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Benefits Of Fruit Matoa (Typical Fruit From Papua Indonesia)


Have you ever tasted the fruit of Matoa? This fruit of Matoa tastes all kinds and is a mixture of the taste of durian, Kelengkeng, and rambutan.

Matoa which has the scientific name of Pometia Pinnata, this fruit is the fruit of a typical Indonesian plant, especially eastern Indonesia, such as Papua and Maluku

I Papua, Matoa grows from the lowlands to the highlands. From the beach to the mountains. From basin to dry soil.

Matoa trees include hard plants. The tree can grow big and the average height of 18 meters with a maximum diameter of 100 cm maximum.

Matoa is a tropical plant that lives in areas with high rainfall. Matoa tree leaves like rambutan leaves, but rather wide. Generally, Matoa bear fruit once a year.

The flowering season begins in July to October and the fruit can be harvested 3 or 4 months later.

Types of Matoa Fruit

In Papua itself, there are two types of famous Matoa, namely Matoa coconut and Matoa papeda.

matoa fruit

Matoa coconut

Matoa coconut is usually green and the texture of its flesh is chewy and dry.

While the Matoa papeda, purplish red, and the texture of the fruit flesh is mushy and slightly sticky.

matoa fruit

Matoa papeda

Nutrition content in Matoa fruit

Fruit from eastern Indonesia has a lot of vitamin content. Matoa fruit rich in vitamin C and Vitamin E.

Vitamin C in Matoa fruit is used as an antioxidant and keep the immune system. While Vitamin E helps keep skin moist.

Matoa fruit including fruit that is durable and has a hard skin. And can be bred with seeds.

Matoa has a sweet and fragrant taste like a blend of rambutan, kelengkeng, and lychees.

Benefits of Matoa Fruit

The fruits of the Matoa plant are good to eat and are rich in health benefits. Here are some of the benefits we can get from eating fruit Matoa :

Increase Stamina

Various daily routines and problems encountered drain a lot of energy so that needed adequate rest and intake of food that can restore stamina.

One type of good food consumed to increase stamina is the fruit of Matoa.

Prevent Coronary Heart Disease

Having a smoking habit and consumption of high cholesterol foods can be a cause of coronary heart disease.

To prevent this dangerous disease it is better you replace your snack chips with Matoa fruit. Sweet, fresh, and healthy.

Matoa fruit as a source of antioxidants.

Natural antioxidant source The antioxidant richness of the Matoa fruit can be a source of natural antioxidant intake for the body.

Instead of taking antioxidant supplements that are not yet known to better quality consume natural fruit that has obvious benefits.

Prevent the development of free radicals

The content of antioxidants found in fruit Matoa very useful to inhibit the development of free radicals in the body.

The result is the body protected from the bad effects of free radicals such as heart disease and premature aging.

Prevent and overcome stress

eating Matoafruit was also very good for mental health. Whereby eating this fruit can prevent or overcome the stress that hit.

Treating hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoid disease attacks the most private part of the human body so that it is not only painful but also embarrassing.

To treat this disease there are many types of medicinal plants that can be used one of the Matoa fruit.

Smooth digestion

Eating Matoa fruit is also very good for digestion ranging from food processing, absorption of food juice, to the disposal of waste substances so that the stomach feels better and the body get the maximum nutritional intake.

Benefits of Matoa fruit for skin health

Eating fruit of Matoa is also very good for maintaining skin health. Especially in ha helps regeneration of skin cells.

dead skin cells can be replaced immediately by new cells.

Moisturises and makes skin supple

With the content of vitamin E is very high to make Matoa fruit is very good to moisturize and make skin more supple.

This is supported by the ability of vitamin E to maintain water content in the skin so that the skin looks more youthful.

Brighten the skin

Some members of the body such as the face and hands usually have a darker skin color because it is often exposed to various pollutants and sunburn.

To restore the brightness of the skin we can utilize the Matoa fruit rich in vitamins C and E.

