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How to Manage My Payroll ? Are You Know


How to wisely manage their salary

When you first receive a monthly salary that you are waiting for the results of your sweat, of course, you want to use the money for purposes that you want.

But wait a minute, to what you use the money salary?

What you’re sure you want to spend your salary for the purposes of which is actually not so important?

It looks like, it would be better if you manage back your paycheck in order to more accurately and certainly to bring benefits to you.

Here are some tips for managing your monthly salary to make it more useful for you.

  • Pay all bills

So the salary money goes into the account, immediately pay all the Bills.

Indeed, the closest thing to make your new lazy to receive a salary is to imagine and had to pay some salaries to utility bills are of course already will surely deplete your money without knowing his form.

For credit card bills, should be paid in full in order not to get tangled in the interest Bill.

If you do not have enough funds to pay the entire Bill, you should pay at least 30 percent of the total debt.

Avoid minimum payments with payment. Because it will only pay the interest only, yet the debt anyway.

So it is better so you get a salary, paid for the rescue of all bills-bills to avoid the increasingly burdensome to you.

  • Shopping new first tube

After all the bills paid off, then insert a 30 percent of the remaining funds into savings accounts.

Instantly retrieve and enter into salary savings is highly recommended to prevent you from forgetting to save money.

Be advised it is usually while receiving a salary that is in our brains is shopping, shopping and shopping.

If there are any remaining new remember saving up.

You should immediately change such behaviour. We recommend that you save first, and after that, you spend the rest of their funds.

Aren’t you, already tired-tired of working, but to no avail.

  • Write down your expenses

Things are not much different the moment after you receive your salary. Expenses that you have done, you should make a note of it and it looks like it wouldn’t hurt if you also manage every stroke of your shopping. you need to do it as a correction for you so you can later be wiser in committing expenditure.

You should also do the registration for any goods will be that you buy.

It is useful to anticipate expenditure which is not necessary.

Then make it also posts expenditure for unforeseen expenditure records.

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