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How To Make Simple Garlic Bread Recipe Easy


How To Make Cake Recipe Savoury And Crunchy Garlic


garlic bread recipe easy – A Savory Garlic Pie recipe and easy way to make it So crisp and durable. Pastry garlic is one of the recipes for traditional snacks are tasty, crispy and delicious that we can easily make for the family at home.

It feels crisp and savory indeed fitting to your friends watch TV or just enjoy a cup of coffee and tea in the morning or afternoon. There are also named it the cake sticks garlic because the shape is similar to a long stick or wand.

Because it is made out of garlic with flour, then imagine not how savory crispy garlic cake recipes that we will make it this time. Especially if fried using new oil, garlic recipe is so crispy and delicious.

One of the most important, how to make garlic cake is very easy and simple. It didn’t take long, dry snack cake brought which create tasty and delicious the whole family.

Besides a contrived form with long sticks, garlic cake recipe can also be made with a square shape which is usually called cake crisps garlic. Tastes and textures are almost the same and there is no fundamental difference between the two pastry recipes.

If the shape is a stick, the recipe garlic pastries this shape is much like cheese stick we have ever shared before. Just a taste and the ingredients needed to make the garlic cakes are more simple.

garlic bread recipe easy

How to make pastry is also simpler and simpler. Well suited when we again lazy make cakes that use an oven or steamed, but the stock of snacks at home again empty.

Pastry garlic snack recipe is indeed one of the very popular in our country. Therefore lots of garlic cake seller this easily we find in our midst. But it’s not all the trusted seller.

Many found the garlic pastries either shape or square sticks containing hazardous materials. Not to mention many of the garlic cake recipes that use ingredients sold flavor enhancer in large quantities and we already know along less well create health.

Especially if consumed in a long time and by the children. For it is indeed better if we make this garlic recipe yourself at home. Friends not to worry, how to make crispy and savory garlic pie is pretty easy.


There are two forms of this garlic cake recipe that we can make easily at home. Forms like cheese sticks or small fork lengths, shapes and form four square or rectangle. Depending on the tastes of each in making it.


For the ingredients and how to make it same. If it happens to be the person in the House of love with spicy foods, garlic recipe could also be dusted with spicy chili powder to enhance the flavor. For more details, please see the materials dry garlic cookie recipe below.


Ingredients Cake Recipe Crispy Garlic And Savory

The main ingredient needed is already versatile flour sifted to smooth more or less as much as 200 grams only.

Baking powder quality is great just a little more or less as much as 0.5 small spoons so that more crunchy (can be omitted if there is no).

Coconut milk which is more or less overcome levels of as much as 50 ml only.

Sago flour or tapioca flour approx as much as 100 grams only. Sift until smooth before using it so that one does not get carried away.

Margarine is nice more or less as much as 40 grams only.

The eggs are already shuffled off more or less as much as 1 grain (medium-size).

The garlic already cut until smooth for additional decoration to taste.

Great medium-size garlic more or less as much as 4 pcs only. Peel his skin before frying (Spice paste).

Great medium-size red garlic more or less as much as 3 pcs only (Spice paste).

Pepper finely powdered or just a little more or less as much as 0.5 spoon small (Spice paste).

Iodized table salt to taste more or less according to taste as much as 2 small scoops (Spice paste).

Cooking oil for deep frying dough recipes to taste the garlic.

How to make Garlic Dumplings the easy and practical

The first step to prepare a batter then inserts the container the flour, tapioca flour and baking powder.

Stir-stir all the ingredients until well blended and then prepare a place in the middle of the dough to cast their eggs.

Enter the chicken egg that has already shaken off the previous dough into a container (the middle part of the already prepared) then stir-stir use spatula until all the parts well blended (if there’s any clots later crushed while kneading).

stir and puree shallots, garlic, salt and pepper powder until smooth.

Enter the Spice cake recipe garlic above already mashed into a small saucepan along with the coconut milk and margarine then Cook while stirring until boil.

Pour into a container of the first dough then stir-stir it again using a spatula until well blended.

Enter the leek finely cut already then stir-stir using a hand until all ingredients are well blended, no lumps of flour dough.

First taste test and add kitchen salt iodized or chicken flavor enhancer if like then knead again until blended.

Take the batter to taste and then put in the grinder noodles to come by the thickness of the chill.

Cut the dough lengthwise with the shape of grinded like sticks or rectangles. Repeat until the dough runs out.

Prepare a frying pan with cooking oil.

Enter the already formed cookie dough and cook until cooked and golden brown then drain. Repeat until all was fried perfectly.

Wait for it to cool first and then move into the jar or container other dishes so that her long-lasting crisp.

Note: If do not have the grinding solution is noodles, garlic batter forms long in advance. Then cut straight into small or more or less as much as 16-21 parts.

After that, per small pieces of flattened by hand or a glass bottle then small scissors again. For who wants to make the form of the fork, after the dough so grabs a little dough garlic press with his decals fork while flattened.

Once it rolls so shaped as desired. For which you want to create a spicy garlic cake, combine the chili powder to taste (more or less as much as 2 teaspoons) when mixing the dough in the first step.

Finished already how to make crispy garlic pastries and savory. Quite easy and simple not garlic cake recipe above. Please try at home.

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garlic bread recipe easy