Tanzania is one of the countries in eastern Africa. A coastal country facing the Indian Ocean with its neighbors is Mozambique, Zambia, Burundi, Uganda, and Kenya.

Serengeti National Park is a national park in Tanzania, has an area of about 15,000 km². most of which are plains filled with grasslands.

The park is located in Tanzania, Africa and recognized by the UN as a world cultural heritage whose ecosystem is one of the oldest in the world.

In 1913, the vast grasslands of Africa were still unknown to white people. Until than Stewart Edward White, an American hunter set out from Nairobi in Kenya, heading south.

He walked for miles through dry land because of the heat of the sun, And finally Stewart till in an area with green trees on the edge of the river

There he was amazed after watching the amazing scenery which he later called heaven.

After Stewart arrived in the Serengeti region than from then on the region was defined as a haven for people in the western world.

The Maasai tribe, who for thousands of years inhabit and pasture their livestock in the vast pasture, always consider their land to be a paradise.

Serengeti comes from the word “siringitu”, which means the place, where the inhabitants move forever.

The Maasai Tribe

serengeti national parkThe Maasai tribe is a native of Tanzania. Most of them live in the northern part of the area bordering Kenya.

The appearance of the Maasai tribe is not much different from the African tribes in general.

They still live traditionally, not exposed to technology and depend on nature. But the Maasai, especially the men, are highly respected by other ethnic groups in Africa.

All men from the Maasai Tribe, so grown up will become Empikas aka warriors.

They must be ready to guard their territory, with spear guns and animal hunts for the survival of their families.

Another sign of a Maasai adult man, hunting lions

Hunting lions is a tradition that has been done pre-men of the Maasai tribe since ancient times.

This is a phase that must be passed by the Maasai men in his life. They have not yet been matured and have not yet become soldiers if they have not been able to defeat a lion.

the famous phrase from the Maasai tribe is “The Lion can run faster than us, but we can run farther from the lions,”

The Endemic Animal Is A Serengeti National Park

serengeti national parkWildebeest (Connochaetes) is a type of herbivorous mammal and is still a member of the Bovidae family scattered in savanna in the interior of Africa. This animal is still closely related to the goat

Wildebeest consists of two species: wildebeest blue (C. taurinus) and black wildebeest (C. gnou) are all endemic species of the African continent.

The Wildebeest Migration In Serengeti National Park

Wildebeest is renowned for their massive annual migration to find new, greener areas that fall between July and August.

over a million wildebeest traverses the savannahs of the Serengeti across the Tanzania-Kenya border to cross the rivers full of crocodiles.

serengeti migrationEvery year there are two large wildebeest migrations from the southern Serengeti section to the north, then a few months later, back south again.

wildebeest is an animal species still belongs to one family with deer, cow, goat, and sheep, mostly found in Serengeti region, Africa.

The number of migrating wildebeests is about 1.8 million, followed by nearly 260,000 zebras and about 470,000 gazelles. The animals migrate due to the rainy season.

the descending rain will cause the meadows to become fertile enough to feed and drink water for many animals.

As the rainy season stops, the herds move in search of other pastures that can feed them and water to drink.

At the end of the rainy season that occurred in May, millions of these animals will start moving northwestward they will cross the Grumeti and Mara rivers.

Most tourists will come here this month to see millions of animals migrating across rivers populated by thousands of crocodiles.

While in early November, is the beginning of the rainy season in the southern Serengeti region,

the herd of these animals will move back to the southeast.

The wildebeest Crossing process on the river becomes a very interesting show for tourists. Because there are very alligators waiting to ambush.

In some locations, the river also becomes the territory of the hippopotamus and the wildebeest that crosses can lead to the anger of the hippo which then bites wildebeest.

Not only the victims of the two animals, wildebeest also many who have broken legs trying to jump into the river and slipped because of the wrong footing.

while across the wildebeest river facing a precipitous cliff that is dangerous to climb.

Wildebeest that died on the banks of the river then became a foothold for the other so that it can pass through the steep cliffs.

Every time you travel, about a quarter of a million wildebeests die from thirst, starvation, fatigue, or prey to wild animals.

but their numbers can always be replaced by the birth of wildebeest children while in the south.

At first glance it seems quite cruel that humans become tourists and watch, photograph, make a movie of this ‘massacre’.

but this is natural, precisely if humans help wildebeest by making a wide bridge that can be passed wildebeest, for example, the balance of nature will be disrupted.

serengeti migrationThe crocodiles that have enjoyed wildebeest meat can starve and die,

the ecosystem will also be disturbed if the peak predator is reduced dramatically.

The presence of many tourists also provides income to the people of Tanzania and Kenya.

so that the local community diminished their want to become a poacher and even take care of nature conservation.

Maintaining the preservation of a national park such as the Serengeti will not be easy,

as it requires good coöperation between wildlife, residents, tourists, nature protection workers and other bureaucratic elements.

From this coöperation will arise harmony that can be used to protect the national park Serengeti so great and fascinating.

The vast grasslands of the Serengeti in Tanzania, East Africa, are a habitat for a large variety of wildlife.

They each depend on others to survive.

In 1951 the Serengeti National Park was officially opened.

the number of people living in the area is very little they only live in certain locations.

But now, Serengeti resembles an original natural region surrounded by human oceans.

This is because natural protection organizations build small hospitals and schools for indigenous people living around the Serengeti.

because the local people can no longer hunt animals in the national park then this program is considered a compensation


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