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Herbal Drinks Recipes To Help Lose Weight Fast


Herbal Drinks To Lose Weight

Have an ideal body weight is the yearning of everyone. So many people are trying with difficulty doing various ways to lower his weight to be more ideal.

Weight loss program can be a long process and requires extra patience especially for you who are less anxious and less disciplined. But unfortunately, the patience, discipline, and sacrifice that you need in order to make weight loss program you can run successfully.

In addition, to exercise and eat healthy foods, it turns out there are some certain herbal beverage concoctions that can help you to lose weight.

Here are some herbal health drinks Can lose weight Effectively

  1. Green Tea

best herbal tea to drinkGreen tea is not just a beverage warmers. Substances contained in tea has been shown to increase fat burning process so as to help lose weight.

With regularly consume green tea at least 3 x a day, your weight will slowly continue to shrink. The most significant change was in the pile of fat on your stomach.

n order that a well maintained his nutritional, drink a cup of warm green tea without sugar or milk. The content is also high in antioxidant, so good for health to avoid!

  1. Pineapple Juice

best herbal tea to drinkHerbal Drinks To Lose Weight – It feels like a loss once if you go on a diet but not trying to consume a delicious pineapple juice and fresh. Pineapple fruit has a very high fiber content so that it can make us feel full longer and our appetite so more controlled.

Pineapple also contains lots of nutrients so that when we’re dieting, our bodies will not be a deficient intake of nutrients at all. Due to the high content of fibers, pineapple can streamline the process of digestion, so the fat will not accumulate in the stomach.

For those of you who liked the pineapple juice, here is a recipe to make the most delicious pineapple juice and scrumptious.

The First Pineapple Juice Recipe:

Materials needed:

Fresh pineapple, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla flavored water white mature

How to make:

Pineapple fruit Peel to clean, make sure there is no remaining pineapple skin.

Then wash the pineapple fruit to clean, try to use boiled water to wash it off.

Cut the pineapple into several parts so easily in a blender.

Prepare the blender, then enter the pineapple fruit of yesteryear into it.

Stir in granulated sugar to taste into a blender, or to taste.

Enter anyway condensed milk sweetened to suit your taste.

Next, pour the whitewater has been prepared, cooked to taste.

Blender until well blended.

Pineapple juice is ready to be enjoyed on a sunny afternoon as reliever thirst.


#The Second Pineapple Juice Recipe:

Materials needed:

A fresh pineapple fruit, sugar, water, white mature.

How to make:

Clean the skin of the pineapple until clean and nothing is left in the flesh of the fruit.

Wash using boiled water until clean.

Cut into sections, do not be too large.

Put in a blender that has been prepared.

Also, pour water to taste with granulated sugar or to taste.

Next, the mixture to blend evenly and into the juice.


Third: pineapple juice recipe

The ingredients you need to prepare:

Fresh pineapple fruit

Pure honey or processed

Sweetened condensed milk or powdered vanilla flavor

Mature whitewater

How to make:

How to make it really easy, first Peel the pineapple fruit until clean.

Wash using water to clean, try to use boiled water in a wash it.

Cut pineapple fruit that has been washed of yesteryear into sections, don’t cut it too big in.

Prepare the blender and stir in pineapple.

Enter anyway condensed milk sweetened to taste.

Then enter the pure honey into it to suit your taste.

Add plain water.

The blender into the most delicious juice.


Fourth: pineapple juice recipe


Pineapple fruit, cucumber fresh, pure honey, sweetened condensed milk, water white mature

How to make:

First, prepare the pineapple fruit and Peel his skin until clean, then wash and cut into pieces.

Peel the cucumbers and wash to clean.

Stir in pineapple and cucumber last into a blender.

Pour the pure honey with sweetened condensed milk to taste.

Add the water and also ice cubes if necessary. Blender until blended and pineapple juice ready to drink.


  1. Apple Juice

Herbal Drinks To Lose WeightHerbal Drinks To Lose Weight – Apple is a fruit which is indeed well known therapeutic for weight loss. Not without reason, Apple has a very high fiber content so that it can facilitate digestion in the body so that the fat will not accumulate in the stomach.

