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How To Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy In A Natural Way At Home


About The Hair

Look at all the parts of your skin. Hair grows almost in all parts, except for the palms of the hands and feet, eyelids, and lips.

Perhaps, there is among us who secretly didn’t like with hair that grows in our body. However, we do not recommend to shave off the hair-our hair, since the hair is not a function of sheer beauty.

The hair on the head keeps us feeling warm. Hair (sometimes we call feathers) in the nose, the ear, the eye and protect the organs from dust and other particles. Eyebrows and eyelashes protect the eye by way of reducing the light and particles that may hit the organ of vision.

Likewise with the hair-fine hair that is in the body that provides warmth and protection for the skin. Hair also becomes a bearing which protects the body from injury.

Each strand of hair has three layers, namely the medulla at the soft in the Middle, the cortex and the medulla that circle is the major part of the hair, as well as the outer cuticle and is responsible for protecting the hair shaft.

The process of hair growth

The process of hair growth begins with the formation of new cells at the root of the hair. These cells then form a rod which then grew out of the skin. While growing outward, it stops cells absorb nutrients and begin to produce keratin (a type of protein). This process is named keratinization. When keratinization, the hair cells died. Together with keratin, dead cells that then form the hair shaft.

In fact, the hair grows faster in hot weather than in cold weather, grew more slowly at night than during the day.

Each strand of hair growing along 6 millimeters in one month and will still grow up to 6 years. Then the hair will fall out on its own and then replaced by a new hair.

The length of one’s hair depends on the stage of the growth of his follicles. The follicles are normally active about 2 to 6 years and then rest for 3 months. When the follicles are no longer active and do not produce new hair baldness, then it will happen.

Everyone has different hair thickness. Thick hair that comes from large follicles, whereas thin hair that has a small follicle.Someone’s hair texture, whether straight, curly, or kinky, is determined by the shape of the hole on the surface of the skin follicles and spread of keratin.

The original color of each person’s hair is also different because it depends on the number and distribution of melanin in the cortex. Blonde hair or red indicates the very little amount of melanin in the hair. There is also hair contains pigment yellow-red. Hair becomes grey because the pigment in old age no longer formed.

Hair is a “Crown” that plays a role in beautifying the appearance of both men and women.

Hair that is healthy and well maintained will make someone look more attractive, so there is rarely much of both men and women are doing hair care to keep up its beauty. for the women of healthy Hair is a symbol of beauty

From hair that looks healthy and well maintained, will create Your radiated aura and appearance would be more interesting.

However there are many hair problems that must be faced by women due to the hair care process chemically, or when giving birth

Hair Loss After Birth

how to prevent hair loss after birthHair loss after childbirth are Normal and Can be overcome but panic often makes this incident the woman. One condition is feared will cause baldness thus reducing their confidence.

In fact, the hair loss in the new mother gives birth is generally something that is normal and not to worry about. This event will usually overwrite the womenfolks in the first few months since the birth of their child. But as time goes by, the situation will improve and the hair will grow back to normal at least until the first year of age of the child.

This is what happened to those problems

Actually, hair loss happens every day and it is the normal hair growth cycle. It’s just that, when women undergo the process of pregnancy, they do not experience hair loss such as cycle in General. This is because the hormone levels of estrogen in the body experiencing a surge so extend the hair growth stage and fewer experienced hair loss.

That’s why during pregnancy, women can have thicker hair than before pregnancy. In other words, the phenomenon of hair loss after childbirth is an event that is closely related to the number of hormones in the body. Do not panic and rush assumes that the body was having a nutritional deficiency or vitamin.

After giving birth, estrogen production back to normal levels and hair loss that should have been will proceed to the normal cycle. That’s why the amount of hair loss is more visible than usual. This condition usually occurs in the initial few months after giving birth to a six-month-old little one. In some cases, there are also women who experience this stage up to a year.

How to prevent hair loss after pregnancy

Rather than panic facing hair loss after childbirth, women are advised to do some hair care actions such as this.

Treat hair gently

Against hair loss after birth, treat hair gently can at least reduce the rate of the severity. The gentle treatment of others with minimal hairstyles to apply pressure. To that end, avoid braiding, binding hair, and tie a ponytail hair. Be sure also to comb hair gently especially when the hair being wet after shampooing because at the moment this is the condition of the hair more brittle so prone to fall out or broken.

Reduce the dryer and hair straighteners

In order to avoid the hair from further damage, reduce the wearing of hair straighteners and dryers can be a major consideration. If you feel uncomfortable because the hair is wet, make sure the tool used is set at a lower level of effectiveness.

Be careful when wearing the conditioner

The use of conditioner can make hair look limp and ‘ fallen ‘, making it look thinner. Apply the conditioner only at the ends of the hair only and temporarily avoid exposed scalp. Related to these purposes, try wearing the type of conditioner that is dedicated to the care of thin hair.

Use hair care shampoo

how to prevent hair loss naturally at homeIn order to anticipate the hair loss after birth, try to use hair care shampoo. These similar products, generally have a useful protein coat the hair. In addition to this, the type of shampoo and conditioner that contains biotin and silica also predicted could help the women passed the stage where this is worrying.

There is no harm in trying new hairstyles

Stages of hair loss after birth may be a suitable time to try a new hairstyle. The freshness of the charm of the new hairstyle might be able to improve mood went sour were not clear at this time.

Hair coloring

Get around hair loss after childbirth can also be done with hair coloring. This will be a good camouflage on the cover is estimated increasing hair.

Add accessories to your hair

Hide thinning hair due to hair with a headband, scarf, or bandana can establish its own style that looks cooler.

Eating healthy foods

To help hair re-growth, prioritizing their consuming foods that contain vitamin B, C, E, biotin, and zinc. The group is famous for good nutrition in supporting the growth of hair and nails.

If techniques overcome or circumvent hair loss after birth above still not can relieve the liver, it is advisable to consult a doctor for the sake can get more effective medical handling.

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