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Nokia Mobile Phone History Timeline


Nokia Mobile Phone

Nokia used to be the winner in the industry of electronic devices has just been through a phase of most thick along its history.

Starting from the sales division “handset” to Microsoft so that brands, such as Nokia and Nokia Asha Lumia, else should be released.

Don’t stop there, Microsoft decided to meld the Nokia name and chose to release these products with the name Microsoft Devices.

A mobile phone or tablet device that is circulating currently marketed under the name Asha or Lumia, without the name of Nokia.

Some Nokia initiatives to reach markets outside of the ecosystem, such as the Nokia X that utilize the Android operating system, also suspended.

However, it is not mean the end of the company’s origin Finland. They make a surprise with the back into the mobile market with the announced N1,

A cell phone that is run by the latest Android operating system, namely Lollipop.

Here’s the rebuttal of the presumption that Nokia has ended. “They are seriously wrong,” said the head of Nokia products Sebastian Nyström, in nutshell presentation in 2014 Slush event held in Helsinki, Finland.

The use of the Android operating system is indeed so it was a surprise, as during this time a loyal Nokia with operating system Windows Mobile, while the Nokia X initiative that has already stopped it was only open to the ecosystems outside of Google.

Lost handset division also forced Nokia to cooperate with Foxconn in the production line.

Nokia also understands electronic industrial pole of the world now have already shifted toward Asia with a release date pegged the quarter I-2015, more correctly, launched in China prior to the Chinese new year.

The predicted future strategies are effective in boosting sales of products that will be released at a price of 250 u.s. dollars.

nokia n1

nokia n1

With a selling price of 250 u.s. dollars, the price of N1 is indeed more affordable compared to products from Apple, which is iPad Mini 3, which both have a span of 7.9-inch screen and sharpness of 2048 x 1536 pixels.

iPad Mini 3 sold for $399. When juxtaposed to be difficult to differentiate the two products, because both have a similar design, the loudspeakers under the hole and button sounds and earplugs writer on the side.

It’s just that, with its thinner N1 6.9 millimeters compared to the iPad Mini 7.5 millimeters thick, 3.

Working with Intel, 64-bit processors have the N1 with the four-speed core 2.3 gigahertz and 2 gigabytes of memory. One of note was an 8-megapixel rear camera is not too good, but it could catch up to high definition detail.

Just plug the USB Thing recently introduced Nokia is the use of a USB plug type C can be well-thumbed, in contrast with the current USB plugs that use only one hand.

Although paltry, this feature has not been found in any electronic device. Application Launcher Z Nokia-made Launcher will be the companion to every owner of N1.

This launcher is a simple operation since applications often run always appear in front, for shouldering other applications also can write letters on the top of the screen.

Currently, Z Launcher free download already in Play Store for other Android phone users though not close the possibility for the owner of the N1 Launcher service to use other applications.

Nokia also ascertained, he brought HERE Maps, navigation services are no less than ours, i.e. Google Maps.

Excellence owned HERE Maps offline operation is making it easier for those in areas beyond the reach of cell signal as long as the download map files before.

Sales of N1 in China in February 2015 will be deciding whether the Nokia embraced the strategy of premium goods at affordable prices would be accepted by the market.

This is the opportunity for Nokia to return its pinnacle of glory of their return even though it wasn’t easy considering there have been many a reluctant champion of the slides, like Xiaomi or Samsung.

The history and development of Nokia mobile phone

Nokia Corporation is the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturers in the world and is the biggest company in Finland.

The Head Office of the company is located in the city of Espoo, Finland, and the company is best known for his cell phone products.

Nokia produces mobile phones for the whole market and major protocols, including GSM, CDMA, and W-CDMA (UMTS).

Business license current smartphones and hand-held cell phone branded Nokia has been owned by the shared Global HMD FIH Mobile (a subsidiary of Foxconn) from December 2016 to 2026.

HMD Global served as a developer while FIH Mobile served as manufacturing.

The word Nokia comes from a community that lived on the river Emakoski in the country of southern Finland.

The Nokia company was established as a pulp mill by Fredrik Idestam, a mining engineer who brought the process of making new paper cheaper from Germany to Finland, in 1865.

The rubber company of Finland then set up its plant in the surrounding area in the early 20th century and start using the Nokia brand.

The history of Nokia phones from time to time

1871: Idestam named his company “Nokia Ab”.

nokia ab

1898: Eduard Polon founded Finnish Rubber Works, which will then become the rubber business

1902: Nokia Ab added electricity generation to its business activities.

