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Mount Kilimanjaro, The Hidden Paradise



Charm Hidden Mountain Kilimanjaro, Tanzania In Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is a mountain located in the country of Tanzania which has a height of about 5895 meters, or the equivalent of 19341 feet. Mountain-shaped plateau named Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the African region.

If you have enough money and courage you can visit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. to climb or just enjoy the natural scenery.

For mountain climbers, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is a matter of pride. On the way to its peak, there can be eternal snow and From its peak, it spreads the beauty of the black continent, Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is a perfect, solid and beautiful creation of God that we must be grateful for and nurture.

About the history of the name from Mount Kilimanjaro

About the history of the name of Mount Kilimanjaro is very long and full of debates, but certainly, in 1889 a first climber named Hans Mayer managed to reach the highest peak

Hans Mayer then named the peak as the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Spitze which continued to be known until 1964 when Tanzania began to form. Then experience the turn into Uhuru which means Freedom Peak.

There are some designations made by the surrounding community about this Kilimanjaro mountain. There is a mention of “a very large mountain”

Anyone who calls Kilimanjaro is a caravan mountain. The mention of a caravan mountain emerges because of a Kilimanjaro mount like a lighted white lighthouse that was once able to guide the caravan across the African outback which is known to have a fairly difficult terrain.

Some of the official climbing routes that can be chosen by the climbers are Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Lemosho, Umbwe, and Shira. while for the route Mweka can only be passed to the route down the climber.

Quoted from the Wikipedia page there is actually one climbing route that can be selected that is Western Breach but since the occurrence of landslide events that resulted in the death of 4 people climber at Arrow Glacier camp in 2006.

The government of Tanzania took action to close the entrance through the route of the ascent.

Mount Kilimanjaro is not an ordinary mountain. In addition to this unique mountain, it is very impressive, because it consists of 3 volcanic peaks.

Kibo (Uhuru) is the first volcanic peak and Mawenzi is the second volcanic peak. The peak of Shira is the third peak.

These three peaks soar in the Tanzanian region and are a symbol and pride for the surrounding community.

When you are at the top, there are some amazing things that can be found and can be felt.

Clean and cold air, glaciers and ice sheets are spacious and clean white, a beautiful contrast to the dark mountain areas. The air is thin and contains approximately half the levels of oxygen at sea level.

The size and mass of very large Mount Kilimanjaro allowed him to create his own climate.

Wet winds, which blow from the Indian Ocean through semi-arid lowlands, crash into Kilimanjaro and turn upwards so that it undergoes condensation and produces rainfall

So this allows the local community to farm because of the fertile soil. One of the famous natural results in Tanzania is a vegetable.

Geography, ecosystems, and cultures, it is these three things that amaze any adventurous spirit in Tanzania. Starting from the mountain, grass, and beautiful forests.

Mount Kilimanjaro may become a famous tourist destination in Tanzania, but in fact, there are a few other interesting tourist destinations.

Here is the most beautiful charm in addition to mounting Kilimanjaro.


mount kilimanjaroSerengeti means endless plains or the endless plains. As far as the eye can see, you will only see the hillsides and meadows area of 18,000 sq km

The Serengeti is inhabited by more than 2 million large animals including more than 1 million wildebeests (reindeer), hundreds of thousands of zebra and thousands of deer Thomson gazelle and impala.

Everything is a game of great predators including lion, leopard, hyena, and cheetah, in the plain.

Simba (Lions) in the Serengeti, Tanzania

mount kilimanjaroIf you have the chance to visit the Serengeti you can watch the process of poaching a dozen lion males and females who make formations surround a deer, to kill a large zebra.

Follow the poaching process really makes your heart pounding. The Lions enjoyed hunting results, leaving the corpse of a victim who has then eaten bird vulture (Crow) and crocodiles.

This is a cycle of wildlife ecosystem that embraced the laws of nature to survive.

While small animals such as hyraxes (rock rat), bat-eared foxes, weasels, badgers, wolves, monkeys, baboons, and rabbits also inhabit this area of Africa, along with nearly 500 bird species

The Serengeti is also very well known as the home of the big migration. Large displacement of hundreds and even thousands of wildebeests and zebras

You can see the most spectacular views of this during the months of July to December in Tanzania. They migrate throughout the year, constantly looking for fresh grass and water quality is better.

