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Tips on How To Maintain Long Distance Relationships For Harmony


Long Distance Relationships

Long Distance Relationship is a relationship that lived the couple but far enough distance adrift.

This long-distance relationship can be caused by several factors, ranging from different lectures, work, or domiciles.

This often happens early in the relationship or in the middle of a relationship journey.

Because of the strong commitment at the beginning, so many couples who finally decided to continue the relationship even though the distance must be far apart.

Of course, running a long distance relationship is different from the relationship in general.

So, of course, needed special tips for this long distance relationship can still run harmoniously along with the passage of time.

here are some ways to maintain a long distance relationship.

  1. Do not End Disconnect

long distance relationship tipsTo maintain a long-distance relationship in order to stay awake, of course, you must maintain communication with your partner.

You should not turn off communication in your relationship. How can you establish a relationship without communication?

Keep communication with your partner as well as possible.

Even if you’re busy, spend some time chatting. Your relationship will never work well without good communication too.

You can use SMS or phone as your communication media. Especially modern times like today, a lot of applications that you can use to facilitate your communication.

Often it is often the communist, this is because when going away of course time will be reduced.

But do not also do it too often because it will only make bored. Prioritize quality over quantity.

  1. Confirm One Another’s Faith

If you think it’s hard to believe in a partner, maybe because your mind is too insecure, too full of silly fantasies.

And you may be afraid your partner will prefer someone else than you. Simply put, you can not believe it. But strangely, you want to date him.

One of the most indispensable capitals for long-distance relationships is the belief of each heart.

In addition, you also have to convince your heart if your partner is the right person for you to wait for.

If you want to know how to build trust in a relationship, learn to be honest with your partner.

they should be your best friends, people who know you and understand you better than others

With that belief, a relationship can be strong and able to keep going.

  1. Often share Anything With Couple

The happiness of a relationship can be characterized by a strong sense of trust between us and our partner.

This belief makes us no longer shy about telling anything.

Of the most embarrassing things in life, the saddest events, their respective opinions about the latest news, to discussing the meaning of life and the principles it undertakes.

This is a form of communication that you can do with your partner. You can ask about your spouse’s daily activities.

By sharing everything with your partner, it will make each other closer than ever.

Trust also makes us not bother to hide things that do not want to know the couple.

Covering the important secrets of the couple would be a sign that the relationship is not healthy.

  1. Stay Romantic and Show Your Pain

long distance relationship tipsAlthough the relationship you live is a long distance relationship, that does not mean you do not need to be romantic. You still need to show the affection you have to your partner.

Men from Mars, Women from Venus. Male impulsive while analytical woman. Men are visual, while women are verbal.

Ever heard of this before? Couples usually have quite striking differences, especially in interpreting the word love.

A woman will be happy enough if her spouse says her feelings to her, while the other guy will not be too happy just to hear those words from her partner

No need to overdo it, just show the words of passion for your partner can make your partner happy through his days.

  1. Avoid Negative Thoughts

Negative thinking is easier than always thinking positive. Though positive thinking is healthier. How to always think positive.

Being a positive-minded person can reduce stress, the strengthening of the immune system which will certainly make the body healthier.

But that too is not something easy, because the feelings of worry, anxiety, anxiety and negative thoughts are actually always present in our lives.

Often the people who run the Long Distance Relationship are affected by negative thoughts that actually do not exist.

Negative thoughts will only make the real quarrels may not happen. For that, do not let the negative thoughts affect you.

This will only further aggravate your relationship which is bounded by a long distance.

You need to believe that we live not alone, so we need to socialize with others.

So does your partner. He will not be able to only relate to you. The main family then his friends.

Did not even close the possibility of a new friend. So be advised because you also will not be able to relate only to him.

The important thing is he can take care of your heart. Even if forbidden, he will still do so in secret if communication and activity with many people is his lifestyle from the first.

  1. Believe each other

That trust is the key to someone with a relationship.

Especially if the relationship distance, should be more able to trust and give more confidence in him.

Because of a relationship without trust, it will be difficult to survive.

Existing only will be easily suspicious of the excess that resulted in mutual anger is not clear and may so will decide each other to leave.

Relationships work well if one another has strong beliefs.

Every relationship of course always has a difficult period, but by trusting your partner will make the relationship and yourself become calmer in dealing with it.

Do not get stuck with negative stories about your spouse without clarifying first. But the belief must also be interspersed with logic.

  1. Do not Be Selfish

Often long-distance relationships make many people more sensitive and often excite themselves and make them selfish. Not only for women but men will also experience this. But remind yourself if that selfish attitude will only make a crack in your relationship.

  1. Be Honest and Open to Each Other

Open relationships are a kind of interpersonal relationship in which individuals respect each other’s life together by forming mutually understanding and reciprocal relationships.

It is a natural thing if in a long distance relationship has limited communication time to each other.

For that very unfortunate if you have limited communication but do not want to be honest and open with each other.

The long-distance relationship that you are going through must certainly make you and your partner can be more honest with each other.

With this, of course, will make you and your spouse can appreciate the time you have together.

  1. Do not Underestimate the Small Things

Sometimes the small things in the  Long Distance relationship can cause a fight that will affect your relationship. For that, do not occasionally underestimate the little things because you think it will not affect anything later.

In a relationship just the two of you who know and understand what happened. If there is a problem, discuss and finish looking for the best solution.

  1. Avoid the Nature of Jealousy

As humans, we can experience feelings such as anger, joy, sadness, and jealousy.

All these feelings are certainly familiar to us, especially jealousy. Usually, we feel jealous of the opposite sex when we are in a relationship and have a sense of affection for someone.

People say, jealous is the marinade of a relationship. However, excessive spices can also be the cause of the failure of a relationship.

Other things that often cause problems in the relationship, not least for those who are running a long distance relationship.

Jealousy is a natural thing to happen. For that, if you feel it, try to say it directly to your partner.

Do not make this the cause of your nature that becomes annoying which of course makes the couple become saturated.

Not just people who are dating, people who already married can experience jealousy.

Cause of husband and wife often quarrel among others is because of jealousy also excessive and not controlled.

If the quarrel in the household due to jealousy issues is not addressed immediately, it could even be the cause of the divorce of a husband and wife.

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