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Jamaican Star Apple And The Health Benefits Contained Therein


Jamaican Star Apple – The fruit is a fruit that resembles apples, but this unique fruit is very difficult to find if not in season.

Scientifically this fruit has its name Chrysophyllum cainito, In some countries, Star Apple can be used as the material for drugs.

This fruit has many benefits for the health of the body with many nutritional contents.

Brief Description Of The Fruit Star Apple

star apple treePlant Star Apple  is a tropical plant in the form of trees, Annual (perennial), can be high between 15m – 20m

can even reach a height of 30 m which is always green and has riding roots.

woody stem, cylindrical shape and stand straight, the stems of this plant are brown, dark gray to whitish with a rough surface.

This tree is single leaf, the color on the top surface of the green and the bottom is brown,

The leaves have a length of about 9 – 14 cm with a width of 3 – 5 cm, leaf shape rather thick, rigid, oval shape (elliptical), pointed tip (acutus)

The base of tapered leaves (acuminatus), flat edges, pinnate (pinnate)

The single leaf is brown-Golden (Chrysophyllum means golden leaf), because the fine feathers that grow mainly in the lower side of leaves and twigs on the tree;

Sitting leaves sprout, scatter, have an oval shape until around the egg upside 3-6 x 5-16 cm, like skin, stemmed 0.6 to 1.7 cm in length.

In this plant, Flower is located in the armpits of leaves, in the form of groups of 5-35 small flowers long-stemmed, yellowish to mauve, sweet sweet.

Flower petals consist of 5 strands and round to circular eggs

Flower crown shape of tube eaten 5, round egg with length up to 4 mm.

Fruit round to breech round breasts, 5-10 cm in diameter, with glossy slick fruity skin, purplish brown or yellowish green to whitish.

The skin is a bit thick, tough, lots of latex and cannot be eaten.

The flesh is white or purplish, soft and contains a lot of juice, sweet, white endocarp wrap consisting of 4-11 space that looks like a star if cut across.

3-10 grains of seeds, slightly flat oval, light brown to purplish black, hard shiny.

Classification of plants Star Apple :

Regnum: Plantae

Divisio: Spermatophyta

Sub Divisio: Angiospermae

Class: Dicotyledoneae

Sub Class: Sympetalae

Nation: Ebenales

Family: Sapotaceae

Genus: Chrysophyllum

Species: Chrysophyllum cainito

Origins and Spread

Star Apple comes from the lowlands of Central America and the West Indies. Because of the benefits, now Star Apple has spread throughout the tropics.

The content contained in this fruit such as antioxidant content, polyphenols, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, flavonoids, phenol acids, and beta-carotene.

Content that is very good for health, therefore this fruit has tremendous benefits for health, then what are the benefits and efficacy of this Star Apple, the following information.

Benefits of Star Apple:

  1. Maintain skin beauty

Inside the fruit Star, Apple contains antioxidants that are used to maintain the beauty of the skin, prevent signs of premature aging.

  1. Strengthens bones and teeth

Inside this fruit contained several compounds such as calcium. These compounds are able to make strong bones and teeth and certainly more healthy body.

  1. Overcoming diarrhea

Not only the fruit alone that has the benefits and properties for the body turned out to be seeded on this fruit also has an extraordinary benefit of this fruit seeds can be used as a diarrheal disease healer. The trick is easy to break the skin of the seeds, then boiled with enough water, then strain the water and drink regularly.

  1. Lower blood sugar levels

In addition, this fruit leaf turns out very powerful to help lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. Simply boil some of the leaves, then filter the water and drink regularly.

  1. Boost immunity

In the fruit Star Apple  also rich in antioxidants that are used to maintain the beauty of the skin, prevent signs of premature aging,

this fruit is also used to help counteract free radicals that cause dangerous diseases by increasing our immune system.

  1. Has enough fiber content

This fruit also contains many fibers, of course, can meet the fiber intake for the body.

Consume Star Apple will feel full faster and can avoid the stomach rumbling. Because of this fruit there is enough fiber content.

  1. Can be used as an anti-inflammatory in the state of laryngitis and pneumonia

Ripe fruit can also be used as an anti-inflammatory in the state of laryngitis and pneumonia and can also be used as a treatment for diabetes mellitus.

  1. Suitable for diet program

The fruit also contains a variety of substances that are very important to support the health of the body.

This fruit is perfect if used as a snack for those who run the diet program.

Because not only low in calories, fat content in this fruit is very little.

So do not worry if consuming fruit Star Apple in large quantities will not cause obesity.

  1. Protect digestive health

It is also known to be rich in water and natural fiber that is believed to be effective in digesting the system and helping to cool the throat.

  1. Reduce pain during menstruation

Inside this fruit, there is calcium which is believed to be useful as a tooth booster and bone.

This calcium content is also very functional to reduce the risk of the syndrome-the syndrome would be disturbing at the time of menstruation.

That is the benefits and benefits of Star Apple  fruit for the health of the body you need to know,

Hopefully this article useful to increase your knowledge in maintaining your health

By eating healthy fruits, as well as a healthy lifestyle, will benefit you in the future.

If you find this article interesting please tell your friends, thank you.

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