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Design and Evolution, Development Cell Phones From Time to Time


Evolution of cell phones – The phone has grown tremendously since 1983, both in its design and function. There are thousands of mobile phone models that have been in production between 1983 and now are you ever think that now mobile phone can be operated only by touching with a finger. Whoever think if a cell phone now can take you to a different world every time we surf the internet.

From its super thick and heavy shape, now the phone turns to be very light and can also be inserted into the pocket. From looks that rigid and filled with many buttons, now the phone looks much more stylish with a roomy screen.

Who is cannot live without a smartphone? because being so close, until hard not to see notifications or updates stories every few minutes. Especially if you have a sophisticated smartphone or the latest

Compare Cell Phones From Timeline

This time, I will invite you to reminisce comparing cell phones from time to time.

Evolution cell phones – start From the cell phones produced by Motorolla DynaTAC, which symbolizes the power of Michael Douglas in the movie “Wall Street”, until the iPhone, play videos, which can take pictures or run one of the thousands of apps available from the Apple Store

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X1989 cell phone

the first phone commercial is the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. This phone was marketed at a price of US $ 4,000 in the United States in 1983.

This was the first mobile phone icon to hit in the telecommunications world. In 1983 Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was approved by the US Federal Communications Commission and became the world’s first mobile phone provider.

DynaTAC only able to speak for 30 minutes, and standby for eight hours. The dimensions of this tool are 13 x 1.75 x 3.5 inches, charge 10 hours to recharge, feature. Memory for storing data of 30 Number phone.

Motorola 4500X & MicroTAC 9800Xcompare cell phones

in 1986, came the mobile version of the Motorola 4500X, a first generation Carphone weighing about 3.5 kg. Then was born a phone that claimed the lightest and the smallest in the world in 1989. The phone has a plastic antenna is named Motorola MicroTAC 9800X.

Motorola International 3200 & Nokia 10111989 cell phone

Three years later, the first digital handset can be operated with to be comfortable only with one hand.

The picture above shows a phone called Motorola International 3200 is juxtaposed with Nokia 3210.

In the same year that is in 1992, was born the first GSM phone that is Nokia 1011.

When first released to the market, this phone is sold at a price 234 pounds in England. And its position was subsequently replaced by Nokia 2110 in 1994

IBM Simon1989 cell phone

IBM Simon is the first mobile phone to feature apps using the stylus and touchscreen. IBM Simon sold for the US $ 899 in 1994 and was only marketed in the United States.

Nokia Communicatorevolution

Evolution cell phones – Nokia Communicator series was born which adopted clamshell design, which can be opened to access the qwerty keyboard and also equipped with the LCD screen.

In the same year in 1996, Nokia released a slider model phone with the Nokia 8110 model name. This phone is used in the movie ‘The Matrix` scene by actor Keanu Reeves.

Ericsson R380, Nokia 3310, and Samsung SPH-M100 compare cell phones

In 2000, Ericsson introduced the first device called a smartphone through the R380 series. It is the lightest handset and the first smartphone use the Symbian operating system.

shortly after, appeared Nokia 3310 which dominates the mobile market. Then Samsung also entered the mobile phone industry with the release of the first handset capable of playing MP3 music that is Samsung SPH-M100.

Palm Treocompare cell phones

Then in 2002, was born a smartphone that has a number of integrated features, such as can check the calendar while talking on the phone, dial directly from the contact list, and send an email.

The phone was dubbed Palm Treo, a smartphone originally developed by Handspring, which was later purchased by Palm.

Nokia 1100 compare cell phones

The Nokia 1100 was launched in 2003. This phone is the most in demand of all time – marketed in developing countries, the Nokia 1100 brings the trend of mobile communications to all levels of society.

BlackBerrry 7210 (2003)1989 cell phone

BlackBerry, the 7210 series is the first mobile phone that has a color screen. Not up there, this phone also uses a wide QWERTY keyboard to facilitate the operation of mobile phones.

iPhone evolution

In 2007, Apple launched its first smartphone, the iPhone. Thanks to its attractive design and intuitive user interface, the iPhone instantly became popular.

The iPhone is the first commercial smartphone to use the finger input as a navigation – not a stylus, keyboard or keypad.

HTC Dream1989 cell phone

HTC Dream (or Google G1) is the first smartphone to run the Linux-based operating system Android, which is then purchased and further developed by Google

For most people, basic needs are not just clothing, food, and boards. Responsive and conducive mobile phones are also needed to meet daily needs.

Evolution cell phones Now mobile phones are no longer exclusive goods, luxury, or rare. If the first mobile phone owned only a handful of people with deep pockets, now, everyone can use a smartphone to interact with the community.

Technology is pinned in cell phones are increasingly sophisticated and growing rapidly. so that is  a review Design and Evolution, Development Cell Phones From Timeline

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