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The Benefits Of Tomatoes For Beauty


The Benefits Of Tomatoes For Beauty

Benefits Of Tomatoes – For the tomato skin, more commonly made of natural cream is sometimes confused with several other natural ingredients such as lemon, honey, sugar, and many more.

The following benefits of tomatoes to keep the leather to stay supple, fresh look, and clean.

1. The benefits of Tomatoes to shrink and tighten pores face
How to make tomato mask for the face: fresh tomato Blender first, then Mix two tablespoons of tomato juice with a tablespoon of water,

use a cotton swab to wipe the face that had previously been cleaned, massage the entire surface of the facial skin are evenly for 15 minutes.

2. Benefits of Tomatoes to lighten skinbenefits of tomatoes
Your facial skin dull and until now not know beauty secrets for making a bright facial skin?

Just use the tomatoes that have vitamin C in large quantities that are ready to address the problems that are currently beset you.

The trick is not difficult, you just need to set up one or two slices of fresh tomato, sliced thick enough size.

Use each slice to rub the face evenly. In a week doing the routine every day in order to give the maximum results, the skin will look shinier and healthier.

3. The benefits of Tomatoes to treat skin

In addition to the famous drank olive oil to treat skin to stay healthy, in oil content in seeds of tomatoes is also capable of taking care of your skin fight free radicals that can accelerate the aging process.

In some beauty clinic, tomato seed oil is often used to treat damaged skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry, and undamaged.

You can use the tomato seeds to taste oil for massaging the skin part you want.

Do care towards the bed and don’t immediately cleaned on even that day, but when you’ve awakened from deep sleep.

4. The Benefits of Tomatoes To get rid of acne

On a number of acne medications sold in the beauty salon or clinic, on the chart content visible on average require the help of vitamins A and C.

If you want to buy some kind of acne medication ointments, better don’t first because there are still tomatoes which give both of these nutrients.

In addition to vitamins A and C, tomatoes also contain a lot of acids that can get rid of acne and skin rash redness.

On a small acne condition, you just need to rub pieces of fresh tomato at the face or can also be used as a mask for an hour.

5. The Benefits of Tomatoes to overcome the problems of oily skin

Excess sebum production can make a face filled with oil and when seen from afar become shiny.

If not immediately addressed a variety of other issues ready to be present also in your face, like pimples, black spots, and even blackheads.

Easy steps to cope with oily skin with tomatoes is to make juice from 2 pieces tomatoes that are mixed with 4 tablespoons cucumber juice.

Use a mask on the face by way of greasing wear cotton, then let sit to dry and rinse afterward.

If the routine performs it, the oil on the face will be more controlled and participated shrink pores.

6. The benefits of Tomatoes To protect the skin from ultraviolet Direct sunlight on the skin can damage the structure of the surface.

An example of a skin problem that occurs due to the too often affected by exposure to sunlight is dry, scaly, and dull.

If you have one of these, then you need to know that tomatoes can be used as a natural sunscreen.

There are antioxidants in tomatoes named lycopene that have activity as a protective skin from UV rays.

Before going to the Office, you can consume a glass of tomato juice, it helps the protection from the inside.

7. The benefits of Tomatoes to keep you youthfulbenefits of tomatoes
One of the secrets of Ageless artists pretty above board is the fruit of the tomato.

At your leisure, you can try to perform a series of activities to its skin treatment using tomatoes as a base.

Tomatoes can slow aging by absorbing oxygen maximum.

You just need to do the treatment on a regular basis at leisure, get to the morning or evening.

8. The benefits of Tomatoes to refresh the eye

After working for sure eyes are tired and want to sleep once made.

It’s good to rest the eye before scrambled, do a light massage on the entire surface of your face and stick two slices of tomatoes into both Your eyeballs (covering both eyes).

The tomato will make relax your eyes are tired because it has been a day used to work.

If you have a sac of the eye, using the tomato pieces can also help eliminate it.

9. The benefits of Tomatoes to prevent cell damage

Cell damage will make the skin becomes problematic, it looks reddish and can even arise wrinkles that make you look 10 years older than the actual age.

This condition is often referred to as free radicals.

To help prevent cell damage, you can consume at least 16 milligrams of lycopene contained in tomatoes each day.

After lunch, replace Your sparkling beverage with tomato juice a more salubrious.

10. Prevent skin burn

According to Prevention Magazine, who in three months consuming 5 tablespoons, tomato paste every day would make her skin protected from the Sun burning due to problems.

Although the skin is already burning, tomato paste can help treat it.

Use 2 teaspoons mix tomatoes and 1 teaspoon of yogurt, apply on the surface of the face, neck, hands, and legs evenly after activity.

The content of the tomatoes will refresh the skin, while the yogurt makes the skin becomes elastic and soft.

11. Benefits of tomatoes for Smooth skin

Delicate skin that becomes a valuable asset for everyone, in particular women.

In addition to gets a plus in the eyes of people around, smooth skin can also be an investment for the future.

A great many models do so smooth skin care using tomatoes if you are interested to try it out?

Blend the tomatoes and mix it with honey to taste until it becomes a thick paste. Apply evenly to face, give a massage relaxation with a circular motion.

Keep doing until the tomatoes that already depleted smooth, then cleaned using warm water.

Don’t get out of the House after undergoing treatments to prevent dust sticking on the surface of your face that it’s clean.

Thus the benefits of tomatoes may be useful and add references for you. Thank you for visiting this blog

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