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Social Media Should Know What Is Appropriate For Your Small Online Business


Social Media For Small Business

Already is nothing new to mention social media used as a medium or a place to sell products. because these platforms can be used not only for marketing alone but could also be a platform for promoting a business online without charge.

This is what makes most people prefer to open an online business with social media rather than selling offline. The higher the social media connoisseur to the shareholding arrangements finally pushes efforts to develop its features.

Like Facebook for example by launching Facebook Marketplace which is the trading platform can be accessed by users of Facebook.

In addition to marketing, social media is also widely used for promotion. Some are free and some are paid by using features such as Twitter Ads Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads.

If you are an entrepreneur who also wanted to leverage social media as a place to sell merchandise, you have to know the right social media social media because every character has different users.

Instead, you should take use a lot of social media to better focus efforts on one platform but character users very dominant with the target consumer is your business.

Here are some social media and how the character of users so that you can determine a suitable social media for online business.

Social media for small business

social media for business marketing

social media for small business


Social media for small business – Facebook is the largest social network, both the name and the number of users exceeded the amount of other social media usage.

In fact, according to a report in the third quarter (Q3) in 2016, Facebook users are known to have exceeded 1 billion in mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets.

This data is taken on the basis of the data of the number of active users on a daily basis in September 2016. On the same period, Facebook is reported to have monthly active users as much as 1.66 billion just on mobile devices by monthly active users from all platforms as much as 1.79 billion.

Based on that data it is no wonder that many entrepreneurs choose this social media as a means of their marketing and promotion.

Content which can be posted on social media is also not limited to, besides text, we are also able to share photos, videos, updates and other things that companies can increase sales of products.

The character of Facebook users:

18 – 29 years: 34%

30 – 49 years: 31%

55 – 64 years: 16%

> 65 years: 9%

Social media for small business


The other is social media twitter, the media does not similar to Facebook where you can only post text at least as much as 140 characters, in addition to text users can also upload other content such as images, links, videos or polls.

This is a unique social media users can use a tag (#) or commonly referred to with the hashtag to classify a message or a status using specific keywords.

Suppose you want to post a snack, you can use the special keyword followed by the tag correspond to products that are searchable by other Twitter users for example #snack.

other users will more easily find your product with a similar, that renders the hashtag #snack in the search field.

To watch out for if using social media this is don’t post just to upload your product promotions, create relevant content with the trend that is being sought after by other Twitter users. Age range: Twitter user

18 – 29:37%

30 – 49 years: 25%

50 – 64 years: 12%

> 65 years: 10%

Social media for small business


Instagram is social media is leaning more on the visual aspects such as photos and videos. Although this type of content tends to be limited, users might say quite a lot.

Less is more was recorded more than 400 million users to post with a wide range of concepts, there is a special themed culinary post and traveling, fashion, the arts and cannot escape the present trends, namely selfie.

Because of this social media is reserved for content in the form of pictures than in Instagram also available photo and video editing features that can be easily accessed by mobile devices.

Social media users themselves have more specific users, so you should also adjust the business user with characters that you want to run.

How social media users range Instagram? Instagram users age range:

18 – 29:53%

30 – 49 years: 25%

50 – 64 years: 11%

> 65 years: 6%

Well, when Your target consumer is a group that was 25-34 this year one of the media that is suitable for your business.

But you need to note is you have to understand insight into photography so that the photos you post attracted the attention of consumers.

In addition, there are a few tips for selling on Instagram which also should know.

Social media for small business


Social media is one of the platforms that may be rarely used for the purpose of doing business. But it is also attractive if used for product promotion. In addition to the text, you can also post a picture or video which lasts a little chat, quote, and also audio.

This same platform like twitter because users can me-reblogging o share text or video from another account. So that if Your content is interesting then the content will be yours sooner viral. For users of social media also has the character of the user.
An age range of users of Tumblr:

18 – 24 years: 23%

25 – 34 years: 27%

35 – 44 year: 15%

45 – 54 years: 10%

55 – 64 years: 6%

> 65 years: 2%

Most users of Tumblr is a young boy with an age range 18-24 years. So if you have a business with the target consumer age range not far from it. You can just use Tumblr as a platform for promotion efforts.

Social media for small business


One of the social media that are suitable for online businesses is the next Youtube. Jesus is a platform or network to share video. Where users can find and upload their own videos to the site.

More than 1 billion active users visit and did a search on this site. After it was acquired by Google in 2006. On the google search engine, Youtube has always been in the top position.

So this might be able to make You one of the media marketing for online business. With content in the form of tutorials or introduction of products is key so that your brand can be better known by consumers what else accompanied by content that is interesting and unique.

An age range of users of Youtube:

18 – 24 years old: 11%

25 – 34 years: 23%

35 – 44 years: 26%

45 – 54 years: 16%

55 – 64 years: 8%

> 65 years: 3%

So social media is perfect for online businesses that you can use. Customize your characters users with your target market then someday for sure your sales will also increase. Good luck!

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