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Smokey Eyes Makeup Step by Step Tutorial For Beginners


Smokey Eyes

Do not you know what is smokey eyes look, smokey eyes are the eye makeup that more highlight the use of dark colors and bold there is also a gold smokey eye that gives dramatic and beautiful effects and makes us look different than usual, here also I will give tutorial smokey eyes step by step.

Makeup smokey eyes are one of the most popular eye makeup today. However, this makeup is also usually less flexible if used every day.

Because this makeup is usually too bold and will be more suitable when used for makeup to the party. maybe a creepy impression will arise from this makeup. then how to minimize the impression?

Smokey eyes makeup does not have to look creepy. because in fact Makeup smokey eyes You can choose a lighter shade of color.

For example, instead of using black, you can choose a brown or purple. You can also reduce the intensity of the color.

Actually, that makes smokey eyes is so intense because the eyeliner is used. If you want the effect that is not too thick then eyeliner it can be used only thin

eyeliner does not need to be worn under the eyes so the eyes do not look very firm. You can use mascara to reinforce the shape of the eye. Or give a little eyeshadow under the eyes.

Make-up Smokey Eyes Should Not Be Black There is also a gold smokey eyegold smokey eye

If you have been using makeup with natural results. Why not try smokey eyes? smokey eyes can be used in casual, semiformal, or formal events.

Make-Up Tips Smokey Eyes. If you think that Eyeshadow smokey eyes so far only black, you are wrong. And you can also use eyeshadow gold smokey eye, blue, brown, green.

smokey eyes make-up can also be used on dark skin, provided the maximum makeup base. You do this by choosing the foundation one level below the face color and for the powder select one level above the face color.smokey eye step by step

* first apply the foundation on the face, rubbed with a brush, by rotating to flatten the foundation and smooth the blood circulation.

* then Use brown eyeshadow on eyelids and eyebrows.

* After that Apply a pencil or auto eyeliner on the eyelid from the inside out. Then under the eyelids the same way.

* then black eyeshadow application to reassert eyes. For example khaki, dark brown, blue, and black. And glitch highlights soft colors on top of eyeshadow.

* followed by mineral powder for the flawless and fresh face.

* For the use of mascara, starting from the bottom, to make it easier to apply, then zigzag up to get the effect of thick and tapering.

* then Shading the cheeks using blush on from the inside out.

* For the treatment of the lips, use lip concealer to more easily form a lip line, then use brown or orange lip gloss.

* and for the last spray face mist, so that your face looks fresher and make-up durable.

Let’s see tutorial Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey eyes makeup on your eyes can make a graceful and decisive impression on you. Many women think that smokey eyes can only be applied only to people who are already pro course. Relax with this easy way you also can apply eye makeup with smokey eyes. Please read this tutorial so that you can perform optimally in your formal event.

You Have to Use the Right Eyeshadowsmokey eye tutorial

For a beginner, as you make an eye with smokey eyes, the most important thing is to choose eyeshadow with a simple color. Eyeshadow palette too much will make you confused yourself, so the results of smokey eyes that you can be seen to be excessive.

Brush Old Chocolate Color On Eyelidsmokey eye for brown eyes

The first thing you should do is Put a dark brown eyeshadow on the entire eyelids by using a special brush for eyeshadow to make your eyeshadow strokes look neat. Make sure you wipe the eyeshadow up so that the folds on your eyelids can be seen naturally.

Add Old Blue Color to Your Outer Eye Cornersmokey eye look
Then wipe the dark blue eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyelids. and make sure the angle you are brushing forms “<” rather than the “C” shape. And you Do not swipe the deep blue color too deeply. You should do so only up to about half of your eyelids. This will confirm the smokey eyes of the eyes.
Brush the Most Bright Color On Your Eyebrow Bone

You must choose the brightest color that is white on your brow bone. Brush this color from base to tip of your eyebrows. Doing this will make your smokey eyes look firmer. Do not blend the color of your eyebrows and eyelids first, let the dividing line look clear.

Use Nude Colorssmokey eye for brown eyes

Sapukanlah nude eyeshadow color on the dividing line between the eyebrow and eyelid. you can apply the color so there is no clear dividing line between the two colors.

Add Eyelinersmokey eye for brown eyes

Take the black eyeliner from your eyeshadow palette using the eyeliner brush. Using this Eyeliner will add a dramatic impression of your smokey eyes. Make sure you do it by following the outline of the eye and just above.

Add Glittergold smokey eye
Take and brush the dark shades of glitter on the centerline of the eyelid between the dark color of the corner of the eye and the dark brown color. When you sweep the dark shades of glitter, you must make sure you disguise the line. With the feel of this glitter will make your makeup more glamorous.

Mix Colorsmokey eye look
Mix the dark color upward toward the brow bone, so there is no firm line between the colors at each color encounter to produce a subtle color gradation effect. Brush the brush gently so the result fades to skin color and does not look stacked up.

Add Glitter To under The Eyessmokey eye tutorial
In order for your smokey eyes results can look maximal, add glitter at the bottom of your eyes. Swipe smoothly and quickly to avoid being too noticeable at the bottom. Now your smokey eyes look maximized and glamorous.
This eyeshadow palette consists of six pigmented colors that are easy to apply according to the event you will be attending.smokey eyes


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