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Important! Get Used to Healthy Living at Home Now


Healthy Living at Home

Healthy living is everyone’s dream because it will distance themselves from various diseases. You can start a healthy life for yourself then by creating a healthy environment. Try to start living healthy at home and the environment.

Cooking with chemical-free cookware

Teflon pans and pans release harmful vapors and particles into the air, including toxic gases, carcinogens, and global pollutants. Use cooking utensils from chemical-free materials and choose those made of stainless steel.

Open Your Home Window

Although you spend all day at home, do not rule out to be free from pollution. Pollution can occur in the stuffy living room, the smell of glue on the carpet, the smell of wall paint and furniture that is sprayed and colored with various chemicals.

Open your house windows as often as possible to keep clean air flowing into your home.

Careful in Choosing Bed Sheet

Some types of chemicals are found in sheets, blankets, pillowcases and bolster such as polyester, nylon, and anything that is labeled wrinkle-resistant. Purchase bed sheets and blankets made from safer materials such as organic cotton.

Be careful with Lamp Bulb

If a white bulb, known as Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs), will cause a bad effect on your health because the bulb contains mercury vapor, a highly toxic substance.

Be careful in disposing of a dead light bulb. You can also buy a low-watt bulb to save power.

Do not Jump Insert Car into Garage After Traveling

After a long journey, do not just put your car in the garage because your car’s engine needs to cool naturally. Otherwise, the hot engine will make the air in the garage get hot and polluted.

Park your car in the yard for an hour or two before moving to the garage to keep the car engine cool.

Avoid Using Anti-Tang Clothing

Clothes with ‘no iron’ or ‘tangle’ labels contain perfluorochemicals (PFCs), compounds related to reproductive and developmental toxicities, and bladder and liver cancers.

Choose clothes that are comfortable cotton and take a little time to iron your clothes so as not to tangle.

Carefully Choose House Cleaner

Today many home cleaning products actually contain chemicals that are bad for your health and your family. Choose cleaning products that have secure labels or those made from natural and non-toxic materials.

Reduce Using Dry Cleaning Services

Clothes are cleaned by using perchloroethylene by laundry service. Perchloroethylene is a solvent and volatile organic compound to remove stains from your clothing. Unfortunately, the cleaning process will leave these toxic chemicals in your clothes.

Wash Your Face After Traveling

If you wear makeup every day before leaving the house, make sure you immediately wash your face upon arrival at home instead of waiting until bedtime.

Thick makeup will cover the pores of your face and cause acne. Plus dust and pollution stick to your skin when you are out.

Reduce Lighting in the Bedroom

The pineal gland in your body creates melatonin when the atmosphere around you is dark so you can sleep soundly.

But the bright lights in your bedroom can make the production of melatonin distracted and you can wake up in the middle of your night’s sleep.

As a result, melatonin production immediately slumps down and makes it difficult for you to continue sleeping.

Consider buying a light sleeper or an alarm clock illuminated with a red light, which is less disruptive to melatonin production than blue or white light.

Wash hands with clean water and use soap.healthy living at home

This behavior is the basic behavior that must be applied early on to the children. Healthy hand-washing behaviors are of great benefit, most certainly the benefit is “Avoidance of children from possible DIARE disease”.

Brushing Teeth Morning and Night.

To maintain the health of the mouth and teeth the most appropriate action is to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Brushing teeth for children from an early age will provide millions of benefits for children.

With strong and healthy teeth, the disease can be prevented and the food can be bitten and chewed perfectly to be digested by the stomach well.

Maintain Hand and Foot Nails To Clean and Short

The trivial thing that is often missed is keeping the child’s nails. cutting the nails of the hands and feet to the extent of the fingers is very important to prevent children from various diseases, especially worms and diarrhea.

because basically small children aged 2 years and over really like to bite his finger or suck his thumb. Though their previous activities, we do not know, whether he just held a toy, or play with the land, and so forth.

Diligently Drinking Clean and Healthy Water

Drinking water is one of the most important needs of your body. The reason, most of the human body contains water.

In addition, the body needs water in the process of digestion, circulation, absorption, maintaining body temperature, channeling nutrients to all parts of the body, removing metabolic waste substances, and saliva production.

Eating a Healthy, Natural Food

Sometimes, busy people are hard to control food intake. Usually, they only choose to eat quickly and easily obtained so as not to take a lot of time. In fact, food intake is important to support human health.

Dispose Of The Trash Right In Place According To The Type Of Garbage

This behavior is the most difficult behavior applied in the family environment, the community as well as school. This waste problem is a complicated problem because it involves the awareness of not littering.

The waste we produce must be borne out by others because of our inability to secure our personal trash. Behavior consuming littering has damaged our environment.

Therefore, the behavior of clean living will run well and correctly if every individual has the awareness to dispose of waste in place according to its kind.

Do Not Smoke

Smoking in the house was not only dangerous for the smokers themselves but also all the people who live in the house.

A study found smoking in the home will leave toxic substances in home furnishings, carpets, curtains, even the walls of the house.

A chemist, doctor Eunha Hoh reveals, cigarette smoke contains thousands of chemicals that can stay on a surface. Of the thousands of chemicals, many are toxic and carcinogenic.

According to scientists, the longer an environment is exposed to chemicals, it can turn chemical compounds into harmful.

If exposed for years, it can increase the risk of cancer, asthma attacks, lung problems, throat and eye irritation.

Cigarette smoke can indeed be absorbed into all the porous surfaces. The toxic substances from cigarette smoke will then settle long in all contaminated household furniture.

“We are really surprised by how strong the contamination at home is, even after a few months people stop smoking indoors,” said an environmental health scientist, doctor Penelope Quintana.

Smoking in the house will certainly endanger the health of children who often play on the couch or carpet in their homes.

Researchers call these children as third smokers or those who do not smoke, are not exposed to cigarette smoke directly, but exposed to toxic substances from cigarette smoke that has settled in the furniture.

Another study shows, parents who smoke in the garden or yard also can still harm children. Researchers also remind people to be careful if buying a former home smokers.

A psychologist from San Diego State University, USA Serikan, Georg Matt even said that the house is a tobacco smoke pollution storehouse. Georg has spent 20 years researching the effects of secondhand smoke on a third person.

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