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Benefits Tomato Mask To Eliminate Acne And Make Skin Healthy.

Benefits Tomato Uses For Face

Tomato For Face – Tomato fruit that comes from the American mainland, South America and Central America have many great benefits for health. Tomato plants have an elevation of about 1 to 3 meters and plant life is short.

The tomato is a fruit and vegetable crops in use as a mix of complementary foods.

Tomatoes have a variety of colors ranging from green to yellow, red. Tomatoes also have varied in size from small (commonly known as the community-wide cherry tomatoes) and tomato vegetable is roughly the size of ping-pong balls commonly mixed into vegetable mixture.

Tomato Face Mask For Acne

Here are the benefits of tomato face mask for acne skin and beauty as well as treating acne.

# 1. Tomatoes Can Make Facial Skin Becomes Brighter

If we want to have the face skin glowing, bright, dull, we don’t need to buy different beauty products that have not been proven to be pleased.

Better to use natural herbal ingredients are cheap, easy and safe and without side effects when used.

In the plum tomatoes contain lots of vitamin C is helpful lightens the skin of the face and make it more shine.

tomato face mask for acneHow to use it very easily. You just need to slice the tomatoes into thick bubbles, then rub the tomato slices on your face regularly. If you are diligent in using it regularly and for sure you will get satisfactory results.


#2. Make Skin Pores So Small

A dirty face is going to make the pores become increasingly large. If your facial pores are enlarged more and will make your face become dull.

The use of a mask the tomato can be useful for creating facial pores become smaller and will make the facial skin to be more clean, beautiful, and healthy.

Ways of making extremely easy i.e. you only need to fine-tune the tomatoes beforehand

Then mix the tomatoes with lemon juice as much as one teaspoon. Then apply slowly to face and massage-massage gently, let stand for approximately fifteen minutes.

And last you should clean tomato mask on the face using warm water after it finishes with a washed using cold water.


#3. Expelling Acne On The Face

The content of the nutrients contained in tomatoes has many benefits to eliminate acne, makes skin brighter, and remove stains black acne scars.

Its use is very easy way i.e. by wearing masks routinely tomatoes (1-2 Sunday) on the face for about thirty minutes.

How Cleansing mask similar to those already discussed above, namely by wearing warm water which ends with a rinse of cold water.

The use of cold water is intended to shrink facial pores enlarge due to the use of warm water.


#4. Skin So Smooth

Have facial skin is smooth and soft is the dream of everyone. The face so it looks more healthy, bright, beautiful.

Not have to spend a lot of money to get the delicate facial skin.

You just need to do the simple way by wearing the mask of tomatoes that are mixed with honey to taste until the texture mask similar to pasta.

After masking the tomato so it can be directly applied topically to the face while giving a gentle massage, it was only a mask to clean.


How To Make Tomato Mask For Your Face

# 1. Tomato Mask With Added Lemon And Oatmeal

The benefits of this mask are: tackling oily skin, acne, nourishing your skin.

While the way makes it very easy:

You only need to prepare the tomato and lemon and then washed clean in advance;

Then cut the tomatoes and enter into a blender;

Add the juice of a lemon and oatmeal to taste;

Blend until smooth and well blended;

Use as a facial mask, by the way, it only for about half an hour until dry; Clear the use of clean water, do it this way regularly once a week.


#2. Tomato Mask With The Addition Of Cornstarch

The benefits of this mask are very interesting, namely: facial skin becomes softer and smoother, be able to get rid of acne and oily skin.

How To Make A Mask Is Very Simple:

Tomatoes have you prepare blended until smooth with no additional water then add a scoop of cornmeal until it looks similar to pasta;

How to use it with the slathered on the face, flatten, the last rinse uses clean water.


#3. Tomato mask with added sugar and lemon

The benefits of this mask are: make the facial skin to become firmer and makes pores of the face shrinks.

How to make:

Tomato and lime-washed clean tomato Blender until smooth then after that add the powdered sugar and lime juice to taste then stir until blended.

Use as a facial mask approximately for 20 minutes and wait until dry;

The cleaning is done by using warm water which ends with a cold water rinse.


#4. Extra tomatoes with honey mask

The benefits of extra tomatoes with honey Mask: removal of blackheads, pimples, black spots, lighten the skin of the face.

How to make tomato Mask with the addition of honey:

2 fresh tomatoes that are already washed clean, blend;

Add 1 tablespoon of honey and mix well;

Applied as a mask, leave for approximately half an hour until dry;

Rinse the water clean.


#5. Tomato mask with milk for face

Tomato Mask benefits with additional liquid milk: for skin rejuvenation.

How to make tomato Mask with additional liquid milk:

Tomatoes that have been washed in the next cut, plus a little water and then blend;

Strain the tomato juice and take his cider then mix tomato juice and pure milk to taste.

Store in the refrigerator until cold;

When it’s been cold, can be slathered onto a face wearing a brush or cotton;

Let more or less for 15 minutes until dry;

Rinse with clean water and do not let the subject eyes;

To do routine once a week.

To obtain maximum results, do as you wish and care on a regular basis because the benefits of tomato mask for face pimples and skin will noticeably when done regularly.

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