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The Miraculous Benefits Of Watermelon For Health


The Origin of Watermelon Plants

Benefits Of Watermelon –  Watermelon plants are from the African continent and today have spread throughout the world, both in subtropical and tropical regions.

This plant is relatively quick to produce and is seasonal because it is only six months old.

Watermelons can grow wild on the roadside, beaches of the sea, shrubs, or planted in gardens and yards as fruit trees.

This plant can be found from lowlands up to 1,000 m asl.

Watermelon Plant Classification

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Subclass: Dileniidae

Order: Violales

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Genus: Citrullus

Species: Citrullus Lanatus Tunb

Plant Watermelon morphology

benefits of watermelon Shape soft, rectangular and hairy stem, stem length 1.5–5 m. Has Sulur growing from leaf axillary, branched 2-3.

These annual crops grow on the soil or climb with tendrils or knitting tools.

The leaves are intermittent, stemmed, leaflets wide and hairy, with pointed tips, 3–25 cm long, 1.5–15 cm wide, wavy edges, sometimes irregular toothed, under-brimmed surfaces on the bones.

benefits of watermelon Having unisexual Flower and out of a single flower-leafed axillary armature, usually more male flowers, wide bell-shaped, yellow, blooming in the morning.

The fruits of this plant are spherical until rounded elongated, large varies with length 20–30 cm, diameter 15–20 cm, with weight ranging from 4 kg to 20 kg.

The skin of the fruit is thick and fleshy, slippery, the color is as dark as a dark green, white yellow, or light green with white stripes.

Flesh color red, pink (orange), orange (orange), yellow, and some white.

Seeds are elongated, flat, black, white, yellow, or reddish brown. It is also seedless.

The processed beans are called quaci. How to make it, collect seeds, then drying and roasting. Once cool, soak in brine all day, then dry in the sun again.

Watermelon, in addition, to eat as fresh fruit can also be drunk as a juice.

This fruit should not be eaten with palm sugar because it can form toxins, especially very disturbing to people with weak digestion.

This poison can cause seizures and diarrhea to cause death.

Propagation by seed.

Watermelon fruit is easily available in large markets, supermarkets, and kiosk markets.

Watermelon became one of the leading fruits commodities that have overseas markets other than mangosteen, mango, and melon.

The taste of the fruit is sweet, fresh, watery, and popular by all levels of society. Watermelon fruit until now only served fresh as a fruit table.

Watermelon Nutrition Ingredients

The following table of the nutritional value of watermelon per 100 gram of serving:

·         Potassium 319 mg

·         Phosphorus 31 mg

·         Magnesium 30 mg

·         Calcium 19 mg

·         Sodium 2.9 mg

·         Iron 0.98 mg

·         Selenium 1.2 mcg

·         Manganese 0.112 mg

·         Copper 0.15 mg

·         Zinc 0.32 mg

·         Vitamin A 1630 IU

·         Thiamine 0.092 mg

·         Riboflavin 0.09 mg

·         Vitamin E 0.15 mg

·         Vitamin K 0.4 mcg

·         Protein 1.74 g

.         Niacin 0.521 mg

·         Folate 9 mcg

·         Pantothenic acid 0.654 mg

·         Vitamin B6 0.123 mg

·         Vitamin C 23.4 mg

·         1.9 g fiber

·         Calories 85 calories


The Benefits of Watermelon

  1. Lowering Blood Pressure

This magical fruit is very effective for lowering blood pressure.

Watermelon has a very good effect on blood vessels and overcomes the pressure that is too heavy on the blood vessels in the heart.

People who have hypertension or high blood pressure are advised to regularly consume watermelon fruit.

This is what makes watermelon a refreshing fruit for people with hypertension.

  1. Makes Skin Soft and Fine

Watermelon is not only a refreshing fruit and meets the nutritional needs.

But it turns out that watermelon rich in vitamin A content can make the skin becomes more smooth and moist.

This will prevent dull skin and lack of nutrition. Women who consume regular watermelon can have more beautiful skin and not dry.

Vitamin A in the watermelon also improves the body’s cellular tissue system in the hair and skin.

  1. Fruit for Diet

The content of citrulline amino acids in watermelon fruit was also very effective to overcome the fat that accumulates in the body.

This compound is obtained from the watermelon after being changed by the kidney and into arginine.

The ability of these compounds will be higher when it becomes arginine, causing the body to weaken the fat cells in the body and dissolve in the channel discharge.

  1. Natural Collagen Sources

Collagen is a compound needed by the body to maintain skin elasticity.

The benefits of watermelon for the skin contain vitamin C is very high.

Vitamin C is a type of vitamin that helps the body in absorbing collagen, making skin softer.

  1. Radiate Urine

People who have problems with a diuretic and renal channels may use watermelon as a natural therapy.

Watermelon contains very high water and can increase the flow of urine in the body.

Watermelon also helps to make toxic in the liver so as to lighten the kidney work system.

  1. Prevent Impotence

The benefits of a very attractive watermelon are to prevent impotence.

The content of citrulline compounds that can be converted to arginine by the kidneys has given a big role especially to prevent erectile dysfunction problems in men.

Benefits of watermelon for fertility can increase sexual desire, reduce weakness and lethargy and increase libido.

  1. Maintaining Heart and Bone Health

Watermelon contains lycopene compounds that serve to help maintain heart and bone health.

This fruit is able to make the blood flow to the heart to be more leverage, maintain body cells, reducing the oxidative levels in the blood vessels that often lead to heart attacks.

In addition, watermelon is also very effective to form bone density to prevent osteoporosis.

Lycopene will maintain heart health and maintain bone density by accelerating calcium absorption.

  1. Prevent Fat Formation

Watermelon is also a very fresh fruit and can make the body feel the alkaline effect of water contained in watermelon

With the consumption of watermelon fruit regularly it can make the body avoid various types of diseases caused by foods that contain fat and other acidic substances.

  1. Maintaining Eye Health

Watermelon is a fruit that contains vitamin A and beta-carotene.

Both kinds of these substances can help the body in maintaining the health of the retina and the lens of the eye.

Watermelon can also help the eyes to prevent age-related diseases such as cataracts and diseases of a parent in the elderly.

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