1912: Arvid Wickström started the Finnish Cable Works, the basic business of Nokia in the field of cables and electronics.

1937: former Olympic wrestling athletes Verner Weckman, became President of Finnish Cable Works.

In 1937, Verner Weckman became President of one of the founders of the company Nokia Corporation, Finnish Cable Works, after 16 years as Director of engineering.

Weckman has previously been employed as a mining engineer in Russia in 1909-1921.

Knowledge of the language and culture of Russia, as well as its industrial relations, proved vital when the Finnish Cable Works started to export products to the Soviet Union after the second world war.

Weckman was also a lightweight wrestler world and the level of Finland’s first Olympic gold medalist.

He won the World Championships of wrestling in 1905 went on to win an Olympic gold medal in wrestling at the 1906 summer Olympics in Athens and at the 1908 London Games.

In 1950-60s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Björn Westerlund predicted, that the future growth of some of the pulp and paper sector will be limited and instead constructed an electronic cable factory Division Helsinki, from where the embryo would begin to lead to a cell sector.

Nokia Electronics for 15 years through the efforts of various errors.

However, of all the mistakes and experiments that, instead of gradually waking up substantial skills of a group of experts who are talented.

Year 1970-80s television manufacturer Nokia and Salora joined forces to develop a mobile phone (cell phone).

A new era began in 1981, with the launch of services in the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT). Initially covering some of the Nordic countries, the world’s first international mobile network.

As well as the first service to allow for international roaming, and networks that include both inside and outside Europe. With the introduction of the standard NMT, the mobile phone industry began to grow rapidly.

Nokia introduced the first car phone immediately to the network. The Mobira 450 phone car launched in 1982, followed by the portable in 1986. At the time of that year, the company also provides a base station and switch to the network operator NMT.

Then in the early 1990 ‘s, Nokia had suffered a crisis, but the new CEO, Jorma Ollila, decided to focus on the cell phone and the telephone network.

The result, the first GSM phone in the world appearing in Finland year 1991. Then the global cell phone market began to grow very rapidly in the mid-1990 ‘s and Nokia products become the number one.

Now as many as 2,100 successful elections caused Nokia phone series. Sales targets by as much as 500 thousand units successfully achieved in 1994. With labor as much as 54 thousand, Nokia products sold in 130 countries.

Now maybe everyone knows the cell phone that is easy to operate is Nokia because that’s the motto of Nokia.

On 15 August 2007, the Nokia Center did a recall against the battery type BL-5 c, one of the most popular battery for Nokia phones at this time.

On 3 September 2013, Microsoft bought the business units of Nokia business devices and services worth 3.79 billion euros (5 billion us dollars) and 1.65 billion euros (2.2 billion u.s. dollars) for the Nokia patent license.

If together, Microsoft has to spend 5.44 billion euros (7.2 billion us dollars or about Rp 79 trillion) plan to acquire Nokia’s main business.

Nokia Mobile device from time to time


Nokia NMT network

Nokia NMT

Mobira Senator. Nokia’s first mobile phone using the NMT network. This phone can only be used in the car.


Mobira Cityman 900. Portable mobile phone Nokia still with NMT network.


Nokia 101. The use of the handset was first shaped “candy bar”.

The Nokia 1011. Digital portable phones with GSM network


Nokia 232. The first phone supported data services, fax, and SMS.


Nokia 9000 Communicator

Nokia 9000 Communicator

Nokia 9000 Communicator. A first mobile phone equipped with fax, calendar, email and the internet.

Nokia 8110. Also known as Nokia bananas. This is Nokia’s first mobile phone-shaped slide.


Nokia 6110. 6xxx series mobile phone first targeted to business circles. This is also the first Nokia models with games in it, i.e. the Snake.

Nokia 5110. The first phone where users can select a game. This phone is famous as ‘ HP million people ‘ because it’s easier and more affordable for the community.


The Nokia 3210. The first phone with internal antenna.

Nokia 8210. The first fashion phone Nokia launched in collaboration with Kenzo

2001 and 2002

The Nokia 6310. Mobile phone simple and bulletproof. This is also the first Nokia phone using Bluetooth connectivity.

Nokia 7650. GSM cell phone with an integrated camera and Series 60 smartphone.

Nokia 3650. This is the first mobile phone equipment to take a video.