Prevent acne

With diligent eating, Matoa fruit loaded with vitamin C and E also can prevent the occurrence of acne so the skin looks cleaner. (Read also: nature benefits)

Protects skin from UV rays Ultraviolet rays such as UVA and UVB can damage the skin that not only interferes with appearance but also cause dangerous diseases such as skin cancer.

To prevent this we must protect the skin one of them by eating fruit MMatoa.

Neutralize cancer

Cancer cells that gnaw the body can be neutralized so that it is more benign and more easily cured by consuming the Matoa fruit.

Accelerate wound healing

Consumption of fruit Matoa also used to accelerate wound healing so that the wound dry faster and healthier as usual.

Benefits of Stems / Wood Matoa as an herbal medicine:

Stems/wood Matoa also no less useful for health or other purposes. Here are some benefits of stem/wood Matoa:

Treating wounds Wounds that affect the skin can be treated using the skin of the wood of Matoa. This method is used by Priangan community in West Java.

Overcoming fever to lower high body temperature when the fever we can use the water decoction of skin from wood Matoa as bath water.

Benefits of Stems / Wood Matoa as building materials:

Building materials Matoa tree trunk large enough and hard can be used as materials to make a house or building, such as making a house pole.

Boat-making materials The hard and strong trunk of the tree is also very good for the base of boat making.

Furniture makers During this time we may only know certain woods such as teak and oak in furniture making.

But the wood of Matoa tree can also be utilized as furniture make the g material so that we have more choice in making furniture.

Benefits of Leaf Matoa as an herbal medicine

As other medicinal plants leave from plants Matoa also widely used as a traditional medicine to overcome various diseases including:

Treating kidney stones

Hard material that is formed and clog the kidneys can cause several complaints such as urine mixed with blood, pain in the waist, pain in the groin, and so on depending on the severity.

To shed this kidney stone we can take advantage of the concoction of the leaves of Matoa.

Treating gallstones

In addition to kidney stones, other blockage problems that attack the body’s organs are gallstones.

As the name implies this disease is the formation of hard materials such as stones that occur and clog the bile ducts.

This disease can also be overcome by taking a mixture of leaves of Matoa.

Minimize the risk of diabetes sickness Matoa fruit is famous for its sweet flesh.

Eating fruit can help reduce the risk of diabetes because sugar intake obtained from Matoa fruit more natural and healthy.

Treating hypertension Hypertensive patients can try to drink a Matoa leaf potion when blood pressure is very high so that blood pressure back to normal.

Thus the various benefits that can be obtained from the fruit, stems, and leaves MMatoa. Not only in terms of health and beauty, it is also very good fruit used as raw materials for buildings, boats, even furniture.

Classification and Morphology of Matoa Fruit

Matoa coconutThis fruit is one type of rambutan in the Latin of this fruit called Pometia Pinnata.

Matoa fruit there are two types that are often found is Pomettia pinnata and Pomettia Ridley.

Matoa Classification

Kindom: Plantae

Subkingdom: Tracheobionta

Super Division: Spermatophyta

Division: Magnoliophyta

Class: Magnoliopsida

Sub Class: Rosidae

Order: Sapindales

Family: Sapindaceae

Genus: Pometia

Species: Pometia Pinnata

Matoa Morphology

This plant has an average height of 18 meters, with maximum 100 cm. diameter Tree Matoa had wooden rods and hard, its fruit-shaped oval or around the Bay of.

Have a green young fruit warrant and ripe color of the reddish fruit.

This ovoid shape has a length of 1.5-5 cm and 1-3 cm in diameter. while the skin on this fruit is slick with a blackish color.

And have brownish-black seeds and fragrant scent in the fruit when picking seeds.

This fruit has a leaf stalk big compound leaves, leaves even finned 4-13 install and have deep roots.

The fruit in this plant has a taste like a rambutan and Kelengkeng.

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