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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic


Health Benefits Of Garlic

We already know garlic as a condiment kitchen is required. Latin name Allium sativum, of garlic, not only quit as ingredients only. Although he got the scent of Tuberose and no bitter taste, garlic also offers a range of health benefits for the body and beauty.

 Classification Of The Garlic Plants

Division: Spermatophyta

Subdivisions: the island

Class: Monocotyledonae

The Nation: Liliales

People: Liliaceae

Genus: Allium

Types: Allium sativum l.

Garlic Plant description

Annual Herbaceous Habitus: (2-4 months), erect, 30 – 60 cm.

Trunk: small (corpus), 0.5 – 1 cm.

Leaf: wake up the lines, compact, flat, width 0.4 – 1.2 cm, base of stem tuber, forming oval widens, the son of bulbs, angles, wrapped by a white membrane, forming the top of the stem of a pseudostem.

Flower: arrangement of multiple simple umbrellas, appeared every child bulbs, 1-3 protective membrane, such as leaves.

Tepal: six leaves, free or embedded in the base, elongated, tapered shape, white-greenish-white to purple (Sudarsono et al., 2006).

Bulbs Allium sativum l. form of compound-shaped bulbs are nearly round, centerline 4 – 6 cm consists of 8-20 cloves covered entirely in 3 – 5 thin membrane colored paperwhite is somewhat similar, each clove is encapsulated by two similar paper membrane, outer membrane the color white and sorta kinda loose, membranes in pink color and attached to the solid part of the cloves but easily peeled; cloves form rounded in the back, side or somewhat flat field angles.

Garlic benefits apparently there are many. There have been many studies that prove that garlic does have many benefits for the body, be it for the health benefits of garlic, garlic benefits for beauty, as well as the benefits of garlic for the face.

How does that apply any variety? Can be eaten raw-raw to the exclusion of its taste and smell of the mouth after eating garlic, could also be Juiced, or you have your own way to feel the benefits of garlic. Just check out the article below.

The Benefits Of Garlic For Health:

  1. Treat lung infection

Antibacterial properties and antimicrobial properties against germs, bacteria, and the microbes that cause infections of the lungs. Rajinlah consuming garlic 2 cloves every day.

  1. Prevent Cancer

The sulfur compounds in garlic bioactive believed to have effects at each stage of the formation of cancer. These compounds can affect biological processes so that didn’t get cancer and not so formed. It is also due to the womb PhIP, a form of heterosis Amine (HCA) that can trigger breast cancer in women will be inhibited its development and transformed into a carcinogen a substance made by diallyl sulfide.

  1. Lowers high blood pressure

Garlic contains allicin and also an antioxidant. Both of these compounds have the ability to lower high blood pressure by waging the circulatory system and also healthy arteries.

  1. Root out bad cholesterol

Consume garlic regularly proven can increase insulin production in the body. And it also can significantly be slashed bad cholesterol or LDL by up to 15%. Not to worry, because the garlic will not affect the good cholesterol (HDL)

  1. Leucorrhea

Garlic herbal recipe is already a hereditary due to substances that contain antibacterial and antifungal properties. How to treat vaginal discharge with garlic can be said to be quite effective. Consume garlic regularly can even inhibit the bacteria get in on areas of your femininity. You can consume garlic in any way so long as a routine and regular basis. That’s how leucorrhea with garlic.

  1. Treat a toothache

Tooth pain is generally caused by bacteria that get into the body. Well, anti-bacteria on garlic would soon eradicate. And also the content of analgesia to reduce the pain that results from a toothache.

  1. Prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

Consume garlic in large quantities proven antioxidant enzymes can improve on the body, this will support the protection mechanism against oxidative damage to the body so as to prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia

  1. Enhance immunity

All existing content in garlic especially vitamin C will strengthen his immune system or your immune system. You can take it either with the way eaten raw or in juice.

  1. Increase the body’s metabolism

A natural enzyme found in garlic will increase Your body’s metabolism system.

  1. Treat sinusitis

Antibacterial properties of garlic will help reduce the inflammation in the nasal cavity so that breathing will be relieved and also reduce the headaches caused by sinusitis.

  1. Help lose weight

The body’s metabolic system smoothly as it has been described in points 8, then the accumulated fat in specific parts of the body will be reduced because you now have systems a better body metabolism

  1. Treat flu

Not only is sinusitis, even garlic can also treat the flu. The nature of an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial will eradicate the bacteria and microbes cause the flu.

  1. Treat psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin disease that occurs due to inflammation of the skin flaking, itching, and pain is accompanied. Anti-inflammatory properties in garlic can treat the disease. You can eat raw garlic can also with greasing garlic on the skin that is experiencing inflammation.

  1. Cure foot fungus

Same is the case with 12 points, anti-inflammatory properties can treat up to heal and foot fungus can also dry out the wound and disguise former foot fungus.

  1. Add the passion of sexuality for men

The benefits of garlic for men is to increase the passion of sexuality.

Garlic contains allicin, i.e. substances that Act launched the blood circulation on the sexual organs.

How to apply the benefits of garlic for men:

Prepare 1 fruit garlic (5 cloves)

1 free-range chicken eggs

1 tbsp honey original

Peel the skin from the garlic, then wash clean

Garlic Puree in a blender

Combine egg yolk free-range chicken with garlic that finely

Add 1 tbsp honey, stir until blended

The herb drink before intercourse with wife

Drinking regularly every morning for satisfactory results

The benefits of garlic for beauty:

  1. Nourish hair

Caring for hair with garlic can strengthen the hair root so to minimize the loss, treat scalp dandruff and makes the hair thicker and shinier.

The trick is:

Prepare garlic to taste, then blend until smooth

Then use it as a hair mask

  1. Reduce the growth of acne

Tired of acne that is always growing alternates? It’s time to root out the causes of acne from the root, i.e., by cleaning the blood.

The trick is:

Eat 2 garlic cloves every morning and night.

It could also direct slathered with garlic on acne.

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