Clove bud powder (clove oil),

Clove bud stalk powder (clove stem oil), and the leaves are dried clove (clove leaf oil).

Doctors have suggested the use of clove oil is for tooth pain relief as an analgesic.


Addressing the toothache, teeth perforated bound shut with a cotton swab that has been melted with clove oil. Or, 10 grains roasted peanuts and cloves until smooth, and then milled smooth, put in gear hole to taste, and then covered with cotton. Do it twice a day.

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