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What Should You Prepare Before You Married?


Married – The question of marriage preparation that hassle and tiring must have often heard your friend who was married. How to add more on the Vertigo as well as his exhausted preparing that all else has already started you might imagine. Moreover, you want the wedding you are exceptional and could be memories for you guys and also the people closest to you.

Prepare everything in a hurry and in time will make you a budget too saggy. There is no harm if you prepare for a far-distant day even before the wedding day itself. Preparing for marriage is indeed not an easy thing. There are many things you should think about before getting into this life phase. And about what do you guys prepare from now?

Here’s what you should discuss with your spouse before marriage



1.Discuss As To What You Guys Regulate Cash Flow

did you know that one of the main issues in marriage is because of money issues? Most of the married couples confess that money often triggered the quarrel. Starting from the salary of the husband who felt less to his clever wife did not regulate spending make the couples often are in trouble.

So the same doesn’t happen, preferably before sending the wedding you and thy couples discuss cash flow planning rules that apply later. For example, how the daily budget for operating expenses.

If both spouses work, the discussion was about a few things like who will be in charge of paying what, up to a quantity monthly savings. The more obvious of these cash flow rules you guys talked about, will be good for the marriage of you later.

2.Choose A Place Of Residence As Required. Direct Buy A New Residence Or Temporary Stay Together With Parents?

There are other things that are also not allowed to you guys forget about is the issue of residence when you guys have been married. After her marriage in which you will live? Do you seek your own home? Or temporarily living together first parents?

If you choose to stay in private homes, that means you have to think about how the funds needed to buy or rent a place to live. While if the parent together, make sure you do not become the burden of existence for them. You and your partner can save up first before finally could buy his own place to live.

3. Fill The House

If you’ve had enough of buying a home, now is the time to fill up with the furniture. In addition to furniture, the equipment is not less important is the household electronic goods such as refrigerators, washing machines and so on.

Try to always choose electronic device affordable but the quality is assured, is not that expensive and sophisticated but not too useful for every day. Also don’t buy stuff cheap origin, because sometimes instead of frugality, we even have to bag more frequently damaged goods result in or is not working properly.

4.Plan Well About The Costs Of Children’s Education So That You Do Not The Difficulties At A Later Date.

How many children have you dreamed of there in thy wedding? One, two, or more? The more children you’d like to have will gain greater cost.

Therefore before marriage are talking about used to be the number of children desired so that you can take into account the fee is needed.

Remember also if such spending not only meals but also education and health. Taking into account the costs of children are good can help you to avoid difficulties later on.

5. Talk about investing what you and your partner want

In addition to the savings of other things also need to be prepared is an investment. Because later in the old days you require this. You and your partner can discuss what type of investment you want.

For example, whether it is in the form of deposits, precious metals, or may play at the stock exchange. Although impressed too fast but discuss an important investment for the future.

6. Don’t hesitate to discuss how to educate children who according to you guys is most effective

You and your partner come from different family certainly was educated in a different way. May your families in educating her son countless more casual.

While prospective couples exactly the opposite, he comes from a family full of discipline and the rules of the Department. Well, differences such as these usually make you guys have a way of educating is different.

You can tend to compromise later when children make mistakes, while not necessarily couples. Differences such as these you should discuss before marriage.

So you both have the same perspective in educating children so that in the future there are no quarrels because of this problem.

7.Lastly, Make Sure You’ve Got The Blessing Of Parents On Wedding Day Later You All Feel Happy

The last thing at the same time the most important was approval from parents. Ask your parents about the opinion of someone who will you married.

Whether she is a person who according to them is good? Because usually, the parent feeling sensitive that judge people that are good for us.

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