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Nail Art Designs Equipment For Beginners That Are Known

Nail Art Equipment For Beginners

nail art designs – Nail art trend indeed is currently growing rapidly. A wide range of creative nail art nail you can make it look increasingly beautiful and charming. But for beginners, nail art is very difficult. What are the tools used to create nail art? refer to the explanation!

Nail Art or art decorate nails is nothing new for the women, particularly modern women living in the big city. First Lady beautifying nails by using nail paint/, however, has in recent years become a favorite nail art, the women.

The art of decorating nails nail making aims seem more interesting even artful. Just look at the example of nail art in the original image and the image below. Actually, use various techniques of ornamental nails, and indeed intended for art.

However, for every day, we don’t need to wear nail art scene like the previous image. Simple nail art we can do alone at home, with nail polish, nail stickers, Swarovski, special nails, glue fake nails special Nail Polish, and already shaped like a drawing pen. Lastly, do not forget to prepare the top coat to get the more durable.

When you find difficulties in letting their nails, so not a problem anymore because it’s been a lot of false nails can reply formed according to our wants and needs. If you’re still afraid to experiment with your own nails, use fake nails also it could be an alternative. We stay diligent-diligent coding with creative, Swarovski stickers, and t-shirts to decorate your nails in order to look beautiful.

Some of the popular nail art techniques and can try is:

  1. Drawing
  2. Sticker
  3. Swarovski French
  4. Mix

The purpose of this activity is actually for fashion and beauty, as we know that the woman is very fond of sentient air-exploration with his body, well one of the sections of the body that are sometimes less noted but wonderful if decorated are nails, somehow when those little fingernails are decorated and adorned, the confidence a woman will definitely increase.


Nail art is the art of decorating the nails for the women. These trends make nails look beautiful and more artful. For those of you who want to make your own nail art at home, we recommend you provide this equipment.


Polluted water bodies

The most important thing is the polluted water bodies to make nail art looks beautiful. Choose the color of the polluted water bodies in accordance with the theme of nail art that you will create. Certainly, nail art will not be complete if you do not use the polluted water bodies, so this product is a mandatory item.

Base Coat

The base coat is applied before the use of polluted water bodies, it is intended to let polluted water bodies do not touch the surface of the formula of the nail, and so that the nails are stronger and more presentable.

Nail Dotting Tool

Shaped like ballpoint pens with the tip of the bulbous, nail dotting tool used as an applicator to create different creations on the nail like a polka dot motif or stripes. For you lovers of nail art, it would be great if you have the kind of nail dotting tool diameter.


Sellotape can be used to create a straight line on the motif decoration nail art. How do you do? You stay glued to the nail fits a pattern of sellotape you guys want, grease with polluted water bodies, then release slowly.

This tool is used to draw various shapes and motifs on the nail.

Nail Sticker

If you want a simple nail art decoration, simply attach the nail sticker. There are many variations of the nail sticker available, start 2-dimensional shape or that 3-dimensional matching.

Top Coat

This product was made at the finishing nail art creations to make it last a long time and not easy to peel.

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