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Tips for Keep the Skin Clean and Healthy


Tips for Keeping the skin Clean and healthy

Skin is the outermost part of our body. the skin is the first concern when we are face to face with others, therefore, skin health is important to you that prioritizes the appearance.

There are many things that influence of damaging your skin.

The Sun is one of the factors that have a major role in damaging the skin. You need to protect the skin from the Sun in order to prevent aging of the skin.

The Sun is very influential in making the skin wrinkled, dry and makes skin color changed.

The Sun is also a cause, thinning of the skin and can make your skin look much older. In addition to the Sun, there is still also a bacteria, virus, fungi that cause various skin diseases.

Our body swathed the skin because it is not denied that is your main asset. As beautiful as any face and your body will not make your value into a plus when your skin is dry, scaly, let alone get there panu, ulcers etc.

Therefore, do not take the risk of ignoring your beautiful skin. You should still keep the quality of your skin stay clean and healthy.

If you want to have your skin clean and healthy, maybe you just need to change the small habits daily only. The following are the terms of the small things you can do

1. avoid smoking

Smoking not only causes various diseases but can also make the skin becomes dull and wrinkled. According to several studies, there is strong suspicion if the nicotine contained in cigarettes have the same influence as elastin at the Sunrays

2. Sports
Exercising not only keeps the body fit and healthy but also improve blood circulation. If good blood circulation, the skin will automatically get enough nutrients.

not only that, the sport can also pull a muscle so don’t slack. In order to make our skin healthy and taut begin work, for example, jogging one or two hours a week, or maybe you can take aerobics.

3. Smile
The face we tend to adjust the position of the expression we carry all the time if you are more often tend to be sullen or angry all the time.

Your skin will be more inclined to fast creased, especially in the area of the eye lines and angles of the lips or other lines that follow the expression while pouting. a smile can make wonders for your skin and make the Ageless.

So to avoid the old fast so you need to do is just more of the smile.

4. Laugh

A good laugh can be a comforter of sorrow so multiply good laugh in the Office, on campus, at home or in your place of activity of the other.

As much as possible avoid facial face grim as this will only add to the wrinkles on
your face.

5. eat enough healthy foodhealthy
Eat sufficient, but not excessive, food gave a great role in giving energy and makes the skin healthier. Avoid junk food and foods that are referring to excessive fat.

6. Pamper yourself

Take time to pamper yourself, for example, go to a salon for a facial, mask, and so on. Or you can go to the sauna and spa.

When you do not want to spend money more you can downsize with a bubble bath at home.

Search the wide variety of scented flowers to accompany you.

The flowers are also excellent for refreshing the skin because the flower is believed to have its own energy to refresh and make skin healthy and your thoughts.

7. Use sunscreen
The use of sunscreen is highly recommended sunscreens are substances that contain protective ingredients, so your skin is protected from UV rays from the Sun can damage your skins.

8. Facial Scrubface
We recommend using a facial scrub twice a week as well as a body scrub. When you are slathered on the face or body never too hard because it will cause skin thinning.

That should be done is a daily skin care with cleansing milk cleanser and then cleaned with SOAP and water, freshener and use moisturizing and protective sunscreen.

While dead skin for cleaning can be done with a facial. Enough is done once a month.

9. Use a moisturizer
The environment very effects on your skin. Sunburn, pollution, air conditioner, moisturizing the skin layers can lead to diminished. Use moisturizers so that the outermost layers are accustomed to protected

In order to effectively use the moisturizer while skin is clean and already absorbs water because of the way it works that make up the layers so that the water that had already absorbed the skin will be held or not quickly evaporated.

Use body lotion containing lightening, it not only makes the bright this type of moisturizer will also help prevent the occurrence of embezzlement due to sunlight

10. You are special
Suppose you are great and pretty special. Surely you will look great if we are sure of ourselves sure appearance we are beautiful. Positive thinking and be happy.

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