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Marketing Promotion Strategy In The Correct Order For A Successful Sale


Marketing Promotion Strategy

The quality of a product does not always determine your sales. the fact is many things other supporters who took part in the success of the sale, such as a promotion.

There is no promotion of Your product may not necessarily be known by the public, is not it? For that, why do you need all the right promotional strategy

This step is done so that customers are aware of the brand that You introduce, so that may give rise to curiosity at the heart of the customer. For more details of the following can you do.

Specify the Target Destination that wants (marketing promotion strategy)

The first thing you need to do is determine a potential target market. Make sure that your products can meet the needs of the target you specify.

How are we to determine the right target market? To specify one, you must first define groups of purchasers.

How predestination is not only based on demographics alone but you also have to look at their customs in making a purchase. When it is determined, then you will more easily analyze how the concept of promotion you have to do.

ecommerce promotion strategyFind Out How Your Consumer Target Character

Why do you need to know the character of your consumers? It is aimed at in order to provide a gimmick or an unusual marketing strategy so that it can be accepted and attract their attention.

For example, we say your product is energy drinks and target consumer You belong to the category of young people who are active.

so by the time the promotion is a good idea to use Language that reflects the styles of young people and the world they visualize the design.

Create Promotional Concepts for marketing promotion strategy

The theme of the promotion or marketing is done to attract the customer or target market you have previously specified, such as the inclusion of a tagline or message is interesting

You could make the maximum by combining a message with certain events, such as coca cola, drink this drink company doing marketing with messages that are very attached to in the hearts of all people.

Quoted from the platform is Good News, the Tagline was selected based on three traditions, namely the community meal routine habit almost 3 times in a day, a strong drinking culture and the middle of the last meal is usually the community feel like a drink.

Hence, the tagline was born. Through the tagline, the public will feel compelled to make the drink coca cola as a companion for any kind of food every day.

If you do not have the concept of promotion the following ways to develop the concept of promotion.

– Find the insight that is relevant to the target market is shot.

– Do the mapping against competitors.

– The theme of the promotion must be unique or creative, short and solid, original, and attract people to act.

Include Excess product that can differentiate it with other products

Not only is the concept of marketing, product advantages can also be included at the moment promoting products. This is done so that consumers know what differentiates your product from other similar products.

Because basically, the consumer selection starting from how well the manufacturers do a promotion then you can pull the consumer’s attention in this way, that is by exposing that your product has a value-added that is not owned by any other brand more features, better composition, and more.

Make an attractive Promotion Programs   for marketing promotion strategy

Rather than give you a discounted price or deliver a product for free, you can create a reciprocal promotion program.

It means you can create a promotion that involves a consumer to perform a “promotion” to Your product or brand.

For example, You make the program posts photos with a specific hashtag, customers have the opportunity to get the reward.

When your product is food, you can give gift cards to customers who follow the competition. Where gift cards can be exchanged for your next purchase or other prizes.

Do Online Promotions for  marketing promotion strategy

For internet businesses like paradise place promotion. Businessmen can freely choose the way the promotion they want, start a paid until gratis by using social media platforms.

However, in order not to merely post a product without getting the sale of anything, it’s good You do the following steps in order for social media promotion more effective.

– Offer extra promotion to your audience on social media. Not only attract customers for long in this way could also attract the attention of new customers.

– Active doing invites customers to peacefully and quickly respond to customer questions on social media.

– Create content that will be promoted by attractive and orderly. The content must be information that can arouse curiosity so that audiences don’t think that Your social media accounts are just the place for promotion only.

But it also provides them with knowledge. In the selection of content to be sure it still relates to your product, e.g. If your product is a medicine beauty, you can post an article about the importance of body care and so on.

Do offline promotion for marketing promotion strategy

Although now this promotion efforts online or online marketing medium was keen.  You also can’t influence that belies the offline promotion also large enough against the sale.

Therefore, please do not hesitate to do promotions with conventional means. Namely by means of spread brochures, newspaper advertising, and print media, or if it had more capital you can also advertise on billboards.

Giving Away Free Sample for marketing promotion strategy

What is the free sample included in the promotion? Of course. Most buyers will be interested to buy after trying the product, then there is no harm if you give free samples to potential customers.

A free trial is not only applicable to food products only.  A product like software or product which is not eaten can also be applied.

As an example, financial management applications, by providing a trial for 30 days free.

Become Active Participants In The Exhibition

The exhibition is also one effective way of promotion to introduce a product to the public. This is because visitors are present in accordance with target consumers that you specify. With such marketing activities can directly right on target.

Don’t just get the customers, you can also add connections that will help you to develop your business.

In addition, in the exhibition, you can also gain information that market trends are in like the community, by way of viewing interest visitors against existing products in the exhibition area

So you can strategize what needs to be done to develop the business that you do.

Use Consumer Data For Promotions for marketing promotion strategy

The purpose of collecting data on consumers is so that you can provide the latest offer from the promotion or your brand directly to your consumers using email or messenger platform.

Direct contact with customers, then the promotion will not be in vain and so the likely occurrence of a purchase. You can create categories in accordance with the interest of consumers so that they would instantly give a response regarding a promotion that you submit.

Not only does the promotion. This way you can also use to establish good relationships with the customers. How by not only continuing to send share promotion. But you can occasionally deliver a congratulatory birthday or Merry at certain moments.

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