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The Easy Way To Confidence Building Exercises


Confidence Building Exercises

Confidence is a positive attitude of an individual that has enabled him to develop a positive assessment of the self or the environment or situation that was faced.

where he felt he was competent, confident, capable and believes that he can because it is supported by actual experience, potential, achievements as well as realistic expectations towards yourself.

Confidence is one of the facets of the personality that is very important in people’s lives.

People who believe themselves shore up their own abilities and have a realistic hope, even when their expectations aren’t realized, they remain positive minded and can accept it.

The notion of confidence

confidence is a psychological or mental condition of a person who gives a strong belief in herself to do or do something active.

People who are not confident have a negative self-concept, lack of trust in her ability because it’s often just shut down.

Confidence can mean that a belief in his own ability and realize an adequate capability can be benefit from appropriately.

Confidence is the belief in his own ability and realize an adequate capability, and can use it appropriately.

With confident people will be able to know and understand yourself.

confidence building exercisesMeanwhile, the lack of confidence will inhibit the development of potential.

So people are less confident will become someone who is pessimistic in the face of challenges, fear and hesitation to convey ideas, as well as wavering in determining options and often proclaimed himself with other people “.

Confidence can prevail in all aspects of life, such as socializing, business, politics, career and more. As for how to cultivate confidence is:

  1. Fix the appearance

Sometimes, the sense of self is caused by lack of appearance. Therefore, to build your confidence, fix your appearance.

For example, if you are a male who want to meet women, hairdressing You neatly. If necessary, go to a salon to shave or spruce up your hair.

Don’t just stop at the hair. You can also use a deodorant or perfume to make your body fragrance.

In addition, the use is also a neat shirt and wear a belt so that your pants are not saggy.

  1. Stop negative thoughts

Less confidence can be caused by negative thoughts. Some of these you may have is:

Feel yourself worthless

Fear of rejection

Afraid of being belittled or others

Feel yourself lower than others

Fear of wrong with what will be done

Feeling ridiculed others

You have to stop negative thoughts as it would make like a cooped up in a crisis of confidence.

How easy it is to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts or anything you want.


I was valuable because people are equally God’s creation

Rejection is commonplace so I had to try it

A mistake is a sign of people being studied

Others will appreciate me because I appreciate them as well

  1. Forget the standard set of others

Do something According to with the standards we have, do not follow the standards of others. Other people have different values, and as hard as anything a try, we can never satisfy everyone.

Don’t worry if people call us fat, skinny, lazy, boring, stingy, silly, or other designation.

Hang in on the standard that we have, not on a standard that is owned by someone else.

Everyone has advantages and disadvantages of each. We are small but agile and intelligent, clever, but drudgery Tubby but creative and so on.

  1. identification of one of your key advantages

Competition is essential to improve the quality of Yours.

To allow you to confidently face competition, you should know what your excess compared to your competitors.

Therefore, from now on find one your excess so you focus and become experts in their field.

By becoming an expert in his field, you will be confident and not afraid to mention with your competitors.

  1. read books

The book is a storehouse of knowledge. Despite this wealth of free information now scattered around the internet, the book has a number of benefits that do not exist in the free information.

By reading the book, Your insights and knowledge will be increased so as to increase your confidence.

  1. the new people greet known

Located in the new people known to be very uncomfortable. The trick is to greet them first so as to dilute the atmosphere.

For example, you attended a meeting of parents of students in your child’s school. You can say hello to some parents of students or teachers by saying hi or Hello, how are you.

With say hello first, You dilute the atmosphere and try to give the first impression a positive one. You will not feel alone or excommunicated. More importantly, you have a new friend.

  1. Did the best possible preparation

Illustrations prepared presentations

You often get nervous when the presentation? The stress of facing job interview? Believe it or not, the key lies in preparation.

I am not lying to you. As I wrote in the introduction, I am not good at presentation. The main cause of the sense of confidence when making a presentation is lack of preparation.

Why? Since I often make presentations one night before presentation to do.

However, I have changed the material and prepare myself as best possible. As a result, I performed better presentation materials from time to time.

What kind of preparation? Let’s say I am going to present the material about content marketing next week. Getting started I would do is:

By researching online note about content marketing. This includes statistics, principles, techniques, and case studies content marketing

Do the bulk of ideas (brainstorming) for material that I will bring by using techniques of Mind Folders

Make a slide presentation and get it done two days before the execution of the

Presentation exercise at least 3 times

  1. try and do

Just try what you want to do, and do what you have to do.

Who knows you get what you want. If this fails then you are the one who dare to try, different from others that just being a spectator.

Do the best according to you, as long as it is indeed a good job then you don’t need to worry about anything, good action will not harm anyone including yourself.

  1. set small goals to do great goals

Do you set a great goal? It’s not wrong.

Maybe different with you, I prefer to set small goals first before grabbing a big target. After I grabbed a small target, I confidently grabbed the big target.

For example, I rarely exercise. If I set my targets ran 30 minutes 3 x as much in a week, I will be “paralyzed” before acting. Many of the reasons that will avoid me from grabbing the goals.

My solution was to set up a one-time push up every day and grab it. Once I managed to do push-ups every day, I improved it with walk 5,000 steps in a week.

Those small successes provide motivation and raise my confidence in reaching a goal ran as many as 30 minutes 3 times a week.

  1. Compare You with yourself

Another way to evoke a sense of confidence is to not compare yourself with others. Why? Because others will continue to have excess than you so that can eliminate your confidence.

The solution? Compare You with yourself for what it is.

For example, if the previous year you didn’t work out and now doing one-time push-ups every day, then you are to succeed.

Remember, success will be another success so you rolled the more confident living life that you feel this hard.

  1. Be thankful

Thanks to what you have and how your condition now will build your confidence. Why? Because by being grateful, you’ll avoid the stress and other negative feelings

For example, you are grateful can still eat today, breathe air, have jobs, and so on.

  1. Pray before starting something

Pray before you start something can also help you unleash your confidence. This is because prayer will make you remember the GOD bless him and hope for your every move.

Confidence is not genetic, but rather a skill that can be learned and improved. If you are now less confident, the trick is finding the root causes of why you don’t believe yourself and trying my hardest tackle the causes.

Try one or a few ways I describe above to remove the causes of so you can be confident.

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