The nutrients in this fruit can also lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Glikemiknya index is also low so potent lowering sugar levels in the blood and can make us feel full longer than other foods.

In order for taste and also the results more satisfying, make Apple juice mixed with oranges and celery. How to make it, combine 5 medium-size apples, 2 oranges, and 2 stalks celery. Blend all ingredients until smooth and well blended.

Materials needed:

1 red or Green apples are still fresh

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

sweetened condensed milk to taste

water sparingly

ice cubes to taste

How To Make Fresh Apple Juice:

Peel apples and seeded

Stir in apples peeled cleanly into the blender to cut into pieces

Pour water into it then enter prepared granulated sugar

mix it with sweetened condensed milk white to taste

Blend with medium speed until smooth and creamy, approximately for 3 minutes

Enter the ice cubes into the serving glasses

Pour the Apple juice that’s been refined into a glass

Wait a few minutes while stirring until slightly chilled and ready to be enjoyed


  1. Honey And Lemon

herbal drinks to lose weightHerbal Drinks To Lose Weight – Honey is a liquid that resembles a syrup form of honey is thicker and slightly sweet, basically, almost everyone knows that health food is honey produced by bees and beneficial for the health of the human body.

Besides honey can strengthen the body’s durability, it also helps to lose weight. Not many know if sweet liquid produced by bees it contains carbohydrates 1 spoon honey turned out to contain 17 grams of carbohydrates.

Lemon (Citrus limon) is a citrus fruit that is most widely used in the world, both for the purposes of consumption and consumption. Lemon juice consists of 5 to 6% citric acid which makes it has a sour taste.

This Fruit is usually processed into juice, lemonade, pies, pancakes. Lemon can also be used as a mixed salad or pickles like many do in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East.

The origin of the lemon is not known for certain, but it is estimated from China, Myanmar, or India.

Behind the taste of sour lemon, saving the health benefits ranging from weight loss to speed up metabolism.

Drink a glass of warm lemon water and honey every day.

How To Make It Pretty Easy:

1/2 Lemon

1 tablespoon honey

Warm water

Step how to make a lemon and honey drink

1 lemon cut into 2 parts. Half a lemon that is not used can be stored in the fridge (with plastic or places to eat)

Squeeze the lemon into a glass. Choose lemons that are not too hard because of the water a lot.

Enter the honey into the glasses.

Add the warm water and mix well. Finished and can be drunk


  1. Honey And Cinnamon

herbal drinks to lose weightHerbal Drinks To Lose Weight РIn addition to the lemon, you can combine between fresh honey with cinnamon. Herbal sweetness on this honey is very safe so as not to affect the rise in blood sugar. In addition, the index  Glikemiks on honey is quite low.

Cinnamon is one of the types of spices used as a condiment in many kinds of food because it has a nice aroma and flavor. In addition to taste and smell have a delicious, cinnamon turns out to have numerous benefits for health.

cinnamon can improve the levels of insulin and prevent the occurrence of transforms fat and slow down the time it takes to reach the intestine by food so that we can feel full longer.

How to make the drink is very easy:

Materials needed:

  1. one spoon of cinnamon powder
  2. one spoon of honey
  3. Water
  4. Glass

How To Make Potions:

  1. boil water as much as one and a half cups to boil
  2. when the water is already boiling then input one spoon of cinnamon powder
  3. wait for 5 minutes or water already reduced to one glass
  4. then turn off the burner and wait for water decoction of cinnamon powder that is a little bit cold
  5. After a rather cold, strain into a shot glass and input
  6. then don’t forget to add one spoon of honey
  7. Mix until well-blended herb
How To Consume The Herb

You can consume the potion at the time of the morning and evening when about to sleep with just half a glass once in a drink. So, a herb that you make as much as one glass can drink twice a day that is half the cups in the morning and half the glass again at night when it was about to go to sleep.

Try to drink this concoction when before you eat the food so that the results can be maximum. But other than by consuming this potion, you should also do sports regularly and keep your diet so that your weight will go down in a quick period of time Your body shape and becomes slender ideal.

Drinks above will, of course, make a diet program that you run so much more fun and enjoyable. Rutinlah drank a drink on top so that your weight loss so much helped.

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