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The Benefits Of Mangosteen “Queen Of Fruits”

The Origin Of The Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen Benefits -Mangosteen is a fruit that comes from a shady tropical forest in Southeast Asia, is located in the wilderness of Malaysia or Indonesia.

These plant spread from Indonesia and east to Papua New Guinea and the Mindanao Islands of the Philippines, then north to Peninsular Malaysia and continues to spread to southern Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

These fruits have a myriad of health benefits ranging from the skin, the flesh of the fruit, and seeds.
Training in a language called mangosteen Garcinia mangostana L so it is not redundant if this fruit got its nickname Queen of Fruits.

originating from Southeast Asia, Mangosteen has been known as the slowest growing cultivation plant.

This Mangosteen plant has been known by researchers from Western countries since the beginning of 1631. That is the history of the mangosteen fruit.

Mangosteen’s skin produces xanthone compounds, which are substances that are formed from the skin isolated from the mangosteen fruit.

The level of xanthone content reached 123.97 mg per ml.

Xanthones have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.

Xanthone compounds have the ability to ward off free radicals and prevent cell damage that inhibits cell Degeneration process.

Xanthone as an antioxidant, but also anticancer. on the mangosteen skin, there is an extraordinary antioxidant power capable of warding off free radicals.

These free radicals enter through the food consumed and become the main cause of heart disease, stroke, cancer and others.

And the best prevention is the consumption of mangosteen fruit regularly. Compared with other fruits, the antioxidant content of mangosteen is higher.

Antioxidant substances even exceed vitamin E. Xanthone on the skin of mangosteen fruit that is used as an antioxidant is alpha mangosteen and gamma mangosteen.

Both of these antioxidants act as immunity, antibiotics (ampicillin and myosin), antifungal, antiviral, anticancer, antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory.

Mangosteen crop classification:

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Spermatophyte

Sub-division: Angiospermae

Class: Dicotyledoneae

Order: Guttiferanales

Family: Guttiferae

Genus: Garcinia

Species: Garcinia mangostana L

Name/name of the mangosteen fruit

Manggistan (Balanda), Mangosteen (UK), Mangastane (Germany), Mangostao (Portuguese), Mangustan (Hindi), Mengop / Mengut (Burma), Mangostan (France), Mangusta (Malaysia).

Morphology of Mangosteen Plant

mangosteen benefitsMangosteen is an annual plant whose lifespan can reach tens of years. The mangosteen tree is always green with a height of 6-20 meters.

This plant has stems erect, clear tree trunks, brown stem bark, and has a yellow sap. Single-bladed leaves, sitting opposite leaves or crossed opposite.

Mangosteen has 1-3 female flowers at the end of the stem, the arrangement of your circumference, and the diameter of 5-6 cm.

mangosteen benefits


petals of mangosteen leaves with two leaves of yellow-green outer petals, two deeper smaller, red-edged, arched strong, blunt.

Scrub has 4 crowns, an inverted egg shape, thick flesh, yellow-green, red edges or almost any red.

Stamens (staminodia) are usually in the petals. Will be-room 4-8 fruit, 5-6 fingered pistil.

Distressed ball-shaped ball, centerline 3,5-7 cm, dark purple, with pistil seated (fixed), fixed petals, thick fruit walls, fleshy, purple, with yellow sap.

Seeds 1-3, covered by a thick, watery, white, edible seed membrane (including seeds that fail to grow perfectly).

mangosteen benefitsMangosteen has a flowering time between May – January.

Mangosteen is a tree plant, which has a height of up to 15 meters.

Has woody stems, round, upright branching sigmoidal and dirty green.

Single leaf, oval, pointed tip, flat edge blunt density, pinnate bone, length of 20-25 cm wide 6-9 cm, thick, green cylindrical stems.

Flower single, androgynous. Fruit often, coated fat 6-8 cm diameter with purplish brown.

Round seeds 2 cm in diameter, in one fruit there are 5-7 seeds.

Benefits of Mangosteen Fruits For Health

mangosteen benefitsMangosteen Benefits – Fruit with a delicious flavor of purplish red is indeed in demand by many people.

Many do not think if this mangosteen fruit can be used as a remedy for the human body.

Until now the mangosteen fruit is dubbed as the queen of fruit because of the properties it contains so super.

Mangosteen is able to treat and prevent dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Though this fruit we often eat sometimes we do not know for sure the benefits of this fruit.

This fruit is known to treat various types of diseases that often affect our health.

Here are some of the benefits of mangosteen we get among them are:

Benefits of mangosteen fruit can prevent and also cure cancer.

This fruit is believed to prevent the growth of cells in patients with leukemia, stem the process of development of colon cancer and so forth.

The benefits of mangosteen fruit are also able to cure asthma. This fruit as an alternative medicine that can cure it because it has the ability to fight infection.

Benefits of mangosteen fruit can lower excess cholesterol in the body.

Usually, cholesterol attaches to the wall and can constrict blood vessels. However, this can be overcome by mangosteen.

The benefits of mangosteen fruit can prevent heart disease. mangosteen is believed to restore the elasticity of blood vessels obtained from antioxidants from this fruit.

The nutritional content of the mangosteen fruit is able to smooth blood circulation.

Benefits of other mangosteen fruit that is able to lower high blood pressure.

Mangosteen fruit is indeed a lot of we meet in the market or in the fruit shop.

the fruit of this one can be used as a remedy for diarrhea, vaginal discharge, hemorrhoids and tonsillitis etc.
to cope with irregular menstruation, the root of mangosteen can be utilized as a remedy,

Apart from the fruit of the skin, we can take advantage. Many think that mangosteen skin is not useful so they just take the fruit alone.

But in fact, if the if well and correctly, this mangosteen skin is also beneficial to the health of the body.

Mangosteen skin has a low caloric level so it is suitable if consumed by patients with diabetes.

Even lately a lot of outstanding mangosteen leather extracts are sold in capsule or tablet packaging is now much in demand and sought after many people.

Here are some benefits that we can get from the skin of the mangosteen fruit is:

The skin of mangosteen is beneficial to overcome heart disease.

Also used to reduce blood sugar levels.

Strengthen your immune system.

Can inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, treat high blood pressure, Can prevent premature aging.

Able to help you lose weight.

That’s some of the benefits we can get from the skin of mangosteen.

Mangosteen skin is potentially able to cure diseases that are expensive and also heavy. Indeed a lot of benefits that we get from the mangosteen fruit.

Either from the fruit itself, from the skin, from its roots or other parts.

Indeed, this mangosteen fruit proved very nutritious for health.

Side Effects of Mangosteen Fruit

The benefits of the mangosteen fruit for health is no doubt.

But behind the benefits of healthy mangosteen fruit, it turns out he also has a bad impact on the body.

For that, you must be careful and do not consume it excessively.

If necessary, consult your healthcare practitioner to get the best advice on eating mangosteen.

You need to note that there are some restrictions on eating this fruit.

Firstly, do not consume them along with foods or drinks that contain sugar.

It is said that because the sugar content in the mangosteen and other drinks/foods will react and have a negative impact on the body.

Among them, namely a hangover characterized by nausea, vomiting, vertigo, dizziness and heavy eyes.

Another impact, which raises blood sugar drastically. Of course, it will lead to diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

It is closely related to the high glucose present in it.

The second prohibition is not to consume them along with durian fruit.

The consequences will not be much different from when eating it along with sugar.

Durian fruit has a high content of sugar and alcohol should be avoided by sufferers of hypertension.

Similarly, reviews of the content, mangosteen benefits  and side effects of the mangosteen fruit. Hope can give insight to us all.


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