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Health Benefits of Potatoes for Human


Potatoes have a scientific name Solanum tuberous l. is a tribe of plants Solanaceae.

Potato plants have tubers stem that can be consumed, the name is called “potato” as well. In Europe, the potato tuber is already a staple food even though it comes from the South American region.

The potatoes that we know and that we consume turned out to save an awful lot of history Even hundreds of years ago, the potato has been known to people.

Before widespread as it is now was once the plant is still limited to growth place,
namely in the colder regions only.

Then the potato is starting to slowly penetrated into the region are (subtropical) and finally reached the area of the tropical heat.

Potato History

Transfer the potato from one area to another that the climate is different not with processes that are fast, but through many stages.

Columbus Nomad largest in the history of human civilization not only has managed to find a continent

but also found some plants and reveals the new history, among others, pineapple, potatoes and so on

Thanks to Columbus the nomad plants potatoes initially grow only in a small part of South America, could spread widely all over the world.

The area of South America where the origins of the potato are precisely around Lake Titicaca,

in the region of the Andes mountains, near the borders with Peru and Bolivia.

And then the potato plants spread to Peru Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador

the potato was brought to Spain in the 16th century.

Spain by traders, either via land or sea, the potatoes are spread throughout the continent of Europe,

the potatoes that come from South America was originally just the wild plants, so the potato types cannot be known with certainty.

There is information that tells that the potato was first introduced to Europe the kind of potato Solanum tuberous is the subspecies Andigena from the Andes

The inclusion of potatoes to Europe about the middle of the 18th century or around 200 years after the potato was known of its existence.

The European community about making potato as food is exotic.

In the era of colonialism and imperialism, the potatoes go in Asia and spread through Africa Congo entry in the XIX century thanks to Belgium.

Portuguese traders have led bulbs rich in carbohydrates it to India, especially to the North of Bombay

Later, around the year 1700 cultivation occurring extends to the West of the country the Ganges River while Northern India expanding it around the year 1820

Health benefits of potatoes

The taste may not be as enjoyable as boiled potatoes fried potatoes or potato snack

But the benefits of real healthy potatoes, apparently not you get when potatoes are served fried.

So now there are two options, if you want to eat well, please select the fries. But if you want to eat healthily, then it should choose a boiled potato.

vitamins in Potatoes

There are several advantages and benefits of eating boiled potatoes for health include:

Boiled potatoes calories and lower fat boiled Potatoes are richer in protein, minerals especially potassium, phosphorus, and vitamin B complex and vitamin C naturally.

Boiled potatoes also lower calories and fat, but high levels of fiber, which will help you feel more full.

In contrast to the potatoes mixed with fried as well as adding butter or cream, which will increase the levels of fat and calories significantly.

In addition, the levels of natural nutrition potatoes can also be much reduced.

Protein and fiber are large Potatoes weighing 300 grams of boiled with their skins, has 261 calories and 5.6 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of fat.

But if you peel its skin before it boiled, then you will lose about half a gram of protein. But the calories and fat content remain the same.

Peeled or not, the potato still provides 5.4 grams of fiber and 2.6 grams of naturally occurring sugar. We will provide the boiled potatoes vitamin C and B vitamins 5, as well as other types of vitamin B thiamine and niacin.

Vitamin C is beneficial as a useful antioxidant to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Besides boiled potatoes also helps our body to produce norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that plays a role in neuronal communication, and keep hormone levels.

Vitamin B 5 is required by the body in order to allow it to break down nutrients into energy and supports liver function.

One cup of boiled potatoes provides 0.8 milligrams of vitamin B 5 or about 16 percent of the body’s daily needs.

As for vitamin C, boiled potatoes offer about 27 percent for women, and 23 percent for men of total daily needs.

Potatoes are rich in essential minerals, which is beneficial to assist our bodies in building strong bones and keep the function of nerves and muscles.

