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Some of the Eggplant Benefits Should You Know


Eggplant Benefits– Eggplant plant is a plant that belongs to the Solanaceae family and has a close relationship with potatoes and tomatoes. Eggplant is a plant that has benefits similar to plant potatoes and contains the same vitamins. The part that is often used of plants is the Eggplant fruit. In spite of eggplants do not contain a concentration of each vitamin. A number of combinations of vitamins with other nutrients in vegetables it makes it a healthy food choice.
The characteristics of the plant, owned by eggplant, among others:
1. have big Wide leaves such as the human ear
2. flowers are white to purple. And include the kind of perfect flowers.
3. Fruit of the Eggplant itself has a color depending on the varieties, there is green and purple.
Eggplant plants contain a number of nutrient content. The nutrient content saves a good Eggplant benefits for the health of the body. Eggplant is not as popular as other vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants but also the veggies are nutritious. Eggplant contains many vitamins and minerals that make the benefits of Eggplant are good for health. Nutrients contained in Eggplant can even prevent serious health problems, such as cancer.

Eggplant Benefits

eggplant benefitsEggplant Benefits – There are several benefits of consuming plant Eggplant such as digestive, helping launch the heart, improves brain function, lose weight loss (diet), prevents anemia, prevent cancer, bone health, helps lower cholesterol, as an antibacterial and antivirus, as well as for skin beauty
1. Eggplant Benefits for heart healtheggplant benefits
In the plant there are Eggplant fiber, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and phytonutrients all can help heart health. Research done on animals has shown that eggplants can help lower LDL cholesterol is high, so that can help improve blood circulation. Antioxidant compounds found in Eggplant help prevent oxidative stress on the cardiovascular system, so that it can reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease. It also is a good source of fiber to keep health cardiovascular.
2. Eggplant Benefits for PREVENT CANCER
Aubergine contains vitamin C, which is an important part of the immune system because vitamin C can stimulate the production and activity of white blood cells. Have a high level of antioxidants in your body will help protect the organ systems throughout the body from infection and dangerous diseases, including cancer and heart disease.


Eggplant contains no fat or cholesterol, so the Eggplant can be the right food for people who want to lose weight. The fiber content of Eggplant can give effect to create a sense of satiety for longer, reducing the possibility of eating excess. Eggplant is also rich in nutrients, but few calories (only 19 per cup), it is increasingly making Eggplant into a nice addition weight loss programs are effective.
Eggplant is also a good source of fiber food like other vegetables. Fiber is very important for digestive health. Encouraged to defecate so it can be issued easily through the digestive tract. Fiber can help digestion and weight loss, too, because the fibers are of great help to balance the body’s metabolism.

Eggplant and Diabetes

Eggplant Benefits – In addition to the above benefits of Eggplant can also decrease the risk of diabetes, this is because of the exposed, eggplant is a source of soluble fiber low carb seta is excellent to prevent diabetes. While the Eggplant Skin has pigment containing anthocyanins, antioxidant compounds that are important for lowering the risk of developing diabetes. This substance has the function of protecting the cells from damage, including beta cells pancreas (a cell that has a function for secreting insulin in the body. the content of these antioxidants can reduce damage to the peripheral tissues caused high blood sugar, therefore, when you eat Eggplant does not waste its full benefits to lower the risk of diabetes in your body.
Hopefully, this article about  Eggplant Benefits was helpful for you. and don’t forget to keep your health

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