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First Aid In Emergencies and First Aid Definition


First Aid In Emergencies

Every human being most certainly never had an accident or illness, whether that is not resulting in injuries, slight injury or result in serious injury.

Also not uncommon emergencies that can lead to the incidence of fatalities.

In emergency situations, certainly, a victim should immediately get the proper and correct handling.

Handling of minor injuries can be done with or without the help of others depending on the type and severity of the condition of the victim.

To minimize the harm that may occur to the knowledge of the basics of first aid in emergencies desperately needed. Emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere.

Without an adequate knowledge base, often each person into a panic and not know what to do in the face of the emergency condition.

Panic will result in an error in taking action. Error retrieving actions will be fatal and the aggravating circumstances of the victim.

Likely impact is a loss of a sense of comfort victims, physical disabilities, mental disorders, to a life of drifting.

First Aid Definition

First aid refers to the granting of aid to victims as soon as possible or immediately (illness, injury, injuries, accidents) who need medical aid basics.

Basic medical aid is action aid based on simple medical science that can be owned by a layman.

Basic medical aid is done by the person at a distance closest to the victim.

The perpetrators of the first helper must have skills and knowledge in the basics of handling a medical basis.

Basic medical aid to its only provide emergency relief to victims, further treatment should be handled by professional medical personnel.

The obligation of a first aid helper

The obligation of a helper in first aid are:

  • Keep the safety yourself in.

In doing the Act mandatory a helper help takes into account the risks and give priority to safety themselves. Supplies and preparation mean a mandatory safety note before doing the action.

  • Ask For Help

Strive for help especially to medical personnel.

  • Provide help according to the circumstances of the victim

customize the action aid in accordance with the level of need and the level of seriousness of the condition. Inappropriate aid action on portions will endanger the safety of the victim.

  • Maintains connections to the nearest area medical facilities

First  Aid Purposes

First aid action on a victims vital medical is a step with the aim of:

  • Save the souls of the victims

The salvation of the victim is the foremost goal of an action aid

  • Prevent ongoing disability

In addition to emergency relief actions aimed at saving lives, as well as to prevent the possibility of a disability sustained. After the victim’s safety is achieved, a helper should pay attention to the condition of the victim where there is the possibility that leads to ongoing disability.

  • Provide a sense of comfort to the victims

After the above two points are achieved first aid actions attempted to lead to giving a sense of comfort to the victim.

A sense of comfortable conditions will reduce the panic victims so that the victim was mentally awake

  • Support the healing process of victims.

And the last first aid actions directed to the healing process. Before the victim arrived at the medical facility, the victim is entitled to the relief actions support the healing of injuries.

In an emergency situation, if it does not obtain all the objectives above, the helper can ignore one or more of the destination points with an order of priority as the sequence above.

The main purpose of the priority rescue is saving souls of victims. This priority precedence prior option to prevent disability, giving a sense of comfort and support the healing process of victims.

The Ethics Of A Helper In Giving First Aid

In order for the helper and victims feel comfortable in doing the Act, shall be adhered to the ethics of action aid. Ethics in conducting relief include:

  • Analyze The Environmental Conditions

In so doing he should help to be aware of environmental conditions surrounding the victim. The environment includes understanding the physical environment, psychological, and social

Note the condition of the physical environment around the victim. The physical environment should be secure so that the action does not endanger the lives of the victims and helpers.

Psychic environment means seeking a feeling of safety and comfort for the victims as well as a helper in doing action.

This means that the social environment social conditions during the interaction of one or more people around the victims can affect the action of the help that is done.

  • Introduce Yourself

The helper is obligated to introduce yourself to the victim. The goal is to evoke a sense of security and comfort to the victims, as well as avoid possible misunderstanding.

  • Ask For Permission

Before doing the action help a helper must ask permission of the victim (conscious), family/relatives or people closest to the victim.

If all such parties refuse a helper should not impose actions help.

  • Keep The Victim’s Condition

A helper is obligated to keep secret the victim’s condition, and especially personal and privacy

  • Ask For Help And The Testimony Of Others.

First aid actions should be witnessed and assisted by other people.

It aims to minimize the possibility of misunderstanding and can also serve as a witness if there are lawsuits from the victims in later life

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