2003 and 2004

Nokia 7200 mobile phone fold (fold) the first Nokia.

Nokia 6108 mobile phone touch screen (touch screen) the first Nokia.


Nokia N-Gage gamers for the hp

Nokia 7610. Cameraphones first with the mega-sized pixels.


Nokia launches mobile phone i.e. Nokia L’Amour Collection, Nokia 7360, 7370, 7380, Nokia and for ‘ fashionista ‘. The design of this product won the best design award from the Industrial Designers in America in 2006.


Nokia 8800. The first Nokia design using stainless steel and glass.

Nokia launched its N Series mobile phones, multimedia phones, high level.

N 90. The world’s first cameraphones that are equipped with Carl Zeiss Optics and a hinge cornering like a handy cam.


Nokia launches product E Series, devoted to the businessman.

Nokia N 92. A first mobile phone equipped with DVB-H to see and

record tv footage.


Nokia N 80. It is the first handset that has technology UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) that lets users can use UPnP as a remote control to swap the content via Wi-Fi among PCs, audio equipment, and TV.

Nokia N95. This is the first Nokia phone with GPS capabilities in it. The design of this phone receives Red Dot Award in 2007.


Nokia 1208. This phone is designed specifically for people who live in rural and remote. This phone is famous for its results.

Nokia 7900 Prism. The first phone which adopting organic LED screen.

Nokia N82. The phone is equipped with Xenon Flash. Can be used to take pictures in a little light.

Nokia 3110 Evolve. This model uses a bio-covers 50 percent more material from renewable materials.

2008 and 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Nokia phones are meant to question the music with the touchscreen.

Nokia E71. The world’s slimmest Nokia phones with keypad


Nokia N 97. Mobile phones that are connected to the internet at any time.


Nokia x 6 comes with a wide range of exceptional entertainment device, such as a song can play up to 35 hours, 16 GB internal memory, and can play a variety of digital music formats. While the sector of the camera, the

Nokia x 6 comes with a wide range of exceptional entertainment device, such as a song can play up to 35 hours, 16 GB internal memory, and can play a variety of digital music formats. While the sector of the camera, the Nokia X 6 comes with the screen sized 3.2-inch touchscreen and camera feature provided resolution 5MP Carl Zeiss lens.

Nokia N8 own well-deserved so Nokia’s flagship weapon, among others thanks to the excellence of the camera 12 megapixels with Xenon flash and HD video recording capability.

The phone also easy access to the Website are the trend and have Ovi Maps free.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses found in the company of NOKIA:

  • Strenght

the power of the NOKIA

  1. have a brand-image that is inherent in the community
  2. Design of Nokia products is very good and seeded.
  3. Nokia is a supplier of high-end mobile handsets.
  4. the creation of Technology follows the development of the times.
  5. Nokia always do innovation-innovation on the development of its products
  6. Nokia offers quality products
  • The weakness

the weakness of the NOKIA company

  1. strict pressure on employees to achieve the goals that make employees trying to sell Nokia secret technology to its competitors.
  2. experience in managing a global company is still limited.
  3. the Korea Culture emphasizes the hierarchy can inhibit creative ideas or different opinions
  4. for some version of a mobile phone in the created, there are still many errors on the part of the software and components mobile
  • Opportunity found on the NOKIA

  1. Products which offered the Nokia is a product of the very latest technology, in search of people both in terms of design as well as the application of the existing
  2. An increase in the demand of the community will be electronic goods that already is a requirement.
  3. The level of prestige in the community who always wanted to have the latest and most powerful electronics products.
  4. Request the community on products that style, best practice, simple, and quick response to market changes.
  • Threat

threats found on the NOKIA

  1. The emergence of new products which are more innovative than other companies
  2. The presence of products from other companies that offer cheaper rates with quality not inferior good
  3. The onset of the financial crisis caused a decline in purchasing power
  4. The Era of globalization that could encourage European companies to enter and penetrate the Asian market.

Factors of failure of Nokia starting from internal, for example, Nokia often become the pioneer in launching a new product but without the prospect of a better future.

Nokia failed to anticipate, understand or organize themselves to cope with changing times. Even arguably Nokia’s newest feature is ready, but not ready to be in the future.

Also, there are also external factors, for example, China phone vendors (Huawei, ZTE) and Korea (Samsung, LG) issued a low-cost smartphone to rival kingdoms of Nokia in the developing world.

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