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Durian Fruit: Its Rich Fruit Benefits


Durian Is The King Of Fruits

(Durian fruit) – many people are interested in this one fruit, so this fruit has a lot of devotees.

this fruit is a type of fruit that most of the interest by various circles. This fruit also has a distinctive aroma and flavor.

Durian belonging to the fruit that has a delicious taste.

For this fruit, itself comes from the Malay language which means a lot of thorns. From the words “Duri”  (thorns)  contained on the skin of the fruit makes this fruit in the nicknamed with durian name until today.

Because the durian fruit in the intention is known as a fruit that has a hot content when it is fed and can damage the stomach and also digestion.

But other than that durian fruit is also very good for consumption, this fruit is only allowed to do in accordance with the dose.

This means that in consuming this fruit is not to be done too much, so as not to damage the area of the stomach and also digestion, due to a sense of heat in the lead.

Nutrients and benefits of durian fruit

This durian is one type of fruit that has many benefits for human life.

This fruit also has many benefits and also has a nutritional content in it, so that this one fruit can be consumed but not in an excessive way.

In addition, this durian fruit itself has a form that is very different from other types of fruits.

So to make the introduction will be very easy because we can recognize just by looking at the thorns on the skin.

Not only can see it from the thorn that is on the skin, durian fruit is also we can recognize easily just by smelling the aroma.

Because basically, this durian fruit has a very distinctive aroma to be able to recognize.

Nutrition in a hunk of duriandurian

In a hunk of durian fruit has nutrients and nutrient content. Durian fruit nutrients include carbohydrates, calories, and fat.

this fruit is known as the king of fruit. Durian fruit is rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus.

 One of them the content contained in a hunk of this durian is able to maintain healthy nails and hair.

 Not only that, this durian fruit was also able to treat rheumatic diseases.

 When we already know the various properties of durian fruit, both on nutrition and nutritional content.

 Not that we can consume this durian fruit in excess. Because the sharp aroma of this durian fruit can interfere with our concentration.

 consuming excess durian fruit will cause a burning sensation in our stomach.

 Therefore, eating durian fruit should not be done in excess, especially in women who are pregnant should not consume this one fruit is excessive.

 Other benefits that exist when we consume durian fruit can help heal various kinds of injuries on our body.

But for people with high blood in trying not to consume this durian fruit.

Because this durian fruit will be able to harm yourself a person who has a history of high blood disease.

Durian became one of the favorite fruits that taste very delicious, with a sweet taste and a stinging smell but still missed the smell.

The sharp spines on his skin, the most prominent physical features possessed by durian fruit. Besides tastes good and sweet, durian fruit has various benefits of the nutritional content contained in it.

 There are many health benefits of this durian fruit, but should not consume too much.

Benefits Of Durian Fruit Content For The Health Of The Body

1. Very good energy source

In one serving of durian fruit (about 100 grams), it already covers from about 20% of the daily carbohydrate need of an adult person.

so that fruit durian effective use to increase the body’s energy in the activity.

for the day-to-day activities or work hard enough, it is advisable to consume this durian fruit once in a while.

In essence, durian fruit can add energy to the body instantly, while activity or work is relatively heavy and dense,

In general, within a week enough to consume 1-2 durian fruit.

2. Make the body not easily tired

Still, in touch with the above, that in 100 gr durian fruit can suffice about 20% of daily carbohydrate needs

3. Muscle and nerve health

In This fruit, there is a good source of thiamine needed by the human body

In one portion of this fruit contains about 30% of the daily intake of thiamin.

Thiamin content is beneficial to the metabolism of carbohydrates into energy, and also very good for muscle and nerve health.

thiamine content in this fruit helps body cells convert carbohydrates into energy.

The benefits are important to keep good heart function, muscle, and nervous system.

4. Maintain firmness and skin moisture

The content of vitamin C in this fruit is able to prevent free radicals.

delay the aging process on the skin, otherwise, use as natural skin lightening.

The flavonoid content is useful to regenerate dead skin cells.

This fruit has the benefits of rejuvenating the skin and reduce wrinkles, then help the regeneration of dead skin cells.

The content of vitamin C in durian fruit also proved useful to overcome skin problems in the form of wounds, which can improve the condition of blood vessels, bones, and blood.

That helps the healing process also faster.

5. Decrease the risk of depression

Durian becomes an antidote to natural depression, making it safer than using chemical drugs.

This fruit also has vitamin B6 which is beneficial for producing serotonin

a content of serotonin has great benefits in warding off the depression experienced.

helps the soul to control the emotions to the outside, in addition, we also have to train ourselves to be able to prevent emotions until explosive, which will be very self-destructive.

serotonin makes the body more relaxed, improves mood, and generally makes feel more joyful.

High Durian will contain essential amino acids, tryptophan, which helps smooth the production of serotonin, melatonin, and niacin (or vitamin B3) in the body.

Melatonin is a sleep hormone that induces sleep, while serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep and mood,

That contributes to maintaining a feeling of happiness or a good mood.

Tryptophan helps the body make serotonin neurotransmitters (against depression) and melatonin to lower the risk of insomnia or insomnia.

 6. The skin becomes younger

benefits of durianThis fruit also contains a fairly high vitamin C, which is useful to counteract various free radical attacks on the skin.

Then can to slows down the aging process on the skin of the body. This is very important in order to be more confident and maintain the mood, in daily activities.

7. Overcoming Anemia (blood deficiency)

In this fruit containing folate, copper, and iron, it has the benefit to overcome the symptoms of anemia or lack of blood. So hopefully the body remains always fresh and energized.

And for people with anemia, it is better to consume durian fruit, with the content of folate, copper, and iron in it can overcome the problem of blood deficiency in the body.

8. Overcoming low blood sugar levels

Durian fruit also contains manganese, which has the benefit of controlling blood sugar levels in order to remain normal.

do not over-consumption durian because it raises the problem of blood sugar fence that is too high.

in durian fruit contains Vitamin B6 that is able to regulate blood sugar levels, one of the benefits to improve mood

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