Large-sized potatoes boiled Peel will give us 1.1 grams of potassium, or a quarter of the needs of our daily life.

Potassium is used to help keep balance electrolytes in the body and is also important for the function of the muscles, heart and nerve function.

Manganese is useful to support metabolism and helps the body produce collagen.

Copper from the potato will help our body in producing lysis oxidase, an enzyme that is needed for healthy connective tissue and supporting several aspects of brain function.

Potatoes also at once would give our body magnesium and phosphorus as much as 1/5 form we need each day.

If the potatoes are peeled before being boiled, you will lose some of this mineral content.

Given the nutritional benefits of better-boiled potatoes, then allowed as a healthy food alternative substitute rice for your breakfast.

No need to bother peeling the hard, for better when simmered along her skin.

But when you’re going to eat it, you need to peel the outer skin boiled potatoes that are thin.

Potatoes have many nutrient contents which is beneficial for the body. Natural deposits will help the body in maintaining health if consumed.

The following information regarding the content of its nutrition value:


When weighing 300 grams of potatoes boiled with their skins without peeled beforehand, then the potatoes contain 261 calories, 0.3 grams fat and 5.6 grams of protein.

But if shelled boiled before, would make him lose 0.5 grams of protein. However, neither peeled nor does calories and fat remains the same.

Similarly, with the fibers of 5.4 gr plus 2.6 grams of natural sugars.


Boiled potato contains a lot of Vitamin B – complex.

This vitamin can help the formation of blood cells. In addition, vitamin B complex – also helps break down carbohydrates and fats from the foods you consume as well as being able to unravel the energies of the protein.

One fruit of medium-sized boiled potatoes would be insufficient half of the needs of the daily vitamin B-6 body.

Plus a daily intake of niacin and thiamin by 30%. Boiled potatoes also contain vitamin C quite a lot.

But when the potatoes unpeeled boiled first before her skin, vitamin C which exists in it will shrink to half of it.


Potatoes contain minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

With the presence of several types of minerals, health will help to build a network of nerves, muscle function, and bone health.

Large-sized boiled potatoes consumed can also suffice ¼ body will daily requirement of potassium.

The potatoes are boiled without peeled can also meet the daily requirement of magnesium and phosphorus to 20%.

In the diet program, of course, there are many ways that are done. One of the most instrumental daily food intake is consumed.

If boiled potatoes used as intake for diet, the following benefits of boiled potatoes to your diet:

Eliminate Fat

The potatoes were able to assist in weight loss body programs This is because the content in potatoes is able to absorb the fat, then remove it from the dirt.

Hold The Hungry

 Potatoes contain carbohydrates is high enough. This certainly makes the person who runs the diet program will be able to withstand a longer hungry.

To diet with potatoes, preferably potato baked/boiled away. This will make the fat content is not too high than fried.

Provide Energy

The energy gained from consuming potatoes will help in Your diet program. The energy obtained would be used to do some sports activities.

Not Easily Tempted To Food

Not only withstand hunger, the high calories contained in potatoes will make you not easily tempted by other foods.

One cause is the starch potato or meat that has already consumed would meet the stomach.

Eases Digestion System

The high fiber content in potatoes will help the digestive system in the process.

The Body Stay Fit

The content of vitamin B6 and vitamin C contained in potatoes will help your body stay fresh and fit. Because in addition to carbohydrates, the body requires vitamin.

Tackle Hunger

Potato water contains quite a lot. This will help resolve Your hunger, so the diet programs could run more smoothly.

Diet Tips by using boiled potatoes

After learning the benefits of boiled potatoes to diet,

there are a few things you can do to diet using potatoes as a source of food intake.

Prepare 3 potatoes, then boil the peeled without first

After stewed shelled please new

Crush the potatoes boiled and peeled already uses tablespoon until smooth

Then bake the potatoes and oven/added ginger and garlic (aimed at reducing fat)

Once cooked, you can use it as Your diet menu

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