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History of Cell Phones Motorola From


Cell Phone History Motorola

Motorola trips starting from the purchase of a battery eliminator business in Chicago, Illinois, by two brothers, Paul v. Galvin and Joseph e. Galvin. In September 1928 they named the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation company.

Their first product was the development of a battery eliminator, a device for a radio receiver that allows them to run your household electricity flow, eliminating the need for expensive batteries but ironically it is sacrificing mobility.

The Motorola name itself was given to the first car stereo Galvin. The ‘ Motor ‘ is devoted to cars and ‘ ola ‘ for voice (from Victrola). From the year 1936 onwards, production-line manufacturing dominate radio Galvin for the car and the receiver, in 1940,

just before the second world war the company has already started to create the best product known as a walkie-talkie later on the year 1947 they managed to produce their first television and changed the company name from Galvin Manufacturing Corporation became the “Motorola” and then focus the continuing manufacture of communication media including Motorola phone.

In 1967, Motorola is expanding into countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and West Germany.

In 1969, Motorola began supplying National American Space Agency (NASA) and radio equipment so that astronauts can communicate with the center of the earth they are. The first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong from the moon to the Earth communicate using Radio Motorola.

In 1973, Motorola made a demo of the world’s first Motorola phone named the DynaTAC cellular use radio technology and was released in 1984. Motorola began to incorporate both computer and radio technology to create the first mobile network operated by the DynaTAC.

The Motorola

Motorola then started making a mobile handset that is smaller and smaller. In 1996 the Motorola StarTAC released only 88 grams of weight. In the year 2000, Motorola and General Instrument Corporation joined forces to improve their services.

In the year 2001 Motorola introduced the Motorola V60 cell phone, which is the world’s first metal phones available on mobile networks GSM, TDMA, and CDMA. In the year 2002 Motorola released a GPS chip that can be installed into consumer electronics devices to enable position location. Motorola also released 3 g which is transmitted through the CDMA network.

Motorola finally released Cross-Technology PoC which allows customers to have connectivity “push-to-talk” on the whole and between CDMA2000 1 x, GPRS, and WiFi networks.

Besides Motorola released Ojo Personal Video Phone. Ojo promising broadband connectivity and uninterrupted video phone that is generally known by video phone.

But in 1998, Motorola lost ground in the mobile handset market and Nokia beyond it as a maker of mobile handsets in the world. Arguably the company lost its way up to the year 2004, but afterward, he made a big splash with the introduction of the Razr clamshell handset.

The surprising success of this handset are pushing companies to aggressively cut prices (and margin) to capture market share but had failed to develop a worthy successor to the device. Until finally appeared the Droid X and Droid 2 Android OS with Motorola on track, restoring competition in the year 2011.

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