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Business Ideas: Food Truck Concept Ideas


Food Truck Concept Ideas

Though Risky, business Entrepreneur Hounded Because of Unique Foodtruck and fortunately Seductive. Sell food by car or known food truck recently started running rampant in some countries. But did you know from where and when in fact the trend of selling was first known?

A little history about the food truck, running restaurant concept was already known in the year 1900, which was introduced by a cowherd origin of Texas named Charles Goodnight.

The reason is to make the concept of selling like this because it precisely after the civil war the demand for beef increased in Texas so that by means of the selling could be the solution to meet the demand.

At that time Charles Goodnight modified the carriage into the Kitchen on Wheels. After that, the food truck started to cool in New England so that developed under the name Lunch Wagon.

Unfortunately, in the 1900s its popularity started to fade and effort carried by Charles turned into dinner. But the food truck started applied back in 2008.

Even along with the changing times, is now selling its concept was modified by adding technology-advanced technology.

In some countries the food truck arguably still whole corn, because of this business opportunity is just starting in the know in 2013, players still little.

The initial investment in need of funds is not a little, the reason why entrepreneurs are reluctant to choose this business opportunity. The most massive financing to start a business it is to buy vehicles and modify construction kitchen.

In addition to the funds, inevitably difficult licensing is another challenge that must be faced by aspiring entrepreneurs food truck. Well, for that we will be discussing how much capital is needed in this business and what permissions should be bagged by the employers.

Venture Capital Food Truck

Speaking of venture capital, for a food truck is indeed not a few but if we compare to open businesses like restaurant food, the business capital. What is needed for business a food truck? Boxcar or minivan, table and chairs, car decoration, food/beverage equipment, kitchen utensils and genset.

You’re bound to directly assume the needs that will drain Your pockets all over? Actually, the initial capital for this business can be customized to your financial condition. One that you can do to suppress financing is by choosing a smaller vehicle such as a car or pick up a used car.

The Required Permissions for business Food Truck

For those of you who are interested in starting a business, you have to find out what licenses you need to arrange. Because it contains the food truck restaurant business then its permissions are more or less the same.

But not only that, we quote from CNN several countries, reality effort food truck in some countries is still unclear the legalization of business license from the Government.

But when compared with the business licensing food truck overseas entrepreneurs also need to get permission from some agencies, such as the Fire Service, health services, and also the related regional police.

Should the presence of the licensing regulations food truck entrepreneurs no longer need to worry to operate. Because because, in some countries alone, compared with mean food truck vendor business without permission. So for entrepreneurs who want to establish businesses food truck need rent sellers to sell.

What Business Constraints Of A Food Truck?

The difficulty of finding a place to sell becomes an obstacle while undergoing this venture. Because the reason can not arbitrarily food truck parking place is common and there must be a permission that must be met by businessmen.

So if you want to sell the owner should take care of all its permissions first, and follows the events of the exhibition. And any permissions, in fact, is still difficult because you are special rules about a business food truck.

In addition, another obstacle is the weather. Because the concept pools in the rainy season sometimes food truck many entrepreneurs admit that it constraints that impact is quite significant.

To resolve it, the usual trade land usually makes new innovations will be eating their food or container, such as make packaging more practical.

Are you interested in opening a business food truck? Here’s what you need to know

When you’ve prepared the start of cars and other equipment, you can go to some helpful tips below to open a food truck business of his own.


– Licensing


The first step is to arrange a license or permit, as we explain above, you also need to take care of the permission of the Ministry of health to ensure the product you serve safely consumed, take care of the permission of the Department of fire, take care of permissions vehicles and permit parking application published by the police at the location you are selling.

– Search For Suppliers Of Raw Materials

Just as the restaurant, the culinary concept with business food truck also need to find fresh food suppliers. How can you get the right raw material supplier? You can find it at some event or exhibition or other way business bazar you can come to industrial centers and expand the connections by following the business community.

– Specify the location of a potential

Food truck advantage is you can approach the consumer so that its profits could more than double compared to a restaurant or café. But you also have to know where your consumers are.

For that, you need to determine your target market, after that survey prospective customers who can visit the location where You want to sell. When you expect your target market is not dominant, then began to survey other crowd places lah.

– Social Media could be a helper in your business

To launch a marketing strategy, social media can be an effective platform for your business. In accordance with its function of social media can connects people in any hemisphere are no exception, you and Your prospective consumers.

The start is selective social media choose what fits for you. How how to specify one? You could do an experiment first. Please choose 3 social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and create similar content in all three social media.

If it posts a review engagement, if you are one of the social media post engagement is high. You can focus using the media and other social support.

– Not only tasteful, concept food truck can also steal attention customers

Consumers will definitely glance at something that interests them.

Doesn’t need to be flashy, the most important was the concept You are associated with what you want to offer, in addition to the unique way the promotion also could be an attraction for prospective consumers.

If you want to try this business, began to think of the concept of right now. The following 4 food truck look unique and interesting that we wish could be Your food truck design inspiration.

food truck design ideas

Fire Truck Crepes

Must you have never tried crepes? In America precisely in Texas, this cereal sold using a fire engine is modified into a food truck. Generally, this dish uses the concept of sweet and funny. But unlike the Fire Truck Crepes. in this food truck serves a wide menu of crepes with a topping.

food truck design ideas

Grillers Series

Two brothers William and Travis Miller is the originator at once Organizer food truck serving meals made from meat. The unique name is inspired by the word serial killer which they turn into Serial Grillers.

food truck design ideas

Bernie Burger Bus

This food truck serves burgers food choices. Food truck located in Houston, Texas is run by Justin Turner. A unique concept by using a modified school bus is very well known in his native town. Even besides food truck, Barnie’s Burger Bus also opened a restaurant.

but without eliminating the concept of buses that have become their identity. Then in the restaurant kitchen was made a school bus to make the dish.

food truck ideas

Retro Gourmet

The design of the food truck, this one carrying the retro and striking impression. With the color pink or pink make customers instantly recognize food truck on this one. Gourmet Food retro fun dining in the form of pastry in the form of a friendly price.


Design A Food Truck For You

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