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Henna : Drawing Henna Design For Beginners


Drawing Henna Design

henna designs for hands – Painting on the hands or legs named henna is increasingly popular. If you learn how to make a mold of henna to the painting is definitely cost prohibitive. Therefore, on this occasion, I distribute this article to you for free and can be accessed at any time.

simple henna designs for beginners on paper

This article specifically for beginners experts at all not wearing hearing aids. But they painted into the hands or feet directly. It’s easy. This time we will make henna for the hand.

Materials need to be Prepared for henna designs for hands



Ballpoint pen

Henna powder


Essential oils




Plastic wrap


The first way of drawing the shape of the Hand

henna designs on paper

Put your hand on the paper provided. Renggangkan Your fingers in order to more easily drawn later. For more, use pencil only. So later on when there’s an error can easily be removed without losing any of the tracks.

Do carefully and full of feeling. No need to rush let the result is nice. Hand also try not to do the movement. If too much movement, later the result so less fitting.

The second way to begin determining the motives of Henna

henna designs for hands

Entering this second way, you are allowed to draw henna motifs. It’s up to what his motives are and how the technique to draw it. Here’s the difference between hiring the services of expert painting henna. You can choose any henna motifs are favored.

How to make a mold of this second henna retain pencil. As for a motive, you can try florals, abstract motifs, motifs of water droplets, and tribal motifs. If you want to experiment, could also use motives of space.

The third way to make Henna on the back of the hand

Henna which is at the back of the hand into the shaft of the attractiveness of Your motif of the image. In other words, the core of the motif that contrived express on the back of your hand. Stripes on the other part just are stabilized.

Suppose want to make henna on the theme of the solar system. Make a picture of the Sun was in the back of the hand. While the planets, asteroids, comets, and small star put out. After that, create the image using a thick ballpoint pen.

The fourth way by drawing Motif on the Palm of the hand

henna designs for hands

If you want to make motifs henna on the Palms may also. Do I just turn the Palm of the hand facing up to. The image exactly as how to-1 to-3. The motif that is used should be the same, not.

For the record, make a motif that aligned. For example, if the theme of sharing space, make the motives of the Earth and all of its contents. Put only in the Palm of the hand. So complete. There’s also the sky and the Earth. This alignment will make the appeal of henna yours so remarkable.

The fifth way of making the dough Henna

The fifth way is more akin to the process mimic. Then, make the dough the henna used to be. Enter henna powder and lemon juice into a bowl. Stir until thickened disposable spoon. Then cover with plastic wrap for 6 hours.

After 1 hour, add the essential oil 4-5 drops. Cover again with plastic wrap. Let stand 6-8 hours. After that, add a little lemon juice. Stir until it resembles toothpaste. Enter into the plastic triangle for easy to paint later.

How to print the sixth with Henna on the hands manually

All is ready. Only paint the backs of your hands and the hands of your motives that fit the image. Let dry out first. Then spray with gel. When it’s dry, balut with gauze for about 12 hours.

Open the gauze. Clean the debris using water. But don’t forget to add oil so that the henna that you make more durable. Unlike tattoos, henna tends to be easily cleaned up anytime you want.

Henna is identical to the events of the wedding. The concept of the henna is already heavily used since the 5th century. How to make henna prints between one another can be different. At least with this article, you already know the steps.

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