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Health Benefits Of Turmeric To Eliminate Acne


Turmeric Plant Description

Turmeric is a plant with a pseudotrunk, height can be up to 40 – 100 cm.

stems Form his pseudo, upright, round and wet, it forms a yellowish green color with a Rhizome and composed of the stem of leaves (rather bland).

A single leaf, rounded shape of the egg extends up to 10-40 cm, width 8-12.5 cm long with a pale green color.

Flowering compounds-haired and flaky from the tip of the rod, the length of 10-15 cm in relation with the Crown of about 3 cm and 1.5 cm wide, whitish/yellowish.

The tip and the base of the leaves are Cuneiform, the edges of the leaves are flattened. The outer skin an orange colored Rhizome brownish, yellowish red-orange flesh of the fruit.

Turmeric is able to form a Rhizome, orange-colored, when old and young shoots are white, forming dense clumps. Rooted light brown colored fibers. Each plant leaf 3 – 10 strands, long leaf with its stem up to 70 cm, blade-shaped leaves lanset elongated, light green and only the top near her somewhat colored purplish stem, length 28 – 85 cm, width 10-25 cm. Flowers emerge from the stem challenges length 10 – 15 cm. Flower color white/pale yellow flower color, base white.

Turmeric has a Latin name Curcuma domestica Val. plants that are easily propagated by Rhizome with a size of 20-25 grams. Seedling and Rhizome should be old enough. Turmeric grows well in soil that his watering good layout, 2,000 mm of rainfall to 4,000 mm annually and were a little sheltered.

But to generate larger Rhizome needed a more open place. Turmeric Rhizome is yellow to orange-yellow

The Origin Of  Turmeric Plants

(Turmeric Powder For Acne)-Turmeric is a medicinal plant in the form of shrubs and annual (perennial) spread throughout the tropics. This plant thrives and wilds around the forest/former gardens. Supposedly from Twinkle at an elevation of 1300-1600 m, there is also a saying that saffron comes from India.

Curcuma words derived from Arabic Kurkum and Greece Karkom. In 77-78 BC, Dioscorides refers to this as the plant Cyperus resembles ginger, but bitter, and a bit spicy, but not toxic. The plant is widely cultivated in South Asia, especially in India, southern China, Taiwan, Indonesia (Java), and the Philippines.

Benefits of plants and Parts used

( Turmeric Powder For Acne )Turmeric is one of the herbs and medicinal plants. Almost every Asian people generally eat this spice plants, both as a seasoning, herbs or for maintaining health and beauty.

Turmeric has been known as a versatile plant. The part that is often used is the rhizome (turmeric tuber). In addition to being used for herbal herb turmeric, Rhizome is also used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and blood purifier.

Health Benefits of Turmeric:

health benefits of turmericHerbal treatment.

Treat irregular menstruation

Treating dysentery

Heal the swollen due to insect bites or caterpillars

Treating ulcers, and overcoming the tonsils, as well as to treat hepatitis.

Hair care so free from dandruff.

Traditionally, water decoction of the rhizome of turmeric mixed with water is used as a gargle gambir mouth to swollen gums. An ointment of turmeric with tamarind is used for the treatment of a leg wound.

An ointment made from turmeric mixed with coconut oil is widely used to cure a swollen leg and to issuing fluid causes swelling.

While squeezing the seed with turmeric and cloves and jasmine are used to cure inflammation of the liver, and diseases of the skin. While squeezing the turmeric root can be used as drug swollen.

The most important part of Saffron as a medicine is part of the root, which has a peculiar smell and tastes somewhat bitter.

Are content in the root of the yellow substance Curcumin, namely essential oils, hydrates charcoal, dammar, gom, and starch.

With doses between 8 grams to 12 grams of this drug ingredient used to cure diarrhea, carminative, kolagoga, and skabisida.

Turmeric can be used to treat diabetes mellitus, typhoid, dysentery, appendicitis, vaginal discharge, menstrual pain, stomach heartburn when menstruation, tonsils, mucus diarrhea, morbilli.

Some of the chemical content of turmeric Rhizome that has been known, namely essential oils as much as 6% consisting of the compound monoterpene and sesquiterpene (includes zingiberene, Alpha, and beta – turmerone), yellow substance called curcuminoids as much as 5% (including Curcumin 50-60% mono desmetoksi Curcumin and bidesmetoksikurkumin), protein, phosphorus, potassium, iron and vitamin C.

The third of the curcuminoid compounds, Curcumin is the largest component. Often the level of total curcuminoid calculated as% Curcumin, Curcumin content because most large compared to other curcuminoids components. Because the reason some studies either pharmacological or phytochemicals is more emphasized on Curcumin.

In addition to the above benefits, turmeric can also be used to remove facial acne

Human skin has pores that can be filled by a variety of particles, such as skin cells die, populated by dirt or even sweat.

When the pores are filled by various forms, then on the area likely will happen to a bacterial infection.

A bacterial infection is what will trigger the appearance of the inflammation, swelling that develops into pus. It is this condition called acne.

If so, then there are a few tricks to treat acne i.e. can be done with several stages,

that impede or prevent the occurrence of infection by bacteria,

soothes inflammation and moved the material that fills the pores of the face skin in overall.

For that reason, one of the most effective ways to treat it is by finding a drug that has the content and function as antibacterial, antiseptic, bitter taste and has a calming effect.

as explained above, that contain turmeric can cure acne.

Not just the right pharmacological effects have to get rid of acne,

but turmeric as well as herbal ingredients that have little side effects compared to the use of the chemical compound.

As for anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically on the face, can help reduce the redness and irritation associated with acne.

While the antiseptic can help cleanse the skin of impurities that cause the onset of acne.

If your acne is caused by oily skin face, turmeric may help him to absorb a portion of the amount of sweat on the face.

Are the main compounds Curcumin, which is contained in Turmeric that has proven its effectiveness as pharmacological agents,

such as antitumor, antioxidant, analgesic, antiallergic, astringent, antispasmodic, appetizing, Carmaninatif and many more.

Therefore, in addition to being able to get rid of acne, consume turmeric regularly can make consumers reach for many advantages at once to his health.

There are several ways that you can do to be able to obtain the benefits of turmeric as a cure acne. Refer to the following.

The First Way: That Is Making The Drinks From Turmeric

Prepare a glass of warm milk and a teaspoon of Saffron that has been crushed or made into powder.

Next, combine the Saffron into a glass of milk then stir until color is evenly and milk into a yellow color. Enjoy once a day, before going to bed.

This can help increase the body’s immunity, which as a result of the body will be better able to fight off bacterial infections cause acne so fast acne cure that swells.

The Second Way: That is Turmeric Powder For Acne

turmeric powder for acneUse turmeric as a scrub to remove stubborn stains left by acne.

How, prepare 2-3 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1-2 drops of mustard oil or olive oil or jojoba oil, 1-2 and drops of lemon juice.

Then combine the third material, then apply it evenly on the face and let about 15 minutes

until the materials last percolating on the face, then rinse with clean water.

The Third Way

Use turmeric with how to apply it on the face of topically (rubbed directly on the skin)

to treat and prevent acne be naughty again nested in the area of the face.

How to Prepare turmeric powder to taste, water or cream turmeric then mix the ingredients,

make sure that the herb is not made to dilute.

Then apply on the surface of the face that was attacked by the acne. Use once or twice a day to clean the skin of the face.

And that’s what he is, the benefits of turmeric to eliminate acne, rather than using the anti-acne by issuing hefty funds.

Preferably, use natural ingredients that are quite affordable,

in addition to harmful side effects, this material is accessible and of course, will not make you dependent. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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