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Surefire Tricks To Manage Your Income


Surefire tricks and allocate a longer Set of monthly financial Income You

(Managing Income) –  how to allocate longer surefire tricks and arranging monthly financial income from you? Is there a way the easiest to do?

To answer these questions, please read the explanation of how to set up monthly finance for you!

Happy reading this article and hopefully useful for you and your family and people you care about!

Allocate a longer and set the Monthly Income from Financial

Do you agree with the statement “money is a thing that will never be separated from the life of every human being.”?

There are so many people who agree with the statement. Therefore, the money we need to set it up! Organize your finances is an important thing that you must do.

If you want a healthy finance, then you need to manage your finances well.

Organize your finances need to be done as early as possible, even when you’re still in school, you need to learn and practice regulating finance. For those of you who are already aged more than 20 years or even over 40 years, don’t worry!

There has never been a word too late to start something good things. Now the right time for you to get started. You also need to familiarize yourself and have discipline.

Every person who works must have income from salaries, be it an employee, entrepreneur, or freelance. Including, students who have not any actual work they earn income from her parents.

Then what will you do when receiving a monthly income of each? Have you allocate a longer and set up your monthly finances?

If you are aware of the importance of the set up of your monthly finances, then you are one step more in the future than those who did not arrange finance monthly.

This is very good for your financial condition. Your finances will be more healthy and avoid the risk of a pile of debt. In addition, you can set spending for needs that are not too important.

In arranging monthly financial you earn, of course, you have to add up all your monthly net income.

Once you get the amount of income, then you should make a list of priorities of the Fund monthly income you have.

After you receive a monthly income of finance you, then there is an order of priority from the very first (important) to the very end, namely:

Investment funds-Funds insurance Savings-Funds-Fund debt repayment or repayments-daily needs Funds-Fund entertainment

In this section, we will explain in more depth at any point. The following explanation of the Surefire trick allocate a longer and set up your monthly finances!

#1 investment funds

(Managing Income) – Do you want to have a happy future in terms of financially? Can it be? The answer is, very able. One of the ways that you can do is an investment.

Have you known the investment? What is the investment? Yes, it is a form of investment activities to allocate some funds to be developed in the form of investment products.

His goal was simple. The investment will make your future far more assured.

There are various kinds of investments, from stocks, forex (foreign exchange), mutual funds, bonds, gold, property, and the type of investment, etc.

In investing there is a relation between the expected profit with investment risk is accepted. The higher profit (profit), the higher the risk is acceptable. Conversely, the lower the profit, then the lower also risk being accepted.

It is very important to adjust the type of investment by financial conditions you have.

you need to assign while receiving a monthly income that is allocated investment funds. Ideally, you need to separate the 10% of the money from monthly income for investment.

According to the advice of a financial planner, choose the type of investment that is best suited to your profile.

In addition, you should not hold funds for one type of investment, but rather You have to divide it into several different types of investments. Did diversification! It is useful for the sake of the security of your investment money.

If you are a person who is the first to know the investment, then you can read more about investing more in-depth. It wouldn’t hurt You to know the investments and the kinds of investments that you can do.

#2 Savings Fund

(Managing Income) – The second priority is that you need to consider after getting a monthly income is saving. Actually, saving is the thing you need to do.

Trying to do this activity in the beginning when you get income, don’t wait for later. Remember, do not set aside money for saving, but prioritize!

According to the expert financial planner, you can separate the 10% of your income each month for savings.

In passing, capital preservation activities have in common with investment, i.e. both save money at one place in a certain period. However, it turns out that there are still many people who do not understand the difference between saving and investment.

Saving is a separate amount of money to be stored and the money can still be used at any time if necessary. In other words, you can take the money at any time when you need it.

Investment activities infuse capital owned in hopes of getting the growth value later in the day and used also for added income. Investments have long-term goals, namely a minimum of 5 years.

Not only used for the future, these savings can also be used as a reserve fund in emergency situations, such as the health costs due to illness or accident, the cost of fulfillment of necessities of life because of the experience of LAYOFFS (termination of employment) and others.

To reduce the risk of savings that are easily accessible and the magnitude of the cost savings (bank) pieces, you can take advantage of deposits with a specific time period.

#3 Insurance Fund

(Managing Income) –  insurance is an important part also you need to have.

What if you are experiencing pain and need hospitalization in hospitals without interfering with your finances?

