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Trash Kitchen and Home Page Can Become Useful Compost


Compost is organic fertilizer which is the result of the decomposition of organic matter derived from plants, animals, garbage, conducted by active microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi.

Most compost kitchen trash is derived from an organic waste of trash vegetables and fruits. Not all household rubbish can be made compost.

Only garbage that comes from the kitchen such as fruit skins, the rest of the remaining fruit, vegetable, food scraps and garden waste such as grass, leaves, and can be used as compost.

With proper treatment, this waste can be a useful fertilizer for your plants.

Do you realize if the kitchen House and your homepage could be the producer of the waste?

for example leaves, tree trimmings, weeds, vegetable crops that damaged due to snow and grass everything can be found on the homepage.

Green waste, including one of the largest waste types. waste recycling has become a very popular topic in recent years.

By finding a way to address the problem of waste from the page and your kitchen will save you a place at the final disposal.

There are other reasons to Recycle Your yard waste. It may seem strange, but this litter can be harmful to the environment if they end up in landfills. trash that could be useful if recycled.

Why is it important to recycle the trash?

compostWhen waste or kitchen waste is recycled into compost page, there will be a lot of aerobic bacteria that work together with a number of other microorganisms to produce a product with many benefits that are composted.

By processing the waste into Compost will provide nutrients to the plants, and can improve the quality of the soil and help conserve water, improve the drainage of soil, air, and the grammar contains nutrient elements

With intention and effort that is not too heavy, you can make compost and grow to save Earth from damage

Here is a simple and easy way to make compost from your kitchen and yard waste

How to make compost from trash?

The initial stage to make compost is to provide a container for composting.

Place composting can be various, such as holes in the ground, tubs, basins, drums, and so forth. With the proviso, the containers are not exposed to rain directly.

If the container is to be used in the form of drums or plastic basin, make a hole on the basis of as many as five holes and placed on the arrangement of bricks.

Like what how to process trash into compost? The following 4 steps:

Following the steps of making compost:

  1. The separation of waste

Separate organic waste from inorganic garbage. Inorganic waste in the form of plastics, cans, rubber. Organic waste is leftovers, fruit peels, leftover veggies. Large-sized garbage that should cut/minced beforehand.

  1. Mixing

The contents of the container with the old compost as high as 1/3. Next litter the kitchen included. Stir the ingredients evenly.

The material can be supplemented sawdust or manure and waste destruction/yeast organisms compost (Tricholant). Cover the container with plastic sacks.

  1. Maturation

Stir the rubbish every 7 days, during the process of unfolding material temperature range 30-70 degrees Celsius. Entering week 5 or 6, compost is already so.

Its character is not foul-smelling, smelling the ground, blackish brown color and temperature 30-32 degrees centigrade.

  1. Packaging and sifting

Compost that is ripe to get the uniforms sifted. And then packed in plastic.

In order to produce a good compost, some physical material which can be seen visually and perceived, among others the color brown to blackish, composting does not smell foul or pungent, but smelling the ground soil,

fine-grained, soft when destroyed with the fingers of the hand, during composting of organic materials, the temperature ranges from 30-70 degrees Celsius, humidity of organic matter ranged from 40-60 degrees Celsius, degrees of the acidity compost pH range between 6.5-7.5.

So it’s not hard-right utilizing household trash¬†into something useful?

When we do that bit only with how to handle organic waste at home stairs respectively, means we’ve been helping preserve the Earth, with good effect so much,

obviously, we’ve participated in reducing pile garbage, reduce the population of flies and prevent various diseases posed by junk, not to mention then using Compost results alone to greening.

That is clearly more or less helps reduce global warming.

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