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Tips On How To Beat Early Flu Symptoms With Herbal Remedies


How To Beat Early Flu Symptoms

The flu is a disease that is often confusing because of flu symptoms very similar to colds, The flu is mild health disorders that attack the upper respiratory. If compared with colds, flu has symptoms that are acuter.

The flu also requires a longer healing time. Hence the flu requires different handling, considering this disease often trigger other serious diseases, such as pneumonia.

Even flu sufferers often have to be hospitalized due to late responses were given. Another case of swine flu is a seasonal disease. It is very closely related to the season or the weather. One person can experience it many times in a year

Early Flu Symptoms 

Early Flu Symptoms include a sore throat, muscle pain, headache, runny nose, body limp, a fever accompanied by chills and body dry cough. Keparahannya different levels when compared to symptoms of nasal congestion.

In some cases, even flu sufferers can experience diarrhea accompanied by nausea and vomiting. However, these symptoms are rare and usually only occurs in children.

Causes of flu

Flu symptoms caused by influenza virus infection. There are three types of influenza viruses that normally infect the body, namely the influenza virus A, B, and c. Because influenza viruses are there vary, giving the flu vaccine needs to be given routinely every year in order to prevent infection to occur.

Meanwhile, flu transmission typically occurs through the air, water, food, and drinks contaminated flu virus. Transmission can also occur through physical contact with sufferers of snot, or boxes with a virus that is carried in the air.

How to Treat Flu Symptoms

(how to beat early flu symptoms)- How to treat flu is most common with plenty of rest and drink enough. Adequate rest is necessary to give the chance of restoring the body’s immune system. While drinking in a sufficient amount to keep the body functioning to prevent dehydration. But if the flu never improved, medical treatment to the doctor could be one of how to treat the flu.

Consulting a doctor is also required when going on secondary symptoms:

  1. Difficult to breathe

Difficulty breathing caused by increased mucus production in the nose. But by administering medications containing decongestants and proper handling, this condition can be improved.

  1. Difficult to move

Due to the muscle pain in impact by the disease, for some flu sufferers may experience difficulty in moving her body. This can take place in a few days. However, the condition will usually be immediately improved. If sufferers remain the difficulty of moving her body, it would be best if you immediately go to the doctor for a consultation.

How To Prevent Flu Symptoms

How to prevent the flu is considered the most effective way is to obtain a flu vaccine on a regular basis every year, especially in young children. Even many medical experts who advise getting the vaccine before flu season arrives.

In addition to obtaining the flu vaccine on a regular basis, consider also to perform some of the following in order to prevent the spread of flu.

  1. Get used to a healthy lifestyle

Get used to a healthy lifestyle like diligent hand-washing with SOAP before eating or after dirty activities is absolutely essential as one way to prevent the flu. As with hand washing can kill germs before there was contact with the mouth. This healthy habit would be better if planted early on in children.

  1. Avoid direct contact with sufferers

How to prevent flu this one could probably be the hardest way is realized. But you can still minimize the occurrence by using protective gear, like a mask.

Although classified as a mild disease, the presence of flu can still be prevented. Therefore, it is important for parents to know flu symptoms also how to prevent and treat the flu, especially for the vulnerable little one will be a disease.

How To Beat Early Flu Symptoms With Herbal Remedies

The flu usually will heal by itself, along with the capability of increasing body endurance. In General, the flu could subside between 3 days even up to a week, depending on the condition of the body of the sufferer.

Flu Symptoms can be treated using natural Herbal medicines. The goal of this treatment is the same, that helps to boost the immune system and reduce symptoms.

The following herbal remedies that you can do to cope with the flu and symptoms


Make the water warm ginger to relieve Flu symptoms. How to make it easy enough that is boiled ginger with white water and add sugar to provide a sweet taste.

The water can warm ginger warms your body. The taste of warm ginger juice will help the healing process naturally in your body. This traditional herb can you consume 1-2 times a day when sick.

Lemon water and honey

The second is to use honey and lemon juice. Some natural ingredients that need to be prepared to make flu remedy this among others, lime juice, honey, papaya fruit seeds, bark quinine, and boiled water 1 Cup.

How, quinine Bark, seed puree fruit papaya and then puree. After that enter the water the juice of lemon, honey, and water to the materials already mashed. Mix well and then strain the water. This herb drink half a glass 3 times a day.

Turmeric and honey

Honey is indeed a natural ingredient that is often used for herbal medicine.

This is because honey contains natural ingredients that are good for maintaining the body’s health. If mixed with saffron, of course, both of these natural ingredients can work more effectively.

How to cook with water a couple of spoons of grated saffron and add honey as a flavoring. Drink this concoction regularly so that the Flu you can suffer the exhaustion.

The consumption of vitamin C

As you know one of the benefits of vitamin C for the body’s health is to improve the immune system. A person with a strong immune system can, of course, increase the white blood cells to fight off the flu virus. Some of the best sources of vitamin C that you can include consumption of fruit guava, kiwi, oranges, papayas and other fruits

Increase The Consumption Of White Water

For those of you who have disorders such as colds then we recommend things to do is to reproduce white water where it will help relieve and eventually will treat the flu and colds that pain you suffered.

The most precise and potent in treating the disease of this one is to drink as much as 8 glasses per day, this is done to keep the channels of your throat clean of germs that cause you pain flu and colds.

Enough rest

Sometimes if you have the flu and colds, then it will experience a little taste of fever. This is because your body’s resources continued to decline during the illness. Then for that reason you are so at once suggest taking your body rest from activities that are heavy. This aims to strengthen your immune system

Expand the consumption of fruit and vegetables

For those of you who are stricken with flu and colds, should you add to your healthy food intakes such as fruit and vegetables  Because the content of minerals and also his very nice in return the condition the body for better fit and also to strengthen the body’s immune system to fight the flu and coughs from the inside.

The explanation of some tips overcoming the flu is a very easy and also easy for you to do at home, and you also can easily get it around you.

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