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How To Educate Children To Become Good And Smart


Educate a Child to be a Good Person

( Educate a Child ) – Having good, obedient, intelligent and religious children is a great hope for parents.

Therefore, we as parents must educate our children early in order to be a child of pride for parents.

The number one parent challenge is to raise your child by educating a good and right child and desired both partners.

This is because the things that are taught to the child from an early age can be attached to adulthood.
Each couple certainly has a different way of educating the child.
parents have three parenting styles. Which is your parenting style?


educate a childThis is a very strict style. Parents set the rules in the hope that their children can follow the rules. If you do not follow the rules, children will usually get punished.

Parents who follow this style usually do not argue or talk about it first with your child. Children will be withdrawn and may not be able to think for themselves. This is because they are never given the opportunity to speak and express their opinions.

If this is your parenting style, try to invite your child to be able to issue ideas and opinions. If your child does not understand why they should be disciplined, try to explain what your reason for setting the rule.


These parenting styles set rules and guidelines for their children, but not authoritarian. Parents are much more open to hearing the children’s words and understanding their needs. If it breaks the rules, children will be rebuked in a subtle and non-violent way.

Although monitoring and supervising the behavior of children, parents will not interfere in the child’s life for example when looking for friends. New parents will take steps if they feel the child is in danger. This pattern is considered the most ideal and most common style of parenting.


Children raised in permissive style will show a spoiled and disturbing tendency. Children will also tend to behave badly if they do not get what they want. This is because parents of this type do not set limits or rules.
Although there are rules, children will usually violate. If this becomes your parenting style, make rules that the child should obey and do not give up.

Occasionally you can give a gift to your child if he behaves well. It is great for your baby’s future when facing “the real world” when not everyone can treat him like you.

How to educate children to be good, obedient, intelligent and religious

Educate a Child – In principle, it is theoretically easy to educate children, but in fact, not all parents can do it.

That’s a lot of children who grow up and develop resistance and become a child whose presence is less expected because of having a less good personality.

Well, below is how to educate a good and right child from an early age.
Teach independence and instill a sense of responsibility to children from an early age.
In general, parents will feel anxious too worried excessive to his children.

Should not be too excessively worrying and worried about the child or protective offer. It is not good for the cultivation of the child’s personality.

But try to trust your baby, but must be monitored remotely without any restraints or protecting when he is guilty. Start to teach your baby to know his things, and tidy up after playing.

Once your child is in school then teach him to help prepare his needs, give him enough allowance and try to teach him to save a little of the allowance.

Teach and cultivate curiosity in children early on.

At the age of the children, they feel to have a very high curiosity. When looking at things and something that is not yet known and understood then usually they will ask a lot.

As a parent, you would have to answer with an easy explanation and able to be understood by the child. If you do not know what is being asked, then in giving the answer as much as possible do not lie, but try to give the answer as arbitrary as possible.

You should avoid the word “do not know”. You can undertake to find out what the child is asking.
But if your child is a passive child or does not like to ask, then try to explain something without being asked.

For example: “Son, it’s a goat, eat grass, his voice is puffy, and the meat is good to eat, and common to the victim,” so it would be.

Teach and cultivate the ability to argue the child from an early age.

In general, parents will feel indifferent to children who express opinions. They assume that the opinion of the child is not important because it is still a child.

Whereas if the child is ignored will be able to impact inferior and no longer dare to express opinions.

We as parents must learn to always listen to children’s opinions if his opinion is not correct we as parents can correct it.

For example, we can respond well and positively when the child thinks by giving positive praise even if the opinions expressed at random.

But if your child including a child who has a shy attitude then you can provide feedback by asking questions that light so that it can trigger the little to express his opinion.

Teach children from an early age social, sympathetic and empathetic.

educate a childAs a human being who has been modified as a social being, surely having social attitudes, sympathy, and empathy are very important.

Well so that children grow up to be human beings who can appreciate others then teach as early as possible to them about how to appreciate others, how to appreciate the opinions of others and how to understand the environment around us.

You can teach your child how to give something to the person who needs his help and teach your child’s disrespectful attitude.
For example, when a beggar comes to your house, ask your child to give it.

Give a good example attitude.

As parents, we must be able to be perfect in front of our children. Because parents are examples that will be embraced by children to adulthood.

If we want our children to be polite, speak soft and kind words, then we should always behave the same as role models.

But if we want our children to have a religious attitude, then we should set an example like a person who has a religious attitude.

Do not obey all the wishes of the child

Even if you love your child very much, obeying all her wishes is not the way to properly educate the child.

Such actions will only make your child a spoiled child and always rely on others.

If since childhood children have been spoiled by following all the desires, the impact of the future child will become a child who is not independent and lazy because it always thinks there are parents who will provide everything he wants.

Get used to your child trying to do their own work so they can learn to be responsible for themselves.

Do not prohibit too much

The child’s curiosity about his world often makes them want to try to do it freely.
Parents’ fear is if the worst things happen to your child. So most parents give a ban or limitation on something that could endanger the child.

Prohibition only creates curiosity for children to do it and can make children lie to their parents.
Two-way communication is the best solution to remind the child instead of forbidding children to do the things they want to do. Tell them about possible risks and ask your child to be careful.

Teach children not to lie

Never give an example to your child to lie.

Teach them to always be open about his situation in everything, whether it concerns his feelings or the obstacles he faces.
Do not get your kids closed about how they feel about you. In this way, you’ve been educating your child to act honestly in his life.

Never punish with physical violence

Often you as a parent feel angry or upset about your child’s bad behavior or behavior and a powerful way to make a deterrent child is by physical punishment.

One example of the physical punishment that most parents often do is hit him. Either it’s using your hands, feet or other objects that you can use to hit your child.
It is not justified at all.

If you have small children and when they make a mistake, you can tell them well in a language that is easy for them to understand without physical punishment

and if you have a child whose age may be teenagers or already understand the situation, you can apply a system of discipline against them.

Physical violence will only make your child’s soul hurt, not just the physical or body of the injured. And that will have a negative impact on their physical and emotional growth.

Physical punishment in any form will only frighten him and will make the child increasingly disrespect you, being stubborn and rebelling against you.

Love and attention

educate a childA child will feel comfortable and happy when their parents show love and attention when children need it. Parents’ concern in the smallest thing can help parents in educating children.

Attention does not mean talking about how you as a parent can deliver the material or favorite items of children, but also in action

for example, what you can do is when your child learns,

that’s when you can show your attention and love by accompanying them, even if just sitting next to them.

Thus your child will be more eager in learning and if there are difficulties, you can help the child solve it.
Being a parent is a noble duty and responsibility. Be the parents your child can be proud of. Educate your child well, then your child will give joy to you and your family

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