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classic cars that are amazing and classic car restorations


Classic cars

Discussing Classic cars always have its own story so it can lure fans.

Classic cars are not only synonymous with old age, but more to the interesting physical form and its scarcity and history, Classic cars is an antique car that must be considered care starting from how to wash the classic car(classic car wash), classic car auto parts are the most difficult is to get spare parts, car studio and also must be considered classic car insurance auto insurance problem For the lovers of classic cars.

Classic cars not only have fans from the collectors but the number one person in the whole country was apparently successfully lured by this classic car. ,

classic cars are not just done just to fulfill the hobby alone. But it can also be used as an investment because of the classic cars if treated well and remain in slick condition then the sale value can soar many times.

Here’s a list of classic cars that are very attractive:

Cadillac 48
Cadillac 48 is a classic car produced from 1948 to 1949. Cadillac 48 is one of the cars ever driven by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno and still there is stored as a personal collection of this car is also known as Cadillac Sixty special because wearing a production platform type 60 series. This sedan type car has 4 doors with a capacity of 5700  Liter engine and 5400 Liter engine where the transmission is available in 2 types of manual 3-speed and 4-speed automatic.

Cadillac Limousineclassic cars

This type of car is one type of Cadillac series a. Cadillac Limousine is the production of automotive companies from the United States. Car Cadillac series cars are more directed to luxury cars. The car was released in 1951 and was once driven by former Argentine President Juan Peron. Cadillac Limousine has an 8-cylinder engine with 5442 Liter engine. Cadillac Limousine is one of the cars used for state activities

Rolls Royce LimoClassic car
Rolls Royce Limo cars are also classic cars.

This car is produced by a British automotive company. Rolls Royce Limo is somewhat like one of the most expensive cars in the world that ever had the price can reach USD 14 Million.

the car uses a V 12 engine with a capacity of 5800 Liter engine capable of generating maximum power up to 453 hp at 5350 rpm, 720 NM torque at 3500 rpm with a maximum speed can reach 240 km/hour.

The car is a vehicle used by the Sultan of Brunei Hasanal Bolkiah. In addition, the Rolls Royce engine utilizes an 8-speed auto gearbox system and the body is coated with 24-carat aluminum, steel, and 24-carat as well as some additional special features ordered by the Sultan

Rolls-Royce Ghost

classic cars
Rolls-Royce Ghost car is a production car from England that managed to attract the attention of Emperor of Russia, Tsar Nicholas II. Rolls-Royce Ghost is driven by the Emperor during his lifetime,

which is supported by the type of 6-cylinder engine and has a cubication of 7,528 Liter engine. The classic-class Rolls-Royce Ghost is auctioned at a price of 6.5 million euros

Aston Martin Lagonda Drophead Coupeclassic cars
Aston Martin Lagonda Cars Drophead Coupe is a classic car ever driven by Prince Philip of the British Empire. Aston Martin Lagonda The Drophead Coupe has a 3.0 Liter engine.

The car that has an open roof design that was produced in 1954 was once achieved the highest record in sales of 350 thousand pounds. The car survived until 1961 to accompany Prince Philip to perform his work routine before being replaced with a new car.

classic car washclassic car wash
Washing a classic car is one part of the care that must be done. in this car wash can be done alone or you can come directly to the workshop that offers classic car wash service.
Washing a classic car has its own technique so that paint does not fade. Washing car is often considered to be regarded as trivial.
Wash the wrong car can be fatal on the condition of your car. Washing the car does not just make all parts of the car wet. This is sometimes regarded as a commonplace in Indonesia. For that, you need to really know a good and right way.
Thus the cleanliness of the car and the condition of its parts are maintained. Well maintained cars will last a long time. A condition will remain prime and not easily damaged.

Classic Car Studio

classic car studio
In caring for classic car originality becomes the main goal when restoring classic cars. In keeping the authenticity and high Precision and caution of the hands of experts become the main requirement to care for classic cars in order to get perfect results.

So that old car can still be used on the highway. So you can ride the classic car comfortably.

classic car auto partsclassic car auto parts

for you, fans and owners of classic antique cars certainly and certainly very knowledgeable about your own classic car spare part. The classic car spare part is an important element in our hunt for searching and getting it.

because of the classic car spare part problem, only some certain stores are selling it and of course, the price will also be expensive because in spite of the rare looking also long sold.

So the seller of classic car spare parts will set a high price, this is according to our experience while hunting for classic car spare parts.

But you do not be afraid to keep maintaining and caring for your classic car, if your pet belongs to a rare classic car or a rare community in your area, you can join the community in other areas, for reference only on google.

That certainly a lot of advantages if we join our classic car community especially when you are confused and have to look for classic car spare part.

Classic Car Restorationclassic car restoration

Are you the year where the largest classic car restoration shop in the world? The answer, not in Europe, America, or Australia, but in Southeast Asia, precisely the Philippines.

By making a location in a former US air base, an Australian businessman, named Jim Byrnes, has established the Byrnes Motor Trust (BMT) Restoration six years ago.

In this workshop, there are 200 workers who dress the classic car brands like Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, and Mercedes Benz.

Early on, Brynes collected the carcass of classic cars that had been neglected for decades. Generally, come from America.

There are even 37 units of Jaguar junk car that he found on a land in Texas, United States, then taken to the Philippines

The Philippines itself was chosen by Byrnes because the wages of workers there were not in Europe, America or Australia. In addition, the workers there are highly dedicated. But not all workers in BMT facilities come from the Philippines, many are coming from abroad such as England.

“I first worked in the car industry in 1976. My blood has been stinking of oil and auto parts since 40 years ago,” Byrnes said as quoted by The Telegraph.

He also tells why picking up a car restoration business.

“The car collectors are addicts, love the sound (big car), love the taste, and the wind that blows hair, I like the cars that have been through the modification process.

Jaguar E-Type, Porsche initial production, Rolls-Royce, -the brand, “he said.

Classic Car Auto Insuranceclassic car auto insurance


You must have seen a big motorcycle convoy down the road, or also seen a classic car show.

It may also have occurred to you how to calculate the cost of insurance for classic cars and big motorcycles? Is the calculation the same, or has a way of calculating each?

For you lovers of classic cars, of course, collecting classic cars is not just done just to fulfill the hobby alone.

But it can also be used as an investment, because of the classic cars if not treated properly and remain in good condition then the sale value can soar many times over.

Given the value of investment classic cars quite seductive, in the end, many people are vying to collect it regardless of the risks to be faced.

Whereas in the management of someone’s finances ideally have an investment that is accompanied by insurance.

The investment you have will be used as a tool to meet your needs in the future, while insurance is used to protect you, as well as family, or goods financially from unexpected risks.

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