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Japan Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Sky Suite

Jal 777 business class review

Do you have any experience of confused choosing which airline will be used at the time of travel to Japan or relocated in Japan? The following will be explained about the characteristics of their respective airlines and also things to note regarding the system of fares and cabin baggage.

Japan’s major airlines are Japan Airlines (JAL). JAL has an extensive network within the country not only Japan but also to various places outside of Japan.

Timely arrival rates number 1 in the world and a stable quality of the JAL highly trusted by the people on board. In a ranking made by Skytrax from the United Kingdom, economy class seats and Sky Suite which is a business-class seat on JAL, each awarded Best Airlines Seat.

whatever the hell that you can enjoy as passengers on JAL?

Check out the details as following:

jal 777 business class review

  1. wider Chair

Economy class on airlines has seat spaciousness level among 31 inches to 33 inches, and the width of the seat approximately 16.8 inches to 18 inches.

Will certainly be very¬† “help ” in travel distances and take a long time.

jal business class menu

  1. Food

A selection of food that is served in flight.

The full-service airline, like passengers on JAL, will also be treated to food and drinks along the way.

For a heavy meal, you can choose Japanese food or western food.

Reserved drink, you also don’t need to worry.

Almost 30 minutes, the flight attendant came to the passenger, JAL offers drinks, started green tea, coffee, fruit juice, and wine.


  1. Wifi service

This is one of the highlights of JAL.

Passengers can access the internet via a paid Wifi access during the flight.

The price varies, depending on the duration of use. There is a 1 hour, there are also active during the flight.

But if you ride for JAL domestic routes in Japan, the Wifi service can be enjoyed for free alias free.

In-flight wifi connection can already activate when the aircraft was already take off on the eve of the landing.

jal 777 business class review

  1. Sakura Lounge

When you check in at the Narita Airport, you have the opportunity to enjoy the Sakura Lounge, reserved for business class passengers.

The place is spacious and amenities provided to make the passengers would not quickly tired of waiting for the departure of their aircraft.

jal business class menu

Cabin Baggage

Besides personal belongings 1 such a small handbag, camera, or umbrella, you are allowed to bring in one cabin baggage size with maximum length of 55 cm, width 40 cm, height 25 cm for the aircraft type 773/772 (777)/787/789/767/734/738 (73H), maximum length of 45 cm, width 35 cm, height 20 cm for the aircraft type E70/E90/CRJ/SF3/DH1 DH3 DH4///ATR.

The second item is the weight must not exceed 10 kg and should be fit for inclusion into the compartment over or under the seat in front of you. If the conditions exceed the dimensions and weight, then you are obligated to pay for the extra seat for this cabin baggage.

Sharp objects (such as scissors and knives) and items which are potentially to be used as a weapon (like a golf stick), items that could be used as weapons including knives and blunt objects, and other items that could be used as weapons are not allowed to be brought to them in the aircraft cabin.

You can bring drinks into the cabin, but should not be more than 5 liters per person and if that alcoholic drinks then the alcohol levels may not exceed 70%.


Experience a journey the length of use is often not as beautiful as imagined by many travelers. Especially those who choose to sit in economy class.

Can not be denied that the economy class flight has always been synonymous with the limited space that affects comfort. The distance between seats nearby make the feet do not earn a sufficient space and crash into a chair becomes difficult.

However, the unpleasant experience in economy class will not be experienced by passengers on Japan Airlines or commonly known by the acronym JAL. Airline origin that presents sakura premium comfort for passengers of economy class.

JAL is different with the airlines, in general, tends to be increased the number of seats in economy class, so more passengers can ride. For the sake of comfort during the flight, JAL even reducing the number of seats in economy class to create more space for passengers.

jal 777 business class review

This is in line with the spirit and philosophy of the art of Japan. JAL flight wants to make its economy into a room that is comfortable for the passengers. Either via a built-in service or in bed.

During the trip passengers as if they are on a traditional tea room in Japan. Economy class passengers on JAL are also pampered with comfort seats specially created with perfection, precision, and typical Japan expertise.

Every dent tailored to the body so that the sitting position during the trip stay comfortable. JAL has two types of seats the best for passengers in economy class, namely JAL Sky Wider and Wider II which was created specifically for economy class Boeing 787 aircraft on JAL.

Both are designed with slimmer dimensions 3 centimeters from the passenger seat. The distance between the rows of seats any time plus 7 centimeters. As a result, space to rest the feet grow 10 centimeters wider.

In addition, each seat JAL Sky Wider is also equipped with a special room for storing bags underneath so as not to interfere with the movement of the foot. While at Boeing 787 that use JAL Sky Wider II, the distance between the rows of seats plus 5 centimeters.

JAL Sky seats Wider II also has another advantage, namely more width distance between the armrest. This Chair was designed with the distance between the left and right armrest as wide as 48 centimeters. The movement more freely, and passengers can rest comfortably during the trip.

Both the JAL Sky Wider or JAL Sky Wider II is equipped with supporting facilities like the stop contact and USB port. Passengers can enjoy the journey while working on your laptop or charge your mobile phone. So passengers don’t get tired, the Chair also features in-flight entertainment in the form of a touch screen measuring 10.6 inches and a hole for earphones.

In addition, there are also baskets for storing bottles of drinking water, travel documents, or passports. Innovation in design and completeness of the features deliver JAL JAL Sky Sky Wider and Wider II, as well as the best service to make economy class flights on JAL gained recognition as one of the best versions of Skytrax.

This recognition is given Skytrax after performing annual survey regarding the satisfaction of passengers.  The survey was conducted independently by Skytrax. In the Skytrax survey, asking a number of questions to the JAL international routes flight passengers regarding the quality of the passenger seat, in-flight meal, the service staff in the aircraft cabin, in-flight entertainment, until other elements contribute to the comfort of the ride.

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jal 777 business class reviewjal business class menujal business class menujal 777 business class reviewjal 777 business class review