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The Economic Revolution That Impact Small Business

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The world economy is currently entering a period of transition. Among medium-sized want to switch towards the upper class to gain financial freedom. This is evidenced by the existence of the phenomenon of mass luxury, in which luxury goods previously could only be bought by well-heeled is now able to be owned by everyone.

the community is currently beset by optimism to raise the economy. A lifestyle that is referred to as “amphibious trend” of many made by the community. The perpetrators of “trends in the amphibian” are those who underwent two professions at once, IE as employees and as entrepreneurs. During working hours, they work as employees in the company. When Office hours end, they manage a private business.

The perpetrators of “trends in the amphibian” this want the existence of financial independence in the future. They don’t want to forever work for others. When they pioneered this effort has given a good profit, they will quit the professional employees and be running a business in total.

the phenomenon of mass luxury and “trends of amphibians” are two of the signals indicating the presence of a revolution in the economy. Broadly speaking, this economic revolution is grouped into five fields.


Revolution E-Preneur

A rapid development of the digital industry is the impact of the widespread use of the internet in all areas. The field of Economics included into it. The birth of E-Preneur (electronic-preneur) or online entrepreneur more or less affected by the monetary crisis that hit some of the developing countries, which threaten the business market offline.

In the conventional business of this kind, the number of production expenses incurred is not outweighed by the profit obtained. Therefore, the business person looking for an alternative to being able to run a business without capital and relatively easy to run, i.e. online business.

E-Preneur, or better known as Netpreneur, plays a significant role in the business of virtual worlds.

A Netpreneur can act both as a manufacturer, supplier, merchant or all at once. A large number of “task” a Netpreneur likely to run because of all the business activities conducted by simply clicking. As long as the internet connection is accessible, a business can be run at any time and anywhere. This is what makes Netpreneur can run many functions of the economy at once.

Revolution Entrepreneur

A transition is a period which is very valuable for entrepreneurship. This is a golden opportunity for anyone to open a private business. The chances of success of small and medium enterprises will be greater during this transition. This happens because if the economy had stabilized and passed through the transition period, small and medium enterprises will not be able to compete with other businesses that have a large scale.

Revolution Property

In this transitional period, many people want to gain wealth in quick time. One way that’s done is to invest money in the form of property owned. Now, many people “collect” land, houses, apartments and other property objects as an investment. Item property is assessed will give you a great advantage in the future.

Amphibious Revolution

A large number of “double agent” in the business of creating its own trend in economics. Among underwent two different professions at the same time, i.e. as an employee of the Office at the same time as an entrepreneur.

The E-commerce revolution

When there is the monetary crisis that hit the make Community looking for other alternatives to financial stability. One of them is by building personal business-based small and medium enterprises.

The absence of large venture capital became the driving factor of the entrepreneur is to dabble into the e-commerce industry; an industry that allows entrepreneurs to market their products effectively and without charge through the internet network (online). The rise of e-commerce sites gave rise to the phenomenon of online transactions that make it easier for Netpreneur market to hit the target.

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