This migration attracts many predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas, and jackals. One of the most awesome sights is when a herd of wildebeests crosses the Grumeti River (Tanzania) and the river Mara (Kenya) filled by a crocodile.

Many animals are killed by being attacked by crocodiles or limp because of the swift currents of the river.

Mount Meru

Any Kilimanjaro climbers certainly know the importance of acclimatization, and most travelers choose to do it with a climb of Mount Meru in advance (4,565 meters). But not only is it just the reason.

Ngorongoro Crater

mount kilimanjaroChosen by many as the best place to see the life of its animal clan of Africa. Ngorongoro Conservation area lay in, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The largest crater on the earth can be considered as a miniature ecosystem of East Africa with all the typical African animal species

including elephants, zebras, Lions, and black rhinoceros.

Ngorongoro National Park is the eighth of the world’s natural wonders.

Walls as high as 600 meters-an elementary with craters that spread along the 102 square kilometers forming a giant pot, the secant.

A crater formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago it was inhabited by almost every species of native wildlife to migrate to Eastern Africa including the rare black rhino.

Oldupai Gorge

As a place that inspires travelers, ranging from spectacular heights of Kilimanjaro to Oldupai Gorge historic sites, Tanzania would certainly provide an unforgettable life experience.

Based on the investigation of history, in the place of this legend have been found fossils of human ancestors and their equipment. It could be that this is evidence that humans evolved in Africa.


mount kilimanjaroZanzibar An Island in the Indian Ocean has unusual beaches and the frenzy of its markets. From the thick forest to the legacy of Stone Town town, this graceful place will give us something else.

When you visit Tanzania you will be most impressed by the genuine hospitality of the local people, not just the tourists.

its natural wealth, including the culture and traditions that are guarded by the government and its local residents.

If You Want To Travel To Tanzania There Is Some Information That Might Help You

Culinary that you can try when visiting Tanzania

The food during the safari is quite varied, mostly western food. While the local food that you can try is Nyama Chom.

Nyama Chom is a popular food for locals in the form of roast beef accompanied by tomato sauce, rice, potato chips and ugali (like rice for Indonesian people).

Drinks in the form of home-brewed beer are the famous Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Mbege (the drink made by Changga residents in the Moshi area) and banana beer with alcohol levels up to 6 percent.

You can shop for souvenirs

There are some souvenirs to take home from Tanzania ie Tartan Maasai or Tanzania typical blankets.

In addition, the choice of wicker products such as bags, wallets, jewelry necklaces and bracelets with beads and metal, silver with Tanzanite stone, up to unique wood carvings and paintings.

Offer can be half price in certain places by using a local currency that is TZS (Shiling).


The traveler’s favorite lodging is camping. In Tanzania there are 3 camps.

First, a standard tent like camping time like a scout tent.

Secondly, the tent is complete with bed

third, Luxury Camp / Tent.
All tents are equipped with separate bathrooms, except luxury tents.

Stay in a tent in the middle of the desert with spectacular views.

The safety of staying in these tents is no problem, because there are ranger who will be watching for 24 hours.

The same kind of security also applies to lodgings in lodges (hotel/resort). With more comfortable facilities like a hotel.

Preparation to Tanzania

  1. Yellow Fever shot
  2. Visa on arrival.
  3. For photography enthusiasts, it is recommended to carry a Tele-lens of at least 300 mm.
  4. Cargo pants, comfortable shoes, and backpack.
  5. Power bank, because the location of the safari is somewhat distant with the limitation of electricity requires the camp using a generator.
Safari Info

Plan your trip with a local travel agent for the right time on safari so you can watch the great migration. I witnessed major migrations in April and September.

A minimum 5-day safari trip for your convenience, 7 days is for the best experience.

The price of the 5-day Safari package above ranges from 1,300 to 1,500 US dollars per person.

inclusive of admission fees at all National Park.

transportation of a 4 × 4 land-cruiser special for safari,

guide as well as the driver, accommodation, meals 3x a day, drinking water and binoculars. Packages do not include tips, insurance, and other personal needs.

Ebola Free

The Tanzanian government took measures to ensure the safety of tourists against the Ebola virus

outbreak by issuing a statement in October 2014,

following the Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa.

Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) wants to issue an official statement to convince all Travelers and visitors of the Tanzanian state

that strict monitoring procedures are underway to ensure Tanzania remains free Ebola.

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