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Simple Henna Tatto Design On Arm


Henna Arm Designs

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The trend of wearing henna now gradually began to be known and the trend in recent years. Many women already know what that body art paint ingredients derived from plant Lawsonia inermis.

For events such as parties, henna is already commonly used as complementary appearance or even simply a whim wanting to wear only. But professionally, painting henna applied on the hands and feet of women to beautify themselves on important ceremonial occasions, usually worn on the most sacred moment i.e. weddings.

The tradition is absorbed from the Middle East for a bride on the wedding day was painted on the hands until the bride’s arms. His motives were dominated by the shape of the flower with the use of the dominant color of the reddish-brown.

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The Henna plant is the oldest of plants formerly Scorpion of ordinary use for cosmetic ingredients. Henna is very safe once used as colors that impact is a natural color, without dyes chemical synthesis or even other harmful ingredients. Already fresh henna became a mehndi or Mehendi can be used to create a pattern or design that is beautiful in this part of the skin, usually on the hands and feet.

henna arm tattoo

From the first, the henna is used for healing and therapy. In addition to Henna is also used to nourish the hair so that the shinier, treating baldness, cure the cause of perspiration, eliminate dandruff, and serves as a hair conditioner and good for the scalp.

Simple Henna Arm Designs

Henna arm designs  – India women wearing henna to beautify themselves other than wearing jewelry and makeup. Usually used daily to add harmony alongside their husbands. Henna is also used for important events such as weddings, ceremonies and more.

henna arm designs

For example in case of marriage. Two or three days before the day of the wedding. Brides should attend a party mehndi or Mehendi held with family and friends.

At this party hands bride will be decorated with mehndi (henna) from fingertips to elbow. And at the foot of the toe to the knee. Then the bridegroom’s name will be rendered invisible on the sidelines Mehendi installed then it will search the names quiz game made as a candidate.

The game was implemented at the time before the wedding starts. In the game, the bridegroom must find the first where the writing of his name hidden. Sometimes the bridegroom was also decorated with Mehendi.

There is a myth that says that wearing henna can ward off evil and bring good luck to those who wear it. Therefore it is usually used when the henna before giving birth (when pregnant) and before the wedding.

Besides Pakistan and India, henna is also commonly used by women in Asia, Africa, even America. In some countries, henna wears on the wedding day, like to decorate nails, arms, and legs of the prospective bride.

In addition, to beautify appearance. Wearing henna is also believed to be able to protect the wearer from a variety of disorders. For example, Henna belly is a tradition of the painted pregnant belly with henna leaves are no longer a taboo thing. In addition to preserving traditions, enhance your belly has become part of their lifestyle.

Henna Arm Designs



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