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Paint A Pregnant Woman’s Belly With Henna

Henna Pregnant Belly

henna pregnant belly – Henna is not only used for coloring hair or nails, but also for painting the belly of pregnant women. Hmm, about whether it is safe or not? You may need to know this

Already more than 5,000 years, women in various parts of the world have adorned their bodies who are pregnant with a beautiful henna design. Although there has been no research done on a massive about henna temporary tattoos during pregnancy, based on this plant seems to be safe.

But it’s good if you inquire in advance to the doctor before painting the belly with henna, because it could be our skin once, now so much more sensitive.

While pregnant, your skin is much more sensitive than usual, so there is a chance you will have an allergic reaction to the dye. Therefore before give it a try, we can ask for henna painter doing a spot test with a test it a little bit at the skin and wait 24 hours. It is important to be done in order to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Important also noted that there are several different types of henna. Make sure the painter using purely natural types of henna, which is a reddish-brown color.

Avoid using henna containing phenylenediamine, chemical substances which can cause abrasions, Burns, and other skin reactions which may last many months.

If you want to use henna while pregnant, make sure the artists who do it have good references and make sure the quality of the pure product

Most professional henna artists will add lime or lemon juice, black coffee or black tea, and essential oils to henna powder. Henna is generally safe to use on all of the trimester of pregnancy and during breastfeeding. But again, make sure we are not allergic to it.

Examples of pregnancy henna designs

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Pregnancy Artist

henna pregnant belly – the current common pregnancy artist, i.e. artists who create with pregnant women. So these artists paint the belly of pregnant women to be more artistic.

It’s like what has been done by Amanda Palmer. He created the Belly Blessings Henna with the goal of helping pregnant women to be more loving her was pregnant.

Amanda painting with henna and pure lavender oil on the belly of pregnant women. The service already since it started two years ago because it realized in the area of his residence there is no such service.

Henna is a great way for pregnant women to celebrate their pregnancy and love their bodies who are pregnant. Kind of has something to be presented with a gorgeous time of their birth, painting henna design that can last up to two weeks.

History Of Henna

History Of Henna

Deborah Savran, a naturopath and a henna artist in Blooma Minneapolis henna body painting says it is rich in symbolism and meaning. In pregnant women, their bellies painted with a special symbol to protect the mother and her baby.

The use of henna is not superstition, but more akin to prayer or expect a blessing. Practice painting henna or mehndi, it actually is very ancient. Originally used in ancient Egypt. Five-thousand-year-old mummy found with traces of henna on their hands.

Henna is likely a gift from Egypt to India, which is also part of the cultural and ritual ceremonies for centuries. Henna is also known as the traditional cosmetics.

The word ‘ henna ‘ refers to the Persian name for the plants with natural dyes. This flowering shrub originating from Australia, Asia, and the Mediterranean coast of Africa.

Henna Pregnant Belly

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