As we know that health costs were very expensive. This is certainly going to affect your financial plan.

This is important as You have insurance. Insurers will bear the entire cost of healthcare if you are exposed to disease or accident.

The magnitude of the reimbursement of health costs in accordance with the amount of the Bill from the hospital with a certain limit. The limit is determined on the basis of the plan of insurance taken by the policyholder in accordance with the insurance policy.

After you allocate the funds for the donation, investment and savings, and now you need to segregate funds for insurance. Every month You have to pay insurance premiums.

Before you participate in insurance, it’s good if you understand each type of insurance is there in Indonesia. Don’t get me wrong choosing! This would lead to ineffective and inefficient in your financial plan.

Therefore, choose a type of insurance to suit your needs and the balance of payment of the insurance premiums according to our abilities you.

#4 Fund debt repayment or Repayments

(Managing Income) – After you separate the financial post 3 for investments, savings, and insurance, then the remaining funds you earn you can use to pay various debts or repayment.

Usually, the allocation of these funds is used to pay for some bills loans performed, such as mortgage repayments, vehicles, home mortgage credit card or installment-installments etc.

Actually, you can just owe provided in accordance with the financial conditions you have. Let’s say, if you have an urgent need and you are not having enough money to meet the needs of it, then you are still allowed to owe.

Therefore, as much as possible the debt and loans you have do not exceed 30% of your income each month. For example, your income $10 million a month, then your debt will not exceed $3 million (30% x $10 million).

You should not do is debt that exceeds 30% of your income or even you have a very large debt to you in the condition of entangled debts.

How to get rid of debt? There are some steps and strategies that you need to do, namely:

Create a list of debts,

Stop adding new debt,

Add revenue,

Get rid of debt, one by one

Have a healthy financial plan,

Have the right mindset, namely:

Borrowing according to financial ability

Do not maximize the use of credit

Start with one credit course

Pay off credit card bills

Pay bills on time

Set the debt within the limits of safe

Try to consider!

You may ask a loan and debt if the debt owned later useful and being productive debt is making a profit in the future.

#5 Funds daily needs

(Managing Income) – Of course, to meet the needs of everyday life, you need a number of funds. Such as meals, transportation costs, costs of water bills, the cost of utility bills, phone bills cost, the cost of internet bills and other costs.

Be your daily needs from the money you have!

How do you do? You will need to:

Create a list of daily needs in detail and detail.

Calculate the daily needs of the funds carefully.

Limit daily needs by allocating approximately 40% of monthly income you receive.

Funds 40% of the revenue is money enough to meet the needs of daily living. You can minimize the need for funds so that the allocation of funds can be pressed.

You can also do some frugal ways to suppress the funding needs without making your life miserable, including:

Prepare and bring a lunchbox of food or snacks from home.

Use the coupon or voucher discounts when shopping.

Save energy, such as turning off lights when not in use.

Use bicycles or walk for short trips.

Select bank as required.

Maintaining health and taking care of yourself.

Avoid bad habits.

Sell used items that are worth sharing.

Make a budget every month

Giving priority to needs versus desires.

If you continue in some of the behaviors and actions of frugality, your needs will be fulfilled without the drawbacks. Not only that, you can have more funds for other needs.

#6 Fund Entertainment

(Managing Income) – The allocation of funds the last you need to prepare your monthly income from the Fund is for entertainment or entertainment. These funds should not be You forget.

After you work hard Drudge, there comes a time you need entertainment and reward top work you already do.

Some examples of activities you can do, including:

The streets,

Go to the cinema,

On a vacation to a place,

Running a hobby, and

Other activities that can unleash the flavor of your tired after work.

If you need funding for this activity, you will need to allocate funds to no more than 10% of your monthly income.

You can also take advantage of cheap festive activities as a means of entertainment without spending a huge cost.

Set up Monthly Finance With healthy living and regular Patterns

After you earn a certain amount of money as your income each month, you need to be wise in arranging them.

When you cannot set, then the finance You will be exhausted soon with life and consumerist hedonism.

Therefore, adjust the allocation of funding your income carefully so that you stay healthy financial condition. Of course, you will also be free from the risk of a debt pile that makes head headache dizziness.

Adjust also the pattern of healthy living and regular so you have a lifestyle that is in accordance with the income you have. practise is also a frugal lifestyle so you can reach Your other financial goals.

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