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Birds, lovely and Rare in the World


Beautiful Birds and Rare Birds in the World

Birds are included in this type of poultry. There are many species of birds in the world and very varied, ranging from small to large size, some are funny and some are scary. now there are some rare birds that endangered extinction.

Birds have body features that are ideal for flying. birds have a mild body because the bones are light and have air pockets. In addition, the form of bird feathers is very wide and light
Birds need more oxygen than any other animals that live on land. Birds are warm-blooded animals whose temperatures remain in cold weather when birds use their fur to protect their bodies.

There are some birds that have beautiful sounds and are most often kept at home as pets such as canaries and parrots. Certain species such as cockatiels, pigeons, parakeets, finches, and lovebirds, can develop as pets with proper care, but other species such as macaws are better left in the wild.
Here is some interesting fodder to keep.

1 Canaries (Serinus Canaria)bird names

The name of the Canaries is not related to the walnut but is derived from the original island habitat name, the Canary Islands. The archipelago itself gets its name from the Latin canaries which means (island) dogs, because of the abundance of wild dogs that existed there in ancient times. Because the Canaries have very beautiful feathers and stunning sound.

2.Common Hill Myna bird

bird names

Common Hill Myna bird is a kind of name bird that can easily be maintained by humans and can even be trained to imitate all sounds. In nature, these bird species live in wet forests, especially in lowland hills to areas of 1000-2000 m altitude above sea level.

The Common Hill Myna bird loves fruits that are thick and tender flesh. He also drank the flower nectar. To meet the needs of protein parrots eat insects such as grasshoppers, crickets, dragonflies and ant eggs.

3. Pigeons

The beginning of this bird is a wild bird that has been known as Columbia Livia. But after domesticated birds are known as Racing Homer or often referred to as a pigeon


4. Birds finches

rare birds list
The bird of finches is a bird that has a singing sound that sounds unique and diverse. Because of his unique voice, so many people who want to keep this bird and will be included with other birds finches race.
Which are the race the bird will pit the most frequent sound out and most loud voice.  Pycnonotidae is the national tribe of the finches.

5. Birds lovebird

bird cage Bird lovers must have been very familiar with lovebird, pet birds that have a very beautiful fur color. Lovebird became one of the birds that have many fans, in addition to the color because it is also a kind of funny and fun birds. The problem of treatment also need not worry because treating it is not too much trouble. Only with simple maintenance can you make it grow into a pet that is obedient and adorable.

In addition to the birds, there are also rare birds that need to be protected in their presence

Here is a rare birds list that is almost extinct in existence

Birds are a group of vertebrates or vertebrate animals and have feathers and wings. The types of birds in the world vary greatly, up to the small size and also large, some are funny and some are spooky. And now there are some birds that are considered rare because of the threat of extinction. And here we will present the six rarest species of birds in the world.
What rare birds are the rarest in the world?


rare birds list
This bird called ‘ bird hud – hud, much of the uniqueness of this Hoopoe birds, one of which has a loud, exciting, and unique specialties of this bird is in the defense itself from enemy attacks or animal predators

Spix’s Macaw

bird cageSpix’s Macaw is one of the species of the world’s most critically endangered. Spix’s Macaw Parrot is in shades of blue and is named after the naturalist Johann Baptist von Spix Germany. Its natural habitat is limited because of his dependency on Caraibeira for nested trees.

This species was discovered in Brazil in 1817 and speculated was extinct in the wild in 2000. There are currently 85 in captivity, some of which participate in international breeding programs.

the Resplendent Quetzalbird names
the bird found in Mexico is only a dozen inches long and added 25 inches to the tail on a male bird. They weigh about seven ounces and have a round head and a variety of colors

the Helmeted Hornbill

bird names 2

This bird is found in the Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra. The bird’s feathers are mostly black. most fur is white and is located on the belly and tail of the bird. generally, have a wrinkled head and neck are red on men and women in blue.


Sri Lanka Frogmouthrare birds list
These birds are creatures of the night. It lives in a lush tropical forest. Fur color depends on whether man or woman. The female looks reddish with lighter white spots scattered all over the body. Male grey and white splatter solid point.



Hoatzinrare birds list,
the bird’s feathered face and eyelashes, blue colored, spiky Crown of his head. These birds have a long neck with a very small head. their nickname of “stinkbird”.

Other Collections of Birds, lovely and Rare in the World

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