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10 Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Your Health


History of The Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit Plant originated in Mexico, Central America, and South America but is now also cultivated in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Indonesia Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia

The fruit can also be found in Okinawa, Israel, northern Australia and southern China

The Frenchmen in 1870 brought this plant from Guyana Ke Vietnam to be ornamental plants.

In Vietnam and the Chinese consider this dragon fruit to be a blessing.

dragon fruit is always placed between two green dragon statues on the altar table because it is considered a blessing.

From here the name of the dragon fruit was taken. Vietnamese people who are influenced by Chinese culture call this fruit as thang loy (dragon fruit).

The term Thang loy is then translated into Europe and other English-speaking countries as dragon fruit.

This Fruit Plant. including cactus species from the genera Hylocereus and Selenicereus. Hylocereus only blooms at night.

This one fruit for some people may still be foreign and not too popular like apples.

“Dragon Fruit” fruit name is a little brave look especially with the shape of the skin that resembles the scales of dragon snakes.

Lately, dragon fruit began popularly and much sought after because of its nutritional properties and content.

This fruit is believed to be great for heart health, lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation, reducing emotional stress and can neutralize toxins in the bloodstream.

the existence of dragon fruit gradually began to be known and purchased people

Characteristics of Dragon Fruit Plants

DRAGON FRUIT BENEFITSDragon fruit is a tropical plant. This plant can grow in areas that have rainfall 600-1300 mm per year. The maximum temperature ranges from 38-40 degrees Celsius

Dragon fruit is included in this type of cactus family.

This plant is not the usual cactus but the climbing cactus Hylocereus Undatus.

called climber because the stem climbs the stems of other plants when found first in the forest.

The triangle-shaped fruit trunk with a short thorn and not conspicuous.

Another notion that is not less popular for dragon fruit is the “thorny cactus”.

Before becoming a fruit, dragon fruit flowers begin to bloom from afternoon until night and will be withered when exposed to the sun.

Because the beauty of the flower is often the flowers of the dragon fruit dubbed as a moonflower or Queen of the night.

Physically possessed dragon fruit unique, ranging from skin to meat.

Some people may be familiar with the appearance of dragon fruit with red skin,

but there are also dragon fruit yellow skin and glance almost the same with pineapple fruit.DRAGON FRUIT BENEFITS

The inside of the dragon fruit is purple, red and some are white.

The inner appearance of the fruit is almost the same as the kiwi, ie there are small black seeds that can also be eaten.

There are some people who think that dragon fruit with white and red meat is different, but actually equally nutritious for the body.

This fruit is safe for consumption by anyone, even for pregnant women.

How to Consume Dragon Fruit

DRAGON FRUIT BENEFITSHow to consume dragon fruit is very easy, you can split dragon fruit into two parts, then dredge the contents and eat. Can also be used as a blender for dragon fruit juice.

Dragon fruit, famous to have benefits for the health of the human body.

The fruit comes from Central America, is a fruit with low calories.

but offers a lot of nutrients including vitamins B and C, calcium, fiber, Captin, phosphorus, protein, and antioxidants.

The Benefits of Dragon Fruit

  1. Can Help reduce weight

Filling the stomach with foods rich in fiber and low in calories the dragon fruit will make your stomach continues to feel full.

Selan the dragon fruit will also make the digestion more smoothly because it contains a lot of water.

So you do not have to fear the increase in weight

  1. Helping the detoxification process

Dragon fruit can serve as an antioxidant source that can reduce free radicals in the body.

so the process of detoxification (expenditure of toxins in the body) will run smoothly.

  1. Can boost the immune system

consuming dragon fruit regularly can boost the immune system because this fruit contains many nutrients and nutrients.

consume dragon fruit regularly, then the healing process well wound out so much faster.

  1. Able to prevent cancer

Just like any other red fruit, dragon fruit contains lycopene.

Lycopene, which serves as a provider of red color in the fruit is proven to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

In addition to containing Lycopene, This fruit is also rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and B2,

That can help to remove metal toxins from the body.

dragon fruit is also rich in antioxidant Hytoalbumin which helps the formation of carcinogenic free radicals in the body.

  1. Helps digestive problems

To cleanse your digestion, eat dragon fruit.

This fruit contains a high fiber or fiber can help digestion and treat constipation.

The protein contained in the meat can make your body healthy and fresh.

6. Able to prevent and overcome anemia.

Dragon fruit can also prevent and cope with less blood or anemia.

By consuming dragon fruit, can prevent anemia, because dragon fruit is rich in iron as the main constituent of red blood cells.

  1. Able to prevent diabetes

can prevent the occurrence of diabetes mellitus because the nature of antioxidants also serves to kill the bad cells that are usually produced by the pattern of life and an unhealthy diet.

Dragon fruit is also safe for diabetics because of its very small sugar content.

  1. Delaying premature aging

By diligently consuming dragon fruit will slow down the aging themselves. This is because the antioxidants that will keep skin tight and regenerate well

  1. Keeping blood pressure and blood sugar stable

By consuming dragon fruit is able to maintain the stability of blood pressure and blood sugar in pregnant women so as to avoid pregnancy complications.

Because blood pressure and high blood sugar during pregnancy can cause pregnant women to experience Preeclampsia that endangers the safety of pregnant women and the fetus they contain.

  1. Strengthen bones and teeth

calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus found in the dragon fruit can strengthen bones and teeth.

Consuming this fruit makes pregnant women and the fetus they contain will have strong bones and prevent bone loss.

Thus information about the benefits of dragon fruit. If you think this article useful you can share it with your friends

Have a